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!Free Epub ⚇ The Magnate's Manifesto ♙ BILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY IGNITES INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT WITH HIS MANIFESTO ON WOMEN Jared Stone Visionary, Rebel, The Tech World S Golden Boy And Now The Most Hated Man On The Planet Bailey St James Survivor, Powerful Female Executive, The Only Woman Who Refuses To Bow Down To Jared Stone And The Only Woman Who Can Save Him When Jared S Manifesto Makes Him Public Enemy The Only Way Out Is To Make Bailey An Offer She Can T Refuse A Very Public Promotion To VP Now, With A Major Deal On The Line And Tensions Rising, Can It Be Long Before Jared And Bailey Move From Spreadsheets To Bed Sheets I thoroughly enjoyed reading this romance I found it to be quite entertaining It was unconventional, however, it spoke on so many levels as to the the types of struggles, insecurities and challenges that individuals, as well as couples, sometimes have to face Regarding the characters, I liked Bailey a lot She had grit and spunk Her strength of character and intellectual sharpness were evident With that said, she still had a recognizable flaw that impacted her ability to connect Her desire to grow beyond her past and to trust herself as well as Jared made this a compelling story, at the end of the day.Jared was a typically atypical male, and I liked him He was scarred from his past and as a result, it altered his view on women I love that Bailey shifted his thinking It all worked And the rebuttal letter was pure genius Total poetry lol While there were some elements to this story that I could be critical on, I choose not to It was a good story that kept me engaged I liked the fresh take on a hard knock life turned successful Alexander was a creep He served his purpose in this story I did not like him one bit Yuck Too bad Bailey didn t punch his lights out when he made those untoward comments.Rating 4 5A complimentary copy of this title was made available for review in exchange for an honest critique. This is the first book i read from this author but I was really impressed and captivated by the story and the romance I loved that both main characters weren t perfect even though they were both successful They really battled through some demons and still managed to open up to each other quite beautifully Overall a great read, plus it great passion Loved it and will definitely pick up another of her books. In 1970 s Harlequin Presents heroines were poor penniless orphans and innocent These new authors and their butcher bitch heroines don t appeal to me Imagine writing up your manifesto on woman as a private joke between you and your buddies, then walking into the office the next morning to learn that your little joke has landed on the front page of every newspaper, social media site and is the top news story of the day It s called the international incident of the decade and worse, woman everywhere want to bury you under copious amounts of sand in the Nevada desert This is exactly what happens to Mr All Night Long Jared Stone, and to fix the mess he has to promote Bailey St James to VP, something he is not ready to do and of course there s the little fact that he does not believe Bailey is quite ready to handle such a position, after all he believes woman should be in the bedroom not the boardroom None the less he has to save his company and Bailey is the ticket, but when he offers Bailey the position of VP this spitfire of a gal fires back at him by not only demanding the position to be that of CMO and not VP but also pushes him to listen to her ideas As they travel to France to pull off the deal of the century, save the company and trace the one responsible for leaking the manifesto it very soon becomes clear to both that their attraction to each other is not going away The question is, what will they do about it And what will happen when Bailey s past comes walking through the door threatening to ruin the entire deal unless he has Bailey in his bed I have been a huge fan of this author s books since her debut The Divorce Party landed in my hands, I love the fiery passion , the utterly gorgeous romance and incredibly fascinating plots she conjures up, and because all her books have been five stars and very memorable reads, I did not really think she could come up with anything better because according to me she was already at the top of her game.I was wrong, so very wrong The Magnate s Manifesto is her best book yet The passion and intrigue as from her previous books was again there, but with a really fantastic twist to the plot that I did not see coming And that is what made this book so engaging and so much fun to read Just when I thought I had it figured out and the direction was set in my mind, the author threw me back with twits and turns I have not found in other Harlequin Presents books, and I absolutely loved every single minute of it From the character of Jared and his hilarious manifesto to the moment his world comes crashing down when Bailey teaches him there s to woman that burning up the bed sheets to the very fun and spunky Bailey learning there s to life then work, I loved it all The character of Jared was a really nice guy, well nice enough for a moron who s opinion on woman obviously needs a major overhaul I liked how the author let him fall from the high pedestal he created for himself , it was like reading about a king falling from grace, and I might add too funny And my oh my did I adore his sweet and supportive nature to bits For some you might be thinking he sounds a little too sweet and only let s the real him shine through when he s typing up manifesto s