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@Free ¾ The Harem Exposé · Vickie Is Onto A Story That Might Make Her Career She Has Information That Harems, Traditional Harems, Where Women Are Held As Slaves Against Their Will Still Exist In Parts Of The World But, How To Get The Story After A Contentious Interview With The Sultan Of Esham, A Small Country Where Women Have No Rights At All, Vickie Is Even Determined To Unearth The Barbaric Practice Not To Be Denied, She Enters The Country, Disguising Her True Sex Once Inside She Is Determined To Learn The Truth And Expose It To The Light Of Day How Will She Deal With The Truth When She Comes Face To Face With It, And It Is Even Degrading, Dehumanizing Than She Expected Can She Protect Herself From Exposure What Happens To A Woman Who Pretends To Not Be A Woman In A Land Where Women Are Little Than Property And, What Does Happen Inside The Harem Harem Slaves Are Prevented From Escaping By High Walls, Chains, And Discipline Even A Well Behaved Slave May Find Herself Helplessly Strapped To A Punishment Bench And Canned For Even Minor Transgressions She Begs For Mercy But Finds None This Book Is For Adult Readers It Contains Depictions Of Corporal Punishment, Tight Restraints And Bondage, Humiliation, And Sexual Exploitation This Is Not A Story Of Consensual Loving Play Adults Only , Words