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[Download Ebook] ☭ The LionheART Guide to Editing Fiction ♗ The LionheART Guide To Editing Fiction US Edition Is A Comprehensive, Step By Step Guide To Editing Fiction In Word Karen Perkins Of LionheART Publishing House Has Helped Over A Hundred Books Come To Publication In The Past Year Alone, And Whilst There Are Numerous Comprehensive Grammar Guides Out There, It Is Not Always That Easy To Pick Out The Elements That Are Most Useful To Us As Authors Of FictionThere Are Two Options For Getting This Right Hiring An Editor Or Doing It Yourself This Guide Is For Authors Who Want To Be Intimately Involved And In Control Of Every Aspect Of Their Book I Wanted To Compile A Tool Which Is Simple, Easy To Use And Full Of Tips To Help You Decipher The Punctuation And Grammatical Rules And Apply Them To Your Own Work Without Drowning You In Information Whilst Paying Attention To Current Trends In The Publishing Industry The Areas I Have Highlighted Are The Ones I Come Across Most Often When Editing And I Also Detail The Method I Use When Editing And Polishing A Manuscript For Publication My copy was obtained for free through a GoodReads First Reads Giveaway.Not a very thick book at all, but still pretty awesome And just in time for Camp Nano I ve never been good at editing my own stories, or writing them in fact not for lack of trying though, I was always intimidated by the editing process, especially with the longer documents Anything over 15 pages printed out and I d start delaying like crazy, doing everything else I could think of I didn t want to read through all those words looking for errors or cutting out info or rearrange info It s sort of like walking into your super messy room as a kid and thinking this will take forever so instead of cleaning you start playing with the toys, using your bed as the playing space, and the rest of the room, piles and all, as uncharted lands to explore.So this book focusing on editing should be a real help for me I do most my writing in Word 2003, so while this book is for how to find stuff in 2010 Word, I know I ve seen the stuff in the 03 version, it ll take a bit to figure out where it all is but having the info on HOW to go about the editing process without worrying about losing a bunch of info I might need in later passes is definitely going to be a big help to find a start point to the editing process. I was quite impressed with this guide It draws on themes and guidelines present in complex guides and condenses it, relating it in a basic form, unlike this review, so that readers can understand the basic things to look out for when editing It includes such things as spelling, grammar, punctuation, things to look out for, and how to format on Word to make editing some pesky parts of punctuation easier.As somebody familiar with formatting and with some of the rules in this guide, it came across as a lightweight guide that is useful as a companion for those who need to dip into editing fiction for the occasional project In other words, I was looking for something detailed.However, it s an easy to understand guide with a friendly tone and I did learn a few tricks and useful ways to remember old rules.