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This book is a must read for every American citizen It is extremely eye opening to what has gone on in our country for last 200 years It walks you thru how things were set in place many, many years ago by very powerful people and how it effects everything today in our current society It is incredible the cabal of people that have planned and strategized for decades to pillage the American people of their wealth and to erode American Christian values and morality The footnotes were also very helpful to be able to go and verify all of the information and see it for myself. Incredible book So eye opening and logical I received the pre release and of what I have read so far has been mind blowing This book brings together a lot of unanswered questions and reveals the truth of American history This is not the same information the media tells you It is inside information that is crucial to know as a citizen of America, and even for citizens of every nation I believe this book is a powerful weapon in the right hands, and I cannot wait to finish reading. This book is so well documented that fact checking proves an arduous and ultimately fruitless venture Finally, someone has the courage to expose this corrupted government and financial system citing each wicked malpractice from America s inception to present day The theme is simple yet highly logicalfollow the money We have been saying things like follow the money to one another for years In downtrodden conversations, we have attempted to identify the root of the injustice that has since thrived in America, and hurts each one of us to witness But we typically fail to reach a verdict free of conjecture With this book, we are armed with genuine facts that follow the timeline of our nation Now we know exactly how our government and economy have been repeatedly perverted by tyrannical greed On this knowledge, we citizens of America, all of us together, can finally build a viable solution. I m totally impressed with this book It is obvious that the authors thoroughly researched their topic I love the historical photos, 1,000 footnotes, as well as the multiple quotes from past presidents, prime ministers and state officials This book provides factual information about who is really in charge of the system A must read for all Americans who care about the future of the United States of America A well written and cited recitation of past events as they actually happened vs history Don t have time to read Tragedy and Hope, Foundations, The Creature From Jekyll Island, The Forgotten Man, and Truth is a Lonely Warrior Read this It s perfect for the unaware Granted, it ll be a review for those who have bookshelves full of revisionist history, it s still a great read I really appreciate the thorough citations which make it a great tool for further research. Back to bondage.Winston Churchill said this A nation that forgets its past has no future Great courage brought America liberty and liberty brought abundance, and hence, complacency This book exposes the liars and the cheaters and the sans culottes, that no longer care for their country A heartbreaking apathy reigns with a laissez faire that excuses the decadence and blindly paves the return to dependence Remember Oliver Cromwell American dictator has to be next.I trust this book and I commend the authors Read this book Haven t read whole book yet but what i have read is very good A lot of research gone into book with foot notes an bibliography Amazing how our congress has done to us over the years Get the book share it Tell others to buy it. {KINDLE} ⚠ The Killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States of America ⚪ Pride, Greed, And Power Have Driven Men To Do The Unthinkable Including Selling Out Their Nations And Unsuspected Citizens To The Most Corrupt And Destructive Invisible Global Leaders On Earth But How Did This Happen On American Soil How Did The Downfall Begin, And Who Were The Predators That The Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave Fell Victim To And Is All Hope Lost This Book Captures Details Of The Last Years Of American History That Mainstream Media Does Not Want You To Know It Dissects The Legalized System Of The Private Central Banks That Has Gone Unchecked And Delivers Gut Wrenching Truths About The Real Domestic And Foreign Enemies Of The United States With Over , Footnotes And Quotes From Former Presidents, Prime Ministers, And State Officials, It Will Equip You With The Facts That The Elites Have Covered Up For Centuries And Empower You To Stand Up For The Truth PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio