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Going onto my favorites shelves The opening dialogue was quick and intelligent, building a world with humor without TELLING all caps are on purpose the reader what it is they are witnessing Therefore, the writer successfully demonstrated this world in which the characters lived through the use of communication not straight exposition.Stein, as always, writes the lurve scenes with satisfaction. Hunter s ReviewThe Horizon is a humorous book It is really, really funny and Charlotte Stein manages to do what is really difficult, which is to combine the humorous with science fiction, action, and hot erotic romance and make it work I really enjoyed reading this book It was such a fast paced read that I wizzed through it loving every second I recommend this book for fans of hot heroes, science fiction, and action packed erotic romance I will be picking up Charlotte Stein books 5 Tea Cups [Free Pdf] ♀ The Horizon ♳ When Quade Swoops In To Save His Archenemy, Sol, From Bloodthirsty Cybers, He Doesn T Expect To Find Himself Almost Torn Apart, Terrified Beyond Imagining And Even Worse Declaring His Love For HerNow They Re Trapped On Sol S Spaceship, Both Half Insane Due To The Cybers Pumping Them Full Of Some Lust Drug If They Can T Get A Hold Of Themselves Quickly, They Re Going To Be Doing Some Pretty Dirty ThingsBut Surprisingly, Sol Doesn T Seem To Mind That Newfound Feelings Are Bursting Out All Over Especially When Said Feelings Pave The Way For Wild And Constant Sex With Her Former Enemy This was one of those really fun, sexy books Charlotte Stein by herself is always a winner in my opinion, but Charlotte Stein does space cowboy is practically the cutest thing ever in a filthy, sex obsessed way of course It s got cowboy slang with just a hint of british grammar, so it took some thinking on my part to understand the sentences, but those are some of the funnest books for me to read.Imagine some alien species, somewhere between Cybermen from Doctor Who and Vidiians from Star Trek Voyager the ones with the Phage , chasing and capturing two humanoid space pirates to do whatever sick, twisted things they do Except for REASONS, the space pirates get away after being shot up with some neural toxin drug What happens next is fun and crazy and erotic And for as much as there is a rollicking adventure happening in the background, this story is about two people finding out they belong together.Both characters are pretty tough and unemotional, so every little step they take towards each other feels so poignant, like their crossing miles just to say I like you They fight all the time and it s all so raw and perfect They re both sort of awkward but comfortable in their skin and comfortable with exactly how the other is They re not out to change each other and their fighting is always related to caring and tough guy posturing I loved watching them finally figure out their feelings and see a little bit of their sweet, soft underbellies.This book is written in third person, so we get a nice mix of each of their feelings This is not a really long book somewhere around 100 pages So it goes pretty quickly and it s the perfect therapy for the end of a busy day It goes into my read again whenever I need a pick me up pile. While I ve long appreciated Charlotte Stein s humor in blog and tweet form, I really didn t appreciate just how funny her writing is until I dipped into The Horizon Wonderful, wonderful characterizations, just enough interesting plot to keep the pace brisk and give the sex plenty of context The Horizon has smart ass spacers, horrific cyber villains, humor, pathos, wild monkey sexpretty much everything I look for in a book Liked it so much after the first read, I just flipped back to the start and read it a second time So, I ll start with a disclaimer Futuristic Sci fi is not at all my favourite genre But gee, I enjoyed the heck out of this one Sweet, funny, sexy and it had an enjoyable plot I always enjoy this author s writing style and this story was no different in that front. Good characterisation and great environment building Would have like to have seen of the world they lived in but there was just enough to feel like I was in that setting without waffling It had a very nice and interesting storyline with good, natural humour I felt like most of the second half was from Sol s POV and would have like to have seen of Quade s during the fun time Still enjoyable, and as always Stein s writing style has me all warmed up with excitement, regardless of what book of hers I m reading. While I don t usually read sci fi romance genres, I will give anything Charlotte Stein writes a try, and I wasn t disappointed The relationship between Quade and Sol, while combative and sarcastic throughout, make their personalities perfect for one another It was a quick read, and again, I found myself wanting of their world, and a continuation of Sol and Quade s romance It was funny, smart, tense, hot, and most of all, a must read Charlotte Stein can do anything Contemporary, paranormal and now, we see she can do s f as well Hero and heroine are hot as Hades The situation unfolds with excellent unexpected plot twists and the sex is hot and real feeling Short, sharp, and dramatic like a punch to the gut or a crush that leaves you dizzy. Night Owl Reviews Book Review of The Horizon BUY NOW Author Charlotte SteinPublisher Ellora s CaveTags Erotic Romance, Sci Fi Fantasy RomanceBecome a Reviewer Register TodayPrint This ReviewA NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEWReviewed by Erona Diane HillOh, Charlotte Stein, I am in love with you Well, specifically your characters, plots, and insanity The Horizon was a literal ride of my life With its roller coaster ups and downs, I was nauseous, excited, horrified, and ecstatic I simply adored the cute and rough romance between Quade and Sol This particular tale hit way too close to home for me Although I m not a cyber, I definitely have issues when it comes to intimacy so I tend to funnel those cheese ball sentiments into teasing insults and light slaps onto my husband s arms in order to protect my soft insides I completely understood Sol s motivations As for Quade, dear Lord, I love him I am tired of the Alpha male who just takes and takes and then pretends he can hold the entire world on his shoulders Quade understood that women were strong, that Sol was special because she was a fighter, because she was independent That s what he loved about her And that s what I loved about him He didn t need her to depend on him, to obey his every command, to faint at the sheer sight of him, or to constantly cry out for his aid He saw her as a partner, as an equal.The story was seemless and terrifying I held my breath during certain close encounters and even gasped from time to time when I imagined the nightmares that Quade and Sol were suffering through No matter the time and place, human emotions will always be raw and real That s what Charlotte Stein knows how to write Her stories may take place in outer space but her characters have the same flaws that we all suffer with I can always relate to her characters because they are real and very gritty.I know that whenever I see a release from Charlotte Stein, I will be buying up like it s nobody s business Oct 10, 2011 9781419929588Author Page Charlotte SteinBook Blurb for The HorizonWhen Quade swoops in to save his archenemy, Sol, from bloodthirsty Cybers, he doesn t expect to find himself almost torn apart, terrified beyond imagining and even worse declaring his love for her.Now they re trapped on Sol s spaceship, both half insane due to the Cybers pumping them full of some lust drug If they can t get a hold of themselves quickly, they re going to be doing some pretty dirty things.But surprisingly, Sol doesn t seem to mind that newfound feelings are bursting out all over especially when said feelings pave the way for wild and constant sex with her former enemy.