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And the plot thickens lol This is certainly turning into an interesting series I hope I get a solid resolution in the next book Rumple and Sven were as interesting as the rest and as enjoyable I would of liked a little detail on how Sven got out of the mines But I m now resigned to these not having as much detail as I would like. [[ DOWNLOAD BOOK ]] ☠ The Knight and The Bandit (Knights of The Compass, #3) ⇪ For The Last Ten Years, Sir Rumple Stilz Of The East Has Been Working For Northern King Maas In Order To Search The Mines For Sven, The Boy He Failed To Protect When His Loyalty Comes Into Question, King Maas Threatens The Lives Of The Three People Rumple Cares For Most Weapons Master Vider, And Twin Boys Danny And JonathanTo Save His Friends, Rumple Must Prove His Allegiance To The Northern King By Bringing To Him The Lone Bandit That Attacked The Royal Carriage In Treacle Wood With No Way For Rumple To Fake The Bandit S Death As He S Done In The Past, He Has No Choice But To Go Against His Principles And Sacrifice One Man For The Sake Of Three A Tough Decision, But He Will Not Fail His Friends Like He Did SvenBut What Will He Do When He Discovers That The Lone Bandit Is The Same Man Rumple Has Been Searching For The Man Rumple Cannot Forget Out Now A Gay Fairy Tale Contains Explicit Gay Sex, Bloody Violence, And A Happy End Much like the second one, nothing like the first Not my jam. This one is a fantasy novella inspired by the Rumpelstilzchen or however you write the english version fairy tale I m not very familiar with said tale, so I m not sure how many elements it took from there, but I guess it s a fairly loose interpretation.I liked how fast the plot of this one advanced, but I had a harder time concentration on this one than the others Content warnings include slavery, whipping as punishment, execution, mentions of death through illness, willfull killing of a child, drugging someone against their will, violence I enjoyed the story, the angst, the underlying theme of love lost and the characters Sven and Rumple I do realize that this series is a retelling of classic fairytales and Rumple s name pretty well clues you in to which one this is loosely based on And I do mean loosely That being said it s still a nice little afternoon escape read. MM romance. 3 Stars Loved how the plot of the Knights of the Compass keeps evolving and gets deeper However, I enjoyed this story a little less Can t wait for the next part It sounds really interesting. This is the third story of the Knights of the Compass.I admit, I have a soft spot for these stories I ve finished all four of them now and can t wait for the next story The idea of taking fairy tales, giving them a new twist but keeping some of their distinguishing attributes, is intriguing And I loved the result.Okay, I suffered in this one It was so hopeless in the beginning How could Rumple save his friends without sacrifying Sven Okay, the solution was always there so, well, and why, oh whyMaster Vider And again I wished it would have been a bit longer Give me a bit time to adapt from the innocent boy Sven to the hard bandit, find the spark between him and Rumple still alive It was good, well written, but somewhere, somehow a bit too fast.And it actually bugged me that we never got an explanation or a reaction by the other knights for the accusation of Sir Ryan. The Knight and the Bandit features a third couple as MCs and is a bit darker than the first two books, but still a great and steamy adventure The characters from the first two books serve in supporting roles it was nice to catch up with them again and to meet some additional Knights of the Compass The throughput storyline is furthered and I am interested to find out how it ends I am quite enjoying this series and recommend reading them in order On to book 4