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This is a romance novel that I can read over and over again, and have done so many times So many times, in fact, that I had to buy a new copy because my first copy fell apart The characters are a little TOO perfect and the situation they face is a little too convenient for placing them in the right place together at the right time, but this third in a trilogy by Justine Davis that also includes Stevie s Chase and Left at the Altar both of which I also own is enjoyable nonetheless Without giving too many spoilers, the basic setup is this Cassie Cameron, fed up supermodel with a stalker, takes a break and heads to her brother s house for a vacation while he s out of town with his family Unfortunately, this doesn t deter the man who has been showing up at her photo shoots and sending flowers to her for the past few months, and he tracks her down there, and she doesn t know if he aims to hurt her or not, but his actions are escalating and she s starting to fear for her life Enter Dar Cordell, muscular, handsome, double amputee wheelchair racer and designer extraordinaire, a friend of her brother s, to help her out in her time of need This is a story of love and friendship and beauty and of families and relationships that have endured trial by fire and made it through to the other side and that s all before this third novel in the series ever even begins This is the story of Cassie and Dar as they make it through their own trial by fire with the stalker on Cassie s trail A great contemporary romance that can be read in just a few hours time I definitely recommend it. Whew Is it possible that someone might have read this book without shedding a tear Not bloody likely. #Book ì The Morning Side of Dawn (Holt, #3) õ DESTINY CAN BE DANGEROUSA Brief, Fated Moment At A Wedding, And Cassie Cameron Was Hooked She D Been Unable To Forget Dar Cordell, Though Months Had Passed Who Could Explain It She Was Surrounded By Handsome, Glamorous Men Every Day, And Yet Somehow Dar Had Touched Her Soulin A Once In A Lifetime Way MEANWHILE, SOMEONE WAS WATCHINGSomeone Else Had His Eye On Cassie, And Time Was Running Out When Fate Cruelly Chose To Reunite Her With Dar Suddenly The Obstacles They Faced Were Greater Than Ever Their Very Lives Were On The Line Would One Moment Of Passion Have To Last Them A Lifetime If you re one of the few who hasn t read and re read this story or, horror of all horrors, are allowing it to collect dust on your To Be Read shelf like I was I urge you to read it ASAP Yep, it s that good.It s about learning to see past the surface and finding the true beauty within a person, getting past assumptions and misconceptions and learning to love The hero is disabled and that s all I m going to give away and, after being rejected by the people who meant the most to him, has spent the majority of his adult life avoiding people The heroine is a super model, who has millions but is unhappy with her life and finds herself envious of those who ve found love because she s been unable to People just don t care to dig deep enrough to see the beauty inside of her Whaaaat How can I sympathize with a rich super model, right Well, I didn t think I could But then I read this book She s not a self centered snot and is a surprisingly sympathetic and likable character with a few insecurities of her own Her dogged attraction to the reluctant hero and her determination to break down his barriers come across realistically and touched me deeply The hero is one of the most unforgettable I ve ever read about in a romance He s beautiful and wounded, both inside and out, and oh so deserving of love This is a compassionate love story even my shoddy memory won t soon forget.Read it people Dar is incredibly bitter, and I loved how Cassie handled it, refusing to allow him to disrespect and demean her with his assumptions. Hot Charming, attractive, sweet, sexy as hell.Cassie has a sunny personality that breakes down and into Cordell rude fences She is one of my favorite heroines.He is sheltering her from a stalker, against his own will, at the request of his only friend, but the moment she pulls up in front of his isolated house, he makes it clear that she s not welcome Then begins the fight and seduction dance of them two There s not a single page that is uninteresting or out of time, their approaches are deliciously sexy, the arguments are not annoying, the adventure is captivating, everything is perfect Great book DNF 25%Maybe it s just not my day This is the second book I m putting down today and I can t say there is anything around here that annoys me or anything It s a rather relaxed Saturday, nothing special to do, it s cold outside so sitting at home with a book was everything I could wish for I don t have any real problem with the book actually I have nothing against either Cassie or Dar the main heroes I just don t feel any pull toward them Cassie is a super model who wants a break especially since there is a stalker who messes with her head and Dar, well, he is our overly tormented hero What he mainly does is brood It s not very compelling, it s not even that annoying since I guess he has his reasons an accident making him cripple for life Yet he is mostly a busy guy, competing with is wheel chair in races, building hand made chairs for other people He isn t sitting at home feeling sorry for himself, yet in a way he does He shuns any social life except for Sean Stevie s brother and Chase Stevie s husband and also Cassie s brother , this is how she met him on Sean s wedding taking place in the second installment I haven t read and not planning on I read great review of this one, and since it does talk about a hero in a wheelchair I totally get the appeal of reading something different yet the plot was kind of tired, the conversations sort of dry even when meant to be funny and I was just not finding myself attracted to keep on going So finally on the 25% mark I decided to put it down and just watch a series or something No reading today I m giving this one 3 stars rating mostly for dealing with something different which still 20 years after it was written originally published on 1995 is not that common This book is sortof part of a series, the first one Stevie s Chase telling us of Stevie and Chase s story, the second Left at the Alter is of Sean Stevie s brother and Rory also dealing with a main character with a disability and this is the third one of Chase s sister I think it makes sense reading them in the order they were written the first one is a good introduction to Sean and a bit of Cassie and I think the second one brings of Cassie as she and Dar meet for the first time at Sean and Rory s wedding but since I haven t read the second one I can t say More Reviews HERE Maybe its my English sensibilities but I can t get my head around the name Dar I keep wanting to finish his name for him and call him Darren It