that are never meant to be seen, and in actual fact is a real jerk You would be wrong, the author crafted the perfect sweet as can be whilst still having that fire and come make my day I ll blow you away personality, it was brilliant The character of Bailey was a totally awesome heroine, strong and independent does what needs to be done to get the job done and pushes to better herself with what she has to her disposal Of course I don t want to ruin the read so I cannot tell you what exactly Bailey did do to get to the top of her game, but I will say that it takes guts, a heck of a lot of guts that most woman simply will not have I really admired Bailey and she s a heroine all woman can look up to The read is full of delicious tension, fabulous passion, full of life humor, remarkable characters and a very compelling plot And best of all the author has once again pulled an extremely important life lesson from it all You are only as good as you let yourself be, because if you let your past hold you back and make your future decisions based on the past there really is no way you will ever reach the top You will to the outside world look as if you have reached that high note, but in the darkness you will simply just still be you a lonely girl trapped in a life she never wanted or a boy simply wishing he was someone else Fight and claw your way to the top but never let the past come back to knock you down, what s known to the world today will only make you look better tomorrow simply because you did not let it pull you under I highly recommend this read, it s fire and ice meets passion and lace Boardroom, bedroom no matter the room these two are about to burn down the house, and it s electrifying explosions all round Simply utter perfection 5 5 star review She knocks him from his throne, he pushes her to the top Jennifer Hayward scores fabulous five stars with this humdinger of a romance Excellent writing, hot romance and a wonderful story that will keep you turning the pages LOVED it I liked this book but I didn t love it The big thing for me for this was the romance love story aspect was just a bit off for me There were highlights and moments here and there, but not enough for me to consider it a true romance I didn t see where they were falling in love especially for Jared I saw that he deeply cared for Bailey and was on the road to falling in love with her, but I wasn t quite sure if he was full blown in love with her While with Bailey I could see her caring to love because she trusted him to be her first when she trusted no other man in her 29 years I just wanted of their romance and relationship development than most of the focus of the story being about the freaking business It was almost too much and I was sick of hearing about Granted it was a big part of the plot line I just wished it was a secondary one Less business romance There wasn t a lot of angst either Lots of attraction that I could feel the pull between Bailey and Jared but not enough angst Yes, they butted heads especially after his manifesto was released but even that seemed inconsequential There wasn t that will they or won t they or back and forth that would cause the angst It was a steady build up until they gave into their attraction But that was it I wanted What I did enjoy about this book was some of the unique aspects of this book that I have never read before For example, the manifesto that caused Jared s problems with his board members over his sexist view on woman that was none too flattering, which caused a conflict with his deserving employee Bailey It was an interesting premise I also enjoyed Bailey s backstory which was again unique Bailey who was a stripper in Vegas in order to pay her way through school so she could make something of herself And it took me aback, but I was intrigued at the same time because it really showed her character It showed her determination to make something in her life so she could be a success and doing anything she could do to meet that goal even doing something that she was ashamed of Mainly taking off her clothes and doing lap dances for strangers But she did it because she had to support herself and put herself through school without any help That too guts I admired her and her independence She quit once she got a job keeping her past hidden until she was confronted by it in the present Another great conflict and I felt bad when things came to light Even though I didn t believe that Jared was in love with her quite yet, I knew he cared for Bailey and showed her lots of different ways I really liked seeing that side to him He never judged Bailey for her past profession and believed in her and her skills He was very protective of her and wanted to take care of her He wanted to be there for her And he wanted to be with her and show her pleasure I liked him even when they were having and argument with lots of anger flying but refused that their lovemaking be fueled by that He didn t want that between them It just showed he realized what was important in that moment It was the actions of an honorable man The love scenes were where the romance came into play the most That s where inhibitions and feelings were released They were steamy They were passionate And at times tender especially the first time scene It was nice to see the romance of it all as they finally came together finally The spicier of the scenes involved the cabin of a plane and a lap dance Wow Need I say Let you imagination go wild on that one But what that scene was about was that Bailey who did that in her job completely detached from the men she performed for in the past how the experience with Jared was very, very different because there