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This novel, which I started last night and finished this morning before yard chores, is a bitter disappointment.full review here It s hard not to like this Arkham House book, just for the amazing cover As a novel, it starts well The first chapter is chilling, hallucinatory and evocative Unfortunately, I felt it went nowhere after this Long just didn t have a story that could sustain even the relatively short length of the book, which is a real shame after that great beginning The unnecessarily long dream sequence , whilst it does contain some powerful imagery, is basically pointless, as are the science fiction elements This could have been an incredible novel if Long had stuck to the rampaging supernatural being format which Lovecraft employs so well in the Dunwich Horror Still, glad I read it. For my taste, there was much too much exposition in this Lovecraftian work I finished it perhapsbecause of its 110 page count than a need to find out how Long would end the tale Maybe increase the rating if you like works that challenge your vocabulary. .Pdf ⚒ The Horror from the Hills ☲ Frank Belknap Long The Horror From The Hills Sauk City Arkham House,Dust Jacket, With Art By Richard TaylorFirst Edition, Variant With Copyright Notice Affixed To The Title Leaf Verso As Originally Published The Copyright Notice Was Inadvertently Left Off The Copyright Page Examples With The Copyright Notice Affixed Are Actually Scarcer Than Those Without This Unusually Powerful And Imaginative Story Concerns A Hideous Stone Idol Brought From China, And An Age Old Entity Which Uses That Idol As A Material Tenement To Bend Humanity To Its Evil Will The Spawn Of Remote Stars And Unholy Dimensions, Chaugnar Faugn Could Incarn Itself At Its Pleasure In Dimensions Lower Than Its Own And Loose Horror Upon The World Mr Long Writes, This Novel Is In Some Respects A Period Piece, For It Was Written Inside A Time Capsule Traveling Through The Intangible Dimensions Conjured Up By Such Masters Of The Macabre As Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, MP Shiel, MR James And, Of Course, Lovecraft And Above All Me, As I Traveled, Another Dark Shrouded Figure Seemed To Hover The Towering Ghost Of Edgar Allan Poe I Am Very Glad That It Is To Appear In Book Form At Last, For There Are Visions Of Strangeness And Beauty Which Come To Us When We Are Quite Young And Remain With Us Until We Are Too Old To Dream They Are Visions We Like To Share