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Having recently finished reading I am Pilgrim, the superb thriller by Terry Hayes, I was looking around for something in the same style Well, I already had this loaded on my Kindle and I m a long term fan of DeMille and his wisecracking hero, John Corey Job done.A few chapters in I was already laughing at the constant stream of brilliant one liners but I was also convinced I was re reading the aforementioned Hayes tale I mean, there were certainly differences but there were many similarities I stuck with it, and I m really glad I did It s a weighty tome well, obviously not quite so physically weighty on a Kindle at over 800 pages, but its draw was so powerful I hardly noticed The story is brilliantly plotted and told in a way only DeMille can I won t summarise the plot, but suffice to say it was not a re tell of the Hayes book but a clever and compelling narrative of its own If you liked Pilgrim I think you ll find plenty to enjoy here too.If you re already a DeMille follower then you ll probably have read not only this book but also the follow up The Lion and the other Corey adventures too If not, give him a try and don t be put off by the virtually uninterrupted insertion of humour there s plenty of depth too And if you like what you see I d suggest you seek out some of his other work, with the Sutter and Brenner books being my personal favourites. No one is shocked at my rating of The Lion s Game than I am I ve had plenty of time to think about John Corey s second outing, and my final judgment is I enjoyed the fuck outta this book While the issues I had with the previous book in this series, Plum Island, popped up this go around as well, they were well balanced against the second narrative While Plum Island was a strict first person POV inside John Corey s cock oriented caveman mind, The Lion s Game offers many different third person POVs in addition to Corey s strict first person DeMille deftly juggles all these threads to create one tight blanket Impressive My favorite addition was the view into the mind of the villain, Asad Khalil, a thoroughly dynamic baddie whose motivations are understandable Not condonable, but understandable The biggest selling point of this novel is that it never lets up It takes place in several different states, and two different countries It has branching timelines It has gun battles and bombing runs and one of the coolest hijacked plane sequences I ve read about The Lion s Game brought back memories of watching Die Hard for the first time, only this version of Die Hard is 30 hours long For me, that aspect is a plus If you re a fan of over the top machismo slathered action flicks, I highly recommend this guy s work You can start here, too, as the previous book is mentioned only twice and the relationships brought up in the first book have no bearing on this case The Lion s Game is far superior when compared to the first book in the series.My only complaint is a rather big one Big enough that I removed an entire star Yes, that s right, I wanted to rate this one five bigguns, but the ending didn t sit right with me It was sufficient as an ending, but I wanted I felt the final pages did not live up to the promise of the previous 900.That being said, I m not quitting this series anytime soon So much fun In summation If you dig Bruce Willis action movies, John Corey is his literary doppleganger Fast talking, quick witted, led around completely by the wrong head, John Corey s adventures are big fun for those guys who like big books and cannot lie.Final Judgment Where s the next one I liked the book however, to be honest, I had high expectations from it which did not live up to it The book is about two FBI agents on the trail of a Libyan terrorist, who is on a plot to avenge the 1986 bombing of Libya, massacring Americans along the way The book is interesting at places where it plots the terrorist s movements and at places it becomes a drag However, the highlight of the narrative is the dry humour and the one liners the author uses liberally in this story.Strictly for DeMille fans only This was my first. I enjoyed this book but I think I didn t take is as seriously as many others I enjoy the humor, but the story kept it interesting I don t know if I would have enjoyed it as much if it wasn t an audiobook, though As an audiobook, I listen while I m doing other things, so if it gets boring, it s not such a big deal as I m doing something else anyway, and I don t worry about missing anything.The terrorist in this story wasn t all bad He killed a lot of people, for revenge and his religion He was smart, but also ignorant in many ways I think he is typical of many of the fanatics that set off suicide bombs, etc They are ignorant, and are being used by others who take advantage of their beliefs He believes that killing the evil infidels will guarantee him a place in heaven.The story also shows how the need for revenge leads to never ending warfare in the Middle East, and every act has a reaction, which triggers a new reaction, on and on They never forget, and sometimes the revenge is many years later Pretty hopeless There will probably never be peace in the Middle East, until there is only one person left standing And that person will probably commit suicide.I enjoyed the book, but I m not sure if I particularly want to read. ( DOWNLOAD ) ☧ The Lion's Game ☺ The Barnes Noble Review January Since The Publication Of His First Novel, By The Rivers