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This is about an Australian serial Killer who heard voiced in his head to kill It was always men that he killed and when he was done he cut off their penises and threw them away There are some grisly pictures in this book and it is very graphic so not for the faint of heart It goes back and forth between the author and his interviews with the killer in his own words, which I thought were believable for the most part The courtroom proceedings were very brief, which I liked Very interesting, quick read I finished in a day. What a sad and utterly creepy story This killer certainly comes by his rage honestly, and he really appears not to see what he is And certainly nobody knows what to do with him Those poor, poor men he killed How terrified they must have been. I didn t know much about this serial killer before reading this book, but it was really interesting, a must for any true crime fan This was a very interesting book to read I hadn t heard much about this crime at all While I was reading it I saw a TV show on CI about a Peter Moore from Wales who was committing similar killings in 1990 s, quite a coincidence really, but eerie Paul Kidd writes so the reader can understand easily and doesn t tend to over complicated things Have a pile of his books in my True Crime shelves to read so must get on with it. |Free Ebook ⚓ The Knick-Knack Man: Inside the Mind of Australia's Most Deranged Serial Killer ♞ Inside The Mind Of Australia S Most Deranged Serial Killer During The EarlyS, Sydney Was Terrorised By A Serial Killer William MacDonald S Calling Card Was To Cut Off Each Victim S Penis And Testicles With The Skill Of A Surgeon The Circumstances That Led To The MacDonald Capture Are As Bizarre As The Murders The Last Of The Victims Was Actually Buried Under The Murderer S Name And, If It Wasn T For A Chance Sighting Of MacDonald By One Of His Old Workmates Who Had Attended His Funeral Six Months Earlier, The Grisly Murders Would Have Continued Paul B Kidd Is An Acknowledged Authority On Australia S Serial Killers He Spent Many Hours Interviewing MacDonald In Prison, And Probed Deep Into The Murderer S Mind To Reveal Why Such Unimaginable Crimes Were Committed Paul B Kidd Has Also Written Never To Be Released, VolumesAndVolume , Forthcoming