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Very sexual intense read that had me from the very first page to the last.The chemistry between this couple positively lit up the pages.When the heroine rips the hero s tie off and pulls his shirt off intothe process,yes Mamam,it s time for the fire extinguisher between this couple.So,throw in great chemistry,revenge first and foremost of the hero towards the heroine s father,then just make it a forbidden step romance and Maisey Yates came up with a winner for me.I have no qualms with this one. 2 and a half stars The first few chapters were intense, but then the sex scenes got repetitive, and by the end of the narrative the romance was set aside to deal with mommy and daddy issues to culminate in a sermon on healing and forgiveness and the folly of revenge So where did the intensity go This was a stepbrother stepsister romance, but that wasn t played up Not even one scandalized tabloid headline or a shocked relative.The heroine was a virgin, but that wasn t a big deal She calmly told the hero the next time they were together She wasconcerned about her position as CEO than losing her virginity.The hero was plotting revenge, which he kinda sorta went through view spoiler He fired her and then hired her back and then she gave up the job completely hide spoiler SPOILERS HERE NOT ENOUGH GROVELING He sets out to use her and break her and I kid you not here, she just lets him do it I did not really care for the way he treated the heroine after they had sex for the first time and it just set the tone for their physical relationship for me.I don t care what his fEd up reasons are for treating her like a cheap slut when she was a virgin.This is why I don t read MY books, the romance is gone for me with her saintly heroines and her heroes with their sense of entitlement The poor put upon heroine is yet again forced to give it all up to him while he tells her that I don t love, you are a cold Virgin, I will never be faithful to you, you gave me frost bite, I did not want you, you are just my means for revenge against your father All to get revenge on the man who took care of your sorry ass after his own father took the cowards way out Really I have to say I am very disgusted by the characters and disappointed by the plot.1.5 stars because they have great epilogue and they are still together after 10 years so I guess she never caught him cheating or maybe the 180 degree he did at the end was true Who cares It s over and I will be muchweary of MY books from now on Again here these are MY thoughts Like all of Maisey Yates books, she takes the tried and true Harlequin Presents format and gives it an unexpected and welcomed depth In this book she s tackled the taboo but alluring subject of step siblings getting together And I would say she did a great job with it.Elle and Apollo seem to have everything to hate about each other, despite the fact that their parents are married Apollo has set his mind on revenge, and Elle doesn t even know the whole story All she knows is that Apollo has seemed determined to torment her from day one, and that she is so attracted to him, it scares the life out of her When they get into an elevator together after a contentious meeting, they give into an angry and fiery passion for each other, and end up with the consequences of a baby on the way.Apollo still wants revenge, but he also wants to take care of his baby, and he s not against doing both Elle doesn t trust Apollo, but she wants to do what s best for her baby They have to put their vitriol aside long enough to do right by their baby Apollo needs to convince Elle to marry him, but Elle is pretty sure that s a bad idea, at least until Apollo can show that he is a devoted husband, fat chance That s the rhythm of this novel.Disguised behind the titillating subject matter is a deep story about relationships and putting the past behind you to embrace a better future Setting aside what you used to know about a person and learning who they really are and how to best love them I really appreciated that aspect of this story One shortcoming is that the book does seem to lose momentum towards the end with the dramatic intensity dipping down, but I did truly love the fact that Apollo shows deep love for Elle, for who she really is He is faced with losing her and he realizes that she s what he wants, not revenge I love that realization the hero has about loving the heroine Elle grows as a person as well She s very independent and no pushover, and I liked that about her But she also has some emotional vulnerabilities that have crippled her to some extent Elle has wanted her father s love and respect for so long, but she s never been able to obtain it It s surprising that Apollo can give her that unconditional love, but she realizes that for their whole relationship, she was pushing him to show her that very thing.If a reader is just look for pure taboo titillation, this is not the book for you If you want a deep story with that alluring forbidden love angle, with some good old enemies to lovers thrown in, then check this book out It s not my favorite by Maisey Yates, but it s still very good. I ve tried so many times to read this novel and I just can t get through it It definitely does not feel like a Maisey Yates novel DNF. Hero wants to avenge the death of his father He plans to seduce his stepsister and then discard her but Ella ends up pregnant and Apollo proposes marriage I love MY, she knows how to write a Harlequin Presents I love that she always gives me alpha heroes and virginal heroines I liked that Ella has loved Apollo since forever I liked that she was a feisty but vulnerable heroine I liked that she was the first to admit her feelings Both she and Apollo had issues and they fought a lot but thankfully they were not cruel Hero was sinfully sexy and the sex scenes steamy I loved the epilogue but I would have liked to see Ella interact with her two children Still this was a super romantic read Another winner by my favorite author 4.5 stars I LOVE THIS BOOK The chemistry between the two leads was so sizzling OMG This had the usual revenge plot but it also had all the parties learning to forgive each other Man I still fan myself when I read the first love scene Oh yes This is one of those books that I m definitely going to read again and again Step siblings She hates him and he hates her family He sets out to destroy her father because he cheated his family and him out of their business when he married his mother they are intimate for first time in his office Fury is all Elle St James feels when she looks at the man she once thought of as family Apollo Savas has mercilessly destroyed her father s company, but she holds the last little piece Elle is determined to stop the stepbrother who is both sensual fantasy and darkest enemy But their forbidden desire gives way to one illicit night that leaves untouched Elle with a life changing consequence Now that she is irrevocably bound to Apollo, will nine months be long enough for Elle to redeem this brooding Greek When one night leads to pregnancy {DOWNLOAD EPUB} õ The Greek's Nine-Month Redemption » I Own Your Company I Own You Fury Is All Elle St James Feels When She Looks At The Man She Once Thought Of As Family Apollo Savas Has Mercilessly Destroyed Her Father S Company, But She Holds The Last Little Piece Elle Is Determined To Stop The Stepbrother Who Is Both Sensual Fantasy And Darkest Enemy But Their Forbidden Desire Gives Way To One Illicit Night That Leaves Untouched Elle With A Life Changing Consequence Now That She Is Irrevocably Bound To Apollo, Will Nine Months Be Long Enough For Elle To Redeem This Brooding Greek When One Night Leads To Pregnancy I wanted to like The Greek s Nine Month Redemption really I did but te storytelling wasn t compelling, the heroine treated sex too coldly and the chemistry was bland.It had the potential to be great The first chapter and around the middle was interesting but there was a coldness that kept seeping in the storytelling The heroine s need to treat sex so coldly was off putting I gave up around age 128 I couldn t take the storytelling style any