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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚔ The Malted Falcon: A Chet Gecko Mystery (Chet Gecko) ☨ In These Two Wisecracking, Sidesplitting Mysteries From Chet Gecko S Tattered Casebook, The Fourth Grade Detective And His Punning Mockingbird Partner, Natalie Attired, Keep The Peace At Emerson Hicky Elementary In The First, The Two Sleuths Blow The Lid Off A Cheating Ring In Mr Ratnose S Classroom, And In The Second, They Track Down The Winning Ticket For The Biggest, Chocolatiest, Most Gut Busting Dessert Ever, The Malted Falcon Danger Has Never Been So Delicious It is apparent that the author has a lot of fun writing this series the puns, the school kid noir affectations, the whole bit This is the only book in this series I ve read I chose it because the first one wasn t available to me, and I ve read the Maltese Falcon so I got to see if it was a faithful adaptation Chet Gecko is a young gecko, obviously, who moonlights recess lights as a detective, solving crimes that come up at his elementary school where he is a student And the elementary school is comprised of all different anthropomorphic animals who retain some of their species s characteristics while playing down the differences in scale It took me a few chapters to square all that away Maybe there s some world building in the first book that would have been helpful.Once I was able to orient myself, the mystery played out in fun, but straightforward fashion I don t feel like I reread Dashiell Hammett s novel, but it cribbed some of the story beats and repackaged them in animal puns and cootie references The dedication page includes a thank you to a second grade class, which seems about right 8 year old me would have really enjoyed this. Hilarity I may give up adult books and just read Chet Gecko If I were cooler, this review would be written in gumshoe. This series is so much fun, especially for noir fans review of Bruce Hale s The Malted Falcon by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE December 25, 2012 I recently acquired 3 bks whose titles plots are take offs of previously existing bks The Malted Falcon, Captains Outrageous, Android Karenina This called my attn to there now being, apparently, a whole genre of such bks Yesterday, I got a copy of The Maltese Dog thusly adding to the collection Fully expecting these bks to be trashily derivative I ve decided to read all 4 anyway review them b c I m somewhat fascinated by the genre Most, if not all, of them are kids bks The Malted Falcon is targeted to readers ages 8 to 12 The novel that it s a take off of, Dashiell Hammett s The Maltese Falcon, is not only a personal favorite but, also, obviously, aimed at adults although not in an x rated way Since I think that Hammett s both a great story teller a great prose stylist I was curious about how Hale wd handle his take off I have to admit that I think he did a fairly good job of keeping it both non kid traumatizing still wackily in the spirit of the original at least in terms of the wisecracks The Malted Falcon begins I love a mystery any kind of mystery Like, if the plural of tooth is teeth, why isn t the plural of booth beeth If ignorance is bliss, why aren tfolks happy And, if you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, why can t you pick your friend s nose p vii I love that as a beginning Not only does Hale frame it as a philosophical intro to the detective mind of his hero Chet Gecko , but he playfully stimulates the etymological thinking He implies that many people are ignorant ends w a joking question It sets the mood for what I think the best children s bks writers do stimulate the minds of kids w o necessarily threatening them, making it all playful Hale is full of puns that kids won t necessarily get but wch will help them appreciate them all theas they learn their meaning A character s name is Dot Maytricks dot matrix, a type of printer later revealed to really by Lili Pad , another s is Bert Umber burnt umber, the color Sounds like a colorful character , Zoomin Mayta Zubin Mehta, the conductor It goes on on It was interesting for me to see how a kid s bk writer adapts adult mystery material by putting it into an Elementary School context peopled by non human critters Of course, the violence, slight as it is, is translated into low level bullying the like Hale mimics simplifies the mystery novel patois beautifully I made to slip around him Freddie blocked my path I sized him up He would never make the Rodent Hall of Fame Freddie s bulging eyes flanked a nose that looked like it d blow off with a stiff sneeze His overbite concealed a chine so weak, the nose could ve beaten it up Freddie s skinny body twitched like a silkworm in a light socket He looked familiar, but if we d met before, I d thankfully forgotten p 33 All in all, I thought this was well done , no, I won t be readingChet Gecko stories the ages 8 to 12 thing is NOT for me Still, I can safely say that this is kid friendly w o being too stupid. Having studied both noir films in general and the Maltese Falcon in particular, I loved the book It s full of noir conventions and references which kids are likely to chuckle at even if they don t appreciate them as much as an adult might It s also full of hilarious similes and descriptions which work because it s a kids book and over the top detective noir thoroughly enjoyed.Sadly, this appears to be the only Chet Gecko book that our library has and they are unlikely to buydue to the age of publication. Wisecracking fourth grade detective Chet Gecko and his trusty partner, Natalie Attired, have to restore the peace at Emerson Hickey Elementary yet again This time, the stakes are high a winning ticket for the Malted Falcon the most yummy, scrumptious, gut busting dessert ever has gone missing, and it s up to Chet and Natalie to find it.This is the first Chet Gecko book I ve read, and I loved it I picked this one up because it s the children s companion to my Library s Big Read selection, The Maltese Falcon, this year I think it was the perfect choice, not only because it s loosely based on Dashiell Hammett s classic The characters are likable, the pictures are fun, and it just cracked me up It s really silly don t read this book if you don t like puns but it worked for me. This book was good well not an awesome book It was sort of weird to read because the lizard doesn t like girls he isn t gay or anything he just finds girls yucky and has cooties which is weird because i think he is in 5th grade and he finds girls nasty Which is not really cool for me, because it s girls like all boys especially me dont find girls anything weird or nasty This book was good it involved love which was weird for me to read but i like the part when a girl asked him to the dance he said yes them when she asked if he was serious he said when pigs can fly I was laughing a lot it was very funny I liked how he is not afraid of no stronger animal he speaks his mind. It s the thing sweet tooth dreams are made of The biggest, most chocolatitest, most gut busting dessert ever imaged, and who ever has the winning ticket is set for life The only problem, is someone has stolen the winning ticket, and Chet Gecko has been hired to find it A lot of double talking, and double crossing will happen before Chet Gecko, and his partner Natalie Attired solve this caper. My 12 year old English major son loves this series, even though he has no idea of the original titles or even the genre on which they are loosely based In his own words, he loves the excellent wordplay, they are chockfull of action, and they can be read over and over and still be funny He even laughs after I explain the titles and some of the names Is Bosco Rebizzi based on anything Boxcar busy Boss Scar I read one, as a bonding experience with my son, but that s all my contract requires The titles are very amusing.