Of Babylon, In , Nelson DeMille Has Produced A Steady Stream Of Intelligent, Hard Edged, Contemporary Thrillers, The Best Of Which Such As Cathedral, The Gold Coast, Or Word Of Honor Are Absolute Models Of The Form It S A Pleasure To Be Able To Report That The Lion S Game, DeMille S Tenth Novel Is As Shrewdly Constructed And Compulsively Readable As Anything He Has Published To Date Weighing In At Nearly Pages, The Lion S Game Is The Longest, Most Ambitious Novel Of DeMille S Career It Is Also His First Attempt At A Sequel, Bringing Us A New Installment In The Colorful Career Of John Corey, The Acerbic Narrator Hero Of S Plum Island When Last Seen, Corey Had Interrupted His Convalescent Leave From The NYPD Long Enough To Solve A Bizarre Double Murder On Long Island S Eastern Shore, After Which, He Formally Separated From The Police Department And Became An Adjunct Professor At John Jay University Not Unexpectedly, Corey Grew Bored With The Uneventful World Of Academia And Decided To Return, In A Very Different Capacity, To The Front Lines Of Law Enforcement Admirers Of Plum Island Will Be Pleased To Learn That He Is As Ornery, Insubordinate, And Politically Incorrect As Ever The Novel Opens On April Th Corey Has Just Signed On With The Middle Eastern Division Of The ATTF Anti Terrorist Task Force , An Organization Staffed By An Uneasy Combination Of FBI, CIA, And NYPD Operatives Corey S Firstassignmenttakes Him To JFK Airport, Where, Together With An Assortment Of Teammates, He Is Scheduled To Take Custody Of A Defecting Libyan Terrorist The Terrorist In Question Is Asad Khalil, Aka The Lion, The Man Believed To Be Responsible For A Series Of Attacks On Americans Living In Europe As Corey And Company Await The Arrival Of Khalil And His Escorts, It Quickly Becomes Apparent That Something Has Gone Seriously Wrong To Begin With, The Plane, For Unknown Reasons, Drops Out Of Radio Contact Hours Before Its Arrival In New York Eventually, Ignoring All Commands From Air Traffic Control Personnel, The Flight Lands At JFK In An Odd, Erratic Fashion, Taxis To A Stop, And Proceeds To Sit, Silent And Motionless, On The Runway Unable To Establish Communication, Airport Authorities Force Their Way Onboard, Only To Find That A Tragedy Of Unprecedented Proportions Has Occurred And That Asad Khalil, The Man Responsible For That Tragedy, Is Nowhere To Be Found, Having Slipped Through The Crowd Of Investigators And Made His Escape The Bulk Of The Novel Concerns The Protracted Hunt For An Implacable Killer With A Very Personal Mission It Would Spoil A Number Of DeMille S Expertly Constructed Effects To Reveal Too Much Of What Happens As The Lion S Game Unfolds But Here, Briefly, Is The Fundamental Premise That Dominates This Book April Th, The Day Khalil S Plane Arrives At JFK, Is Not Simply Income Tax Day It Is Also The Anniversary Of The Bombing Of Libya, A Mission Ordered By Ronald Reagan In Direct Response To A Series Of Atrocities Reputedly Set In Motion By Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi Asad Khalil, Who Was Years Old When The Bombing Occurred, Lost His Entire Family That Day And Developed An Undying Hatred For All Things American Acting Both On His Own Behalf And On Behalf Of The Great Leader Gadhafi, He Has Made His Way To America, Where He Is Determined To Wage A Holy War Against The Murderers Of His Family As Khalil S History, Intentions, And Specific Agenda Gradually Become Clear, Corey Leads A Diverse Group Of Experts In An Increasingly Desperate Attempt To Anticipate The Lion S Movements And Prevent Him From Implementing His Bloody, Ironic Endgame As The Lengthy Narrative Unrolls, The Lion S Game Moves Backward In Time From The Present Day To The Night Of The Fateful Bombing In The Action Shifts From New York City To Florida And From Florida To The Pacific Coast, As DeMille Skillfully Switches Back And Forth From The First Person Viewpoint Of John Corey To A Third Person Narrative That Takes Us Into The Deranged Perspective Of Asad Khalil The Result Is A Big, Wide Ranging Novel That Is Alternately Funny And Frightening One That Achieves An Astonishing, Almost Effortless Narrative Momentum One That Is Grounded In DeMille S Tragic View Of The Endlessly Replicated Blood Feuds That Dominate The Landscape Of Th Century Geopolitics From Its Eerie Opening Sequence To Its Deliberately Open Ended Conclusion, THE LION S GAME Is The Clear Product Of A World Class Storyteller, A Man Who Seems Incapable Of Turning Out A Bland Or Boring Paragraph DeMille Is At The Top Of His Own Game In This One And Has Written A Novel That Will Inevitably Command A Large, Enthusiastic Audience I, For One, Am Glad To See It In A Field Too Often Populated By Formulaic, By The Numbers Fiction, Nelson DeMille Is An Undisguised Blessing I Wish Him Health, Success, And Undiminished Productivity In The Decades To Come 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I m a little surprised at how much I like this book While the first in the Corey seriesPlum Island was good, it didn t inspire me to run right out and grab this one up I must say this one drew me in and held my interest.The book is of necessity a little dated as it was written before 9 11 and deals with Middle East Terrorists It s built partly around the 1986 bombing raid on Libya There are plots and counter plots there is the insistently New York cop John Corey who we met earlierbut with a new romantic interest The book opens well and doesn t spend any time in slow