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Second 3 story collection of short novellas by Larry Niven and friends about the Man Kzin wars set over the course of the 4 wars The first story of this book, The Houses of Kzin picks up where the story CatHouse left off in the previous book Really good If you enjoyed the first volume, you ll love this one. This book really starts off the Man Kzin wars anthologies since really only the introduction is by Larry Niven the rest are done by other authors as part of the shared universe the stories really start to examine the relationship of theferocious technically advanced Kzini and the humans who they just don t seem to be able to put down The story Children s Hour was so well received that it was later published as its own book as part of the extended anthology series. great second book two stories There is something playful about this series Not many grand concepts although certainly enough to get you thinking but plenty of clever action The Kzin are just alien enough to make them interesting without being impossible to relate I always feel with known space novels that the humans are realistic Society moves on with its culture derogatory terms and all, non of that star trek everyone being obsessed with 20th century culture thing going on People are as varied as they are today whether it be cowardly, nasty, dogmatic or amoral Humanities defining trait seems to be adaptability which doesn t seem to far from the truth the luck thing comes later Re Read previously Aug 2002Niven shares out his Man Kzin humanoid, sentient felinids Wars world with other writers with fairly good results I wish I d dug Vol I out first to refresh my memory of the overall universe The Casablanca references in A Children s Hour seemed a bit superfluous to the actual story. A long running anthology series with stories set during the Man Kzin Wars in Larry Niven s Known Space universe Niven started this thing up because while the Wars were very significant in the history of Known Space, he himself was not adept at writing about conflict Niven has written some of the stories but most are by other authors The writing ranges from average to excellent Recommended if you are a fan of Known Space.http www.books.rosboch.net p 1026 Excellent SiFi stories set in Larry Niven s Known Space universe Dean Ing continues the adventures of Locklear in Briar Patch , Jerry Pournelle S M Stirling write and extremely interesting espionage story in The Children s Hour Overall a great read with excellent SiFi background and concepts Very recommended. It was hard to get through this one.The first story in the book was okay It picked up where the final story of the last book ended and carried on.The second story just didn t pull me in though I ended up putting the book down for awhile, then when I came back I slowly worked my way through it.Oh well. 3It is hard to rate anthologies different writing styles, different characters, different plots However, rating the book as a whole it is not one I would read again The first story involved crash landed human and kzin in a high tech zoo Interesting premise, but the plot was boring and blatant sexism oozed from the pages The second story involving human infiltration of a Kzin held world and new technology was aenjoyable read. ^READ E-PUB ☠ Man-Kzin Wars 2 ⇜ Born And Bred To Hunting, They Had Never Encountered A Species They Couldn T Treat As Prey Until They Met The Canny Pseudo Pacifists From Planet Earth They Nearly Overwhelmed Humanity On First Contact, But Fast As You Can Say Ghengis Khan Or Alexander The Great The Seemingly Harmless Monkey Boys Were All Over The Pussycats Like Ugly On An Ape, With Space Fleets And Strategic Thinking That Left The Warrior Race Quite DazzledBut That Was Then And This Is NowThe Pain Of Lost Battles Has Faded And The Kzinti Are Back, Spoiling For A Fight, Larry Niven S Known Space Is Again Aflame With WarContents Vii Introduction Larry Niven InBriar Patch PartOfDean Ing N New Destinies, Vol VII, Ed Jim Baen, Baen, Briar Patch PartOfDean Ing N New Destinies, Vol VIII, Ed Jim Baen, Baen, The Children S Hour Jerry E Pournelle S M Stirling Na