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Probably between a 4 and a 5 stars for me But I m going to round it up because the book felt very fresh and original to me No cliches Very subtle storytelling Technically, this should be classed as urban fantasy Except it s not urban It s rural It s set in small town Tennessee And it s not all full of vampires and werewolves and the stereotypical props of urban fantasy Imagine a book somewhere between American Gods and Faulkner Not the bullshit The Sound and the Fury Faulkner, I m talking about one of his good, solid short stories That s not a great comparison, but it s the best I can do on the fly As I said, it s a original sort of book, so it s hard to find a good analogue In brief a good book Absolutely worth your time. SO GOOD.I love everything about this book the cover, the title, the characters, the culture, the music, the Appalachian setting, the whole story and it s not something I ever thought I love because the story centers on a small town a tiny small town And the beginning was slow, but a couple of chapters in and I was hooked by the Tufa and the mysteries of the mountains.This book is an amazing blend of basically everything It s a full sensory experience Easily the best fantasy I ve read this year, and I m so glad it was chosen as the Sword Laser book of the month because otherwise it would have continued to remain untouched on my shelf for many years.Will elaborate on this book later hopefully once all my scattered thoughts settle down. This was the June pick for the Sword and Laser book club, a tribute of sorts to our group member Joanna, who passed away when she had this book on her currently reading list I decided to give it a try, not expecting to really like it, but I was wrong I read the entire thing in one day, since I had to stay up late with the dogs on a night full of fireworks This is rural fantasy, set in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee Most of the people living there are Tufa, a people that have been there for centuries Bronwyn was injured while serving in the military in Iraq, and returns home to her town and family The week she arrives, her family has been visited by death omens, and a haint keeps trying to visit her, but she is having issues with her injury and memory and trauma A preacher sent by the Methodist church provides an outsider lens into the town.I think if you took the fantasy elements out, the author still gets the small town culture right, and that made it a much stronger novel, although ever since someone in the forums pointed out that he glosses over the Cherokee who would have also been in the same area, I haven t been able to get that out of my head I wish they figured into it in some way that seems like a missed opportunity I loved the music component, because I live within an hour of Appalachia and love the music culture that still exists Publisher mistake Bronwyn plays the mandolin but is portrayed with a fiddle on the cover not the same thing The way music functions in this story is even better, than just pretty melodies.I also went and read two short stories that continue the story The Two Weddings of Bronwyn Hyatt and Shall We Gather There are also novels in the series, and I actually think I might read them I haven t stayed up past midnight to finish a book in a long time, but this one got me hooked I ll save my full review for the podcast sorry but I hope to read the next books in the series as well. When I got a copy of The Fairies of Sadieville, the latest book in the Tufa series did I not started directly with it as I usually do, despite that I usually have no problem about reading books, not from the beginning I have wanted to read this series for a while now, and having all the previous available as audiobooks gave me the chance to listen to all the previous books in order before starting to read The Fairies of Sadieville And, after finishing this book is my advice to do the same Yes, the books can be read stand alone But, you will get a greater appreciation and understanding of the characters reading the books in order Not to mention that the books are great The Hum and the Shiver introduce us to the Tufa that lives in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee No one knows where they came from and it s said that they were there before the white men arrived and even before the native Americans arrived in the country.Bronwyn Hyatt is a pure blood Tufa who has arrived home as a hero after surviving an ambush that killed many of her fellow soldiers, and that led her to kill ten men But, the danger isn t over for her Omen points to that someone in her family will die and her ex boyfriend is not over her And, she s having problems remembering the music that is so important for the Tufa If there is one genre I love is it urban fantasy and the Tufa series is right up my alley Well written, with a story about a mysterious people that live in the Smoky Mountain.The Hum and the Shiver introduced us to the characters, like Bronwyn Hyatt, Bliss Overbay, Rockhouse Hicks and Mandalay Harris All important characters in the Tufa community The Tufa isn t one group of people, there are those that follow Mandalay and those that follow Rockhouse Hicks It s a fascinating story and I was engrossed in the story I liked listening to the narrated version, it s the kind of book that made working easier because the book fascinated me so much that I didn t mind working. As the book opens we are introduced to the main protagonist, Bronwyn Hyatt, a daughter of the Tufa a mysterious people who live in Appalachian country in Tennessee After getting a general introduction, we are introduced, a little bit, to the culture and the ways of the Tufa and this I found interesting I was curious as to who they were and where they were from, and I found their heritage and their customs to be interesting