build up or aimlessness The plot and the characters are center stage from the get go and all the building is done on the fly You don t have a lot of oh let s stop and talk about all this and then we ll get back to the story.As notedI like it I can recommend it I plan to go on with the series.Enjoy. Fantastic A great follow up to the first book Plum Island In this book, John Corey has joined at elite task force comprised of FBI, CIA, ex NYPD, current NYPD some lawyers, accountants, and whoever else they could think of to throw into the mix Their job, anti terrorism with a fixation on Mid Eastern issues John has his eyes set on the IRA division, and puts in a request to be moved because everyone knows that the IRA is inactive which will provide John with nothing to do However, his request is being ignored So off he heads to JFK airport to a secret facility called the Conquistador Club There he and his team await the arrival of a prisoner being transferred from Paris Unfortunatley, something has gone wrong with the plane, and it s currently in a No RAD state, which means there has been no radio contact Now John and his team are forced to chase a crazy terrorist around the US to stop him before he completes his mission.Unlike in Plum Island, there was no lag to the beginning of this book It just jumps right in, and I think this might have been the best beginning to a book that I have read in a long time It had me completely entranced for at least a hundred pages before I realized what time it was This book is split into 5 mini books, and the POV switches between John and the terrorist It was really fascinating to see how each man was thinking throughout the book and how John was struggling to understand what was going on before it was too late John was of course at his sarcastic best, and again I love him He has some issues in this book regarding his new boss Kate, and it was really amusing to watch the verbal sparring.I ll definitely read the next book that has Corey in it. 4 stars Excellent suspense thriller I didn t want to stop reading.It s a long book I had a hard time putting it down Lots of suspense Many times I was saying come on, come on eager to find out what was going to happen next John Corey is a smartalecky, arrogant cop working for the FBI He has many entertaining one liners and jokes I liked his humor, but humor is subjective and some readers may not like it There were a few surprises along the way Some parts were a little slow, but the last half was the best The ending was good and complete enough for me, although the killer Asad was still alive and un caught The story continues in the sequel The Lion Asad was a well done bad guy He s a stealthy smart killing machine I consider The Day of the Jackal by Forsyth as great Lion s Game reminded me of Jackal, but LG was missing the following I wanted to see how Asad got his information, how his sources got information, and how Asad and those sources communicated.Asad interacted with many people It was hard to believe they did not recognize him Asad s picture was all over the TV and newspapers.One negative a stupid event Two guys know Asad is in the area with a sniper rifle So why are they walking outside alone with no bullet proof vests or other protection NARRATOR Scott Brick did an excellent job as John Corey because Scott does cocky arrogance well John Corey s arrogance was written in an entertaining way so it worked But I ve given Scott Brick 1 and 2 stars for his narration of other books where he was too arrogant, and it detracted from the book Scott narrated females nicely here.DATA Narrative mode 1st person John Corey, 3rd person other characters and scenes Unabridged audiobook length 24 hours and 52 mins Swearing language strong including religious swear words, but not often used Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 6 referred to, no details Setting 2000 various U.S locations with a little back story in 1986 Libya Book copyright 2000 Genre suspense thriller. I have a special place in my heart for sarcastic characters and John Corey, the main character in The Lion s Game, an international thriller, is a one of those guys you just love to read about There s always a great one liner waiting on every page If I were to go back and highlight each time Mr Demille s writing made me laugh, the book would look like a freshmen year chemistry book.The Lion s Game is the squeal to Plumb Island, which was also a joy to read specifically because John Corey was the main character in that book as well This squeal is one heck of a story, weighing in at 673 pages in the hardback edition, but the suspense never lets up.This book is not equivalent to the summer blockbuster movie There are no explosive battles and crazy stunts Instead, Mr Demille entertains using merely wit and colorful characters In this installment, I found the main character to be just as interesting as the antagonist The point of view changes between our hero, John Corey, and the foe that repeatedly shocks the reader with sporadic insights into the daily life of an American I found myself reflecting on typical American circumstances in a whole new light due to the antagonist s interesting point of view as a foreigner traveling across the country.The Lion s Game was a lot of fun to read, not merely for the humor, but also because Nelson Demille can dish out so much than your typical crime novel I consider the John Corey series to be among the best crime and mystery books I ve ever read.