were emotions and a sense of connection there that made the moment feel special It was sexy as well, but it just showed their connection and I loved that Overall it was a solid read It wasn t boring or too drawn out I just wished there was romance and less business I wanted of Bailey and Jared as a couple More tender moments between them More angst Just of them But the storyline was solid and unique so that was a plus I enjoyed when the villain came into play because the story really picked up and brought a new level of tension to the story and who doesn t love a good villain And he sure was a doozy it was also at that point that the truth was revealed and a sense of trust came into play with Bailey and Jared Also at that point the caring came to the forefront as well as Jared s protectiveness and that was great I wished it happened sooner in the story But for the most part the story was good The characters were good The passion was good Their connection was good I just wanted romance and of a love story presented through the entire instead of just near the end. I just finished this book and I am wowed I laughed so hard in parts of the story especially over the Manifesto, it was hysterical I have read this authors books before and am a huge fan, but I think this is her best story yet Heck I think its the best contemporary I have read this year.I loved all the characters I especially LOVED Bailey or Kate Jared is such a dork especially with his manifesto that you can t help but laugh and laugh at him as he falls in love with Bailey.And then there is really fantastic story The plot kept me interested and I loved every second of Bailey and Jared working together and how he stands by her He is a warm character and such a lovable man, that you don t see a whole lot in these Harlequin Present books He really made this book.I don t want to give too much of the plot away of this book so I will try and describe it without spoilers so you can get a better picture of this story than the books description so here goes Bailey has worked for years for Jared He never promotes her to VP because he claims she is not ready However one day this joke he emailed to his friends when he was drunk on what he really thinks of women is hacked and published By the next morning everyone has read it and pissed is an understatement Bailey included, now she knows why he never promotes her Anyways he is told to promote her to show the world he respects women She demands he make her a Chief Marketing Officer CMO and the story follows them as they try to land this huge partnership in France I am not going to share the rest but its filled with friendship, love, respect,and loyalty Jared and Bailey are made for each other and they support each other thru their adventures.I totally loved this story and kudos to the author for such a wonderful story. The Magnate s Manifesto by Jennifer Hayward is definitely one of the best Presents I have read this year It has a very different concept, lots of drama just the right amount , a serious kick ass heroine and a steamy passionate romance.Jared Stone is a tech visionary and a rebel think Steve Jobs His opinion on women needed some serious correction and Bailey was just the heroine to do so He was a stubborn, alpha hero who acted like a jerk in the beginning but became tolerable after the first few chapters when he started supporting Bailey My favorite part of the story is definitely Bailey She is no simpering female and does not take things lying down She was a fighter, a survivor who had the courage stand up and give as good as she got Her past was full of struggle and she had to work really hard to get everything in her life If you like a soft, vulnerable, in need of rescuing heroine, then you may be disappointed with Bailey There is even a villain in the story who is just pure evil and beyond redemption He definitely took the story a notch higher The romance is passionate, intense and totally toe curling I think this might be Jennifer Hayward s BEST book yet and I can t wait to read from her A must read for every Presents lover Read More ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I absolutely love this story I am so thankful that netgalley was able to provide me an advanced copy I am such a sucker for office romance and this kind of plot just tickled my fancy For sure, Jennifer Hayward is now one of the HP writers that I am looking forward to The Hero, Jared Stone is one of Silicon Valley s golden boy in the tech world, then one day he wrote a manifesto on his views about women which is only meant to be an inside joke among his friends but apparently somebody leaked this manifesto online and now the world just hated him, sales are slowly sinking and its not good esp he has a contract that he needs to secure in France.Entered Bailey St James She worked for Jared for about three yrs and she wanted to be promoted for a VP position but unfortunately all her effort just wasn t enough Now Bailey is the only chance that Jared had to salvage his sinking career He has to promote Bailey otherwise he s just going to be branded as a sexist male chauvinist pig for eternity.All sparks sizzle when they work together as a team to secure the contract in France Slowly Jared realized that he is falling in love with Bailey but Bailey has secrets and she refuse to share it with Jared.I just love how the story evolves, as a Harlequin Presents reader, all the elements that I love in an HP is there, fast paced, hot, beautiful scenery, chemistry all is there I love how strong Bailey was, though she has flaws but I still like her a lot.I highly recommend this to the people who loves reading office romance and HP.4.5 stars.