and definitely wanted to know about them.Then the book seems to take a diversion into a soap opera ish side road which I like to call Bronwyn and her men , and I started losing interesting around this point.But then around the 60% mark, or so, the gears shifted once again and I was once again invested in the story though I admit that I sort of predicted the twist Not the exact way it played out but I definitely didn t think it would be what it was meant to be Ala, who recommended this book, warned us ahead of time that it s a slice of life book and suggested I wait until I was in the mood for a gentle stroll and, in many ways, I think that s a very apt description and suggestion It is sort of like walking along a mountain trail on a day which is a little bit too hot and sticky has some annoying mosquitoes and things, but also some really enjoyable parts.I think, overall, my main complaint with the book is that it s a character focused story in which I didn t really care about any of the characters Not that I didn t like any of them though I certainly didn t always agree with them, and that goes for than view spoiler Bronwyn s petulance and Trooper Joe s TM and Dwayne s asshattery hide spoiler I felt them both Both a convincing tale of rural life and a believable tale of the fantastic I could not put it down. Disappointing I won t be continuing with this series I much prefer his sword fantasy series This went off the rails because Bronwyn Hyatt makes no sense to me She is a very strange character, starting with her killer instincts, her pride and love for family and they return the affection, yet she takes pleasure in the masochism of giving blow jobs to every man, literally, in town She is First Daughter, pure blood, raised with respect, but she s a damaged teenaged soul giving blow jobs to whoever wants one She s so rebellious, she will not obey her community s expectations or responsibilities, despite the damage that will cause She would rather go to war and kill because despite her masochism and lack of self respect for herself and her community, somehow she s also aggressive and patriotic, then when she comes back horribly damaged by war drama and trauma, she s powerful and strong enough to go to war to defend her brother from a local criminal, but too weak and scared and destroyed by war to defend her mother, who she loves as much as her brother But maybe that s so because she came home and walked in on her parents making love on the couch after a date, and her mother sees her but continues on maliciously to have an orgasm while staring at her daughter Otherwise they all adore and respect each other, and would kill for each other Really This make sense to you {Read} å The Hum and the Shiver (Tufa, #1) ã No One Knows Where The Tufa Came From, Or How They Ended Up In The Smoky Mountains Of East Tennessee, Yet When The First Europeans Arrived, They Were Already There Dark Haired, Enigmatic, And Suspicious Of Outsiders, The Tufa Live Quiet Lives In The Hills And Valleys Of Cloud County While Their Origins May Be Lost To History, There Are Clues In Their Music, Hints Of Their True Nature Buried In The Songs They Have Passed Down For GenerationsPrivate Bronwyn Hyatt Returns From Iraq Wounded In Body And In Spirit, Only To Face The Very Things That Drove Her Away In The First Place Her Family, Her Obligations To The Tufa, And Her Dangerous Ex Boyfriend But Trouble Lurks In The Mountains And Hollows Of Her Childhood Home Cryptic Omens Warn Of Impending Tragedy, And A Restless Haint Lurks Nearby, Waiting To Reveal Bronwyn S Darkest Secrets Worst Of All, Bronwyn Has Lost Touch With The Music That Was Once A Vital Part Of Her IdentityWith Death Stalking Her Family, Bronwyn Will Need To Summon The Strength To Take Her Place Among The True Tufa And Once Again Fly On The Night Winds The Hum And The Shiver Is A Kirkus Reviews Best Of Science Fiction Fantasy Title I was lucky enough to score an advance copy of this novel, and once I picked it up, I couldn t put it down until it was finished and even now, I can t stop thinking about it.The blend of magic and the mundane is something I try to achieve in my own work, since I think the real the mundane details feel, the the magic can shine This book feels so authentic I never question that I am right there in the story Bronwyn Hyatt is a war hero returning from Iraq to her home in East Tennessee to recuperate from her injuries Everything about her is complicated her personality, her relationship to her parents, her relationship to her ex, and to her own past I m enthralled by Bronwyn I feel like she s real She s tough in a way that most female protagonists pretend to be tough, but she doesn t come off as a male protagonist with a name change who needs to overcompensate for her gender She owns her sexuality Yet she s vulnerable, not sexually, but in the places where her brain injuries have left her with gaps where her music once lived And that seems like a intimate vulnerability for her Music is critical to Bronwyn and her people, and of everything that had been stripped from her when she d been taken by enemy forces, the loss of her songs is the greatest tragedy.Things I particularly loved were the dialog, which lilted and flowed and conveyed a great sense of place, and several wonderfully placed details, such as Aunt Raby s upstairs walker The writing is not wordy by any means, and the skillful placement of just the perfect detail anchors the story without bogging it down with lines and lines of description.How does Bronwyn fit in her family, in her community, in her music, and in her own skin All the while she figures that out, signs and omens augur tragedy for her family, her people try to force her to commit to a marriage she doesn t want, and two delightfully horrible bad guys converge to drag everyone into the darkness of their own personal inadequacies externalized.