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A definitive guide for screenplay formatting. More a textbook really Not really meant to be read cover to cover but very handy to have beside your writing desk.Why would anyone need a book about Script Formatting if they own Final Draft It s a question that Christopher Riley has obviously been asked often because he makes a point of addressing it directly in the introduction to this edition of his popular book Standard format is about infinitelythan margins It s knowing when to add a shot heading and when to leave one out It s knowing how to get out of a POV shot and how to set up a montage It s knowing what to capitalize and how to control pacing and what belongs in parenthetical character direction and whether those automatic cont d s beside dialogue should be turned on or off But perhaps the best sign that this book is really very useful is on where the incredibly successful scriptwriter announced that he would stop answering questions about formatting because The Hollywood Standard was so refreshingly straightforward and anticipates most of the situations screenwriters are likely to face Aside from useful advice about how to handle txt messages in a script, and other abnormal formatting situations, Riley s book is at its most useful when describing how to format your script to make life easier for script readers and therefore your scriptlikely to be liked I particularly liked the details of how to break up long sequences of action without dialogue so that they don t seem too dense on the page.A warning however this book is very, very dry Riley has attempted to sprinkle humour throughout, but it really is an impossible task to make margins and headings interesting That said, I m pleased I read it from cover to cover as I would have missed many of the most interesting bits of advice if I d just used it as a reference book The book now lives beside my writing desk, to be referred to when I m doing the final polish and spell check of a script before sending it out. This is exactly what I wanted How to format a screenplay. Awesome book for anyone wanting to learn how to write screenplays This is not about story or acts, it s simply about the right formatting. This book is exactly what every screenwriter needs to have beside his her computer Riley answers almost every question imaginable in here with regard to format People like Fields, Snyder, and McKee put you on the right track for character development and breaking up acts, but Riley teaches about all the nuances for formatting shot headings, directions, dialogue, and transitions It s a must read in my opinion for anyone serious about screenwriting. A great guide for screenwriters on formatting and basics It has examples that lay everything out for you as if you re looking at a page of a script, and a handy glossary and index to help you find exactly what you re looking for I d still recommend reading a lot of scripts to see how things are changing and being done, but this is great tool to get you started Definitely useful to keep near the desk if you re a screenwriter, and even taught me a few things I hadn t thought to ask research. Perfect guide for the new screenwriter Step by step instructions, real life examples, and a little humor to spice things up Some of the material is slightly dated, but not enough to inhibit the book s usefulness I highly recommend it Christopher Riley clearly articulates the formatting standards of Hollywood, while still managing to captivate your interest Both informative and entertaining Don t write your script without first reading this book. A clear, concise and hugely helpful guide to formatting Nuff said. `FREE DOWNLOAD ⇲ The Hollywood Standard: The Complete and Authoritative Guide to Script Format and Style ⇻ Finally, There S A Script Format Guide That Is Accurate, Complete And Easy To Use, Written By Hollywood S Foremost Authority On Industry Standard Script Formats Riley S Guide Is Filled With Clear, Concise, Complete Instructions And Hundreds Of Examples To Take The Guesswork Out Of A Multitude Of Formatting Questions That Perplex Screenwriters, Waste Their Time And Steal Their Confidence You Ll Learn How To Get Into And Out Of A POV Shot, How To Set Up A Telephone Intercut, What To Capitalize And Why, How To Control Pacing With Format, And