was a nice story but as I read this one as a stand alone book I m left with the feeling I still don t really know what the hell actually happened to our H Sure we have the bare bones view spoiler he somehow gets hit by a train rescuing 2 boys i think hide spoiler So, I think I ve learned my lesson any disability themed romance novel readers gush over as heartwarming or a tear jerker invariably plays up a number of insulting stereotypes of disabled people that insult me as they generate cheap angst This book is no exception The book opens with supermodel Cassandra Cameron walking out of her agent s office after declaring she s taking an impromptu sabbatical Worn out from reconciling her public image with her private life, she takes off to housesit for her vacationing brother Unfortunately for her, she s attracted the unwelcome attention of a creepy dude who s determined to make contact with her Unwillingly, family friend Dar Cordell finds himself drawn into her predicament Though he d rather hole up and make racing wheelchairs in solitude, he eventually agrees to help Cassie out by letting her hide out in his remote home.The story Davis wanted to tell and the book she actually wrote do not match up She clearly wanted to tell a story of love transcending superficial appearances and overcoming differences What she actually wrote, however, was a pitying tale of a sad cripple and the condescending woman determined to show him how he should live his life instead It wasn t a story about a disabled man finding the love he deserves It was a story about readers being able to imagine themselves a charitable good girl who magnanimously befriends the downtrodden The hero s disability is merely a means to an end.The problem lies in the stark morality of the novel There s little nuance or grey area to the novel The good people unquestionably accept disability as charmingly normal and the bad people callously shun and dehumanize the disabled It takes something complex and amoral and turns it into a simplistic moral play This makes me think of a line from Tim O Brien s How To Tell a True War Story Like war, disability is never moral It does not instruct, nor encourage virtue, nor suggest models of proper human behavior, nor restrain men from doing the things they have always done If a story seems moral, do not believe it If at the end of a war story you feel uplifted, or if you feel that some small bit of rectitude has been salvaged from the larger waste, then you have been made the victim of a very old and terrible lie Being disabled doesn t make a person stronger, wiser or heroic and befriending, accepting or loving a disabled person doesn t make the able person kinder, nobler or better than anyone else Unfortunately, Ms Davis didn t get the memo on this Throughout the book, Dar s ability is trotted out to define his father s and fiancee s perfidy and Cassie and her family s goodness No one ever puzzles through any conflicted feelings, Dar never gets to talk about what disability means to his life, acceptance and rejection are just two stark, binary options Dar is sad, and Cassie just yells her acceptance at him until he adopts an outlook she approves of.And yet, the novel perpetuates patronizing attitudes towards disability, even as it s trying to be the benevolent champion of the poor cripples of the world The first thing to really throw me was the scene where Cassie watches Dar playing NCAA baseball before his injury Dar walks in as she s crying at the video and they get into an argument She goes through amazing mental gymnastics about how they aren t tears of pity then yells at him for being selfish because he doesn t want to talk about his feelings with people To begin with, crying at what she terms a tragedy is pity, full stop You can t spin that Tears equal an assumption that disability is a negative Secondly, why does she get to lecture this guy she s known for a week about how he should live his life Because he s not a happy, grateful, inspirational cripple, he s doing it wrong Later on, when they finally fall into bed, we get this exchange Dar She was looking at him, that hint of doubt back in her eyes, as if she sensed him withdrawing Dar, please, don t I It doesn t I don t mind My fianc e thought she didn t, either, he said, unable to stop himself, until one of my stumps touched her Dar, stop She bit her lip, and shook her head as if in pain Oh, please, I don t know what to say How to tell you not that it doesn t matter, of course it does, but Dar, I don t care Can t you see that Oh, she doesn t mind How gracious of her Imagine if this was a hero saying this to an overweight heroine about her curves she s self conscious of Would this seem so romantic with the roles reversed In addition to appropriating disability to tell a story about an able bodied character, the book s just not written very well The narrative is repetitive, rewording and restating simple concepts ad nauseam as if she didn t trust the reader to draw her own conclusions The dialog is laughably unnatural The story rests on a cast of characters endlessly psychoanalyzing the hell out of each other using their best daytime TV pop psychology terminology They didn t talk to each other so much as try to outdo each other s metaphors Dialog read like a chain of overwrought monologues than the give and take of conversation Way too melodramatic for my taste.In the end, I just resented the novel It s just another novel that defines the disabled character by what he s lost then uses the angst not to tell his story of acceptance and adjustment but to illustrate the able heroine s generosity and heroism It does the disabled no favors with how it treats the theme It s dripping with ableism.I can t recommend this to anyone looking for disabled characters in romance It perpetuates the negative attitudes it purportedly rejects. I d lie awake in the dark, right before dawn, and wonder if I d ever be glad to see morning again If I d ever really come out on the other side.This is such a beautiful book and this quote kind of sums it up We met Dar in the previous book, he s an accomplished athlete but intensely private and unlike Sean he lost both his legs while saving two kids but that was not all he lost, he lost a fiancee and a father whose approval he had worked for his entire life and his big contract While he lay injured in the hospital, suffering , waiting for his father to visit him, his father didn t come not then and not later and died 3 years after After that Dar closed himself off, not allowing people close, driving them away with his silence or lack of response and only Sean because of shared experiences and Katie Chase and Stevie s daughter , got close to him and even them he keeps at a distance and to make sure of that he lives in an isolated place He hates how judgmental people are and to make sure that they know what they are getting he uses a wheel chair instead of using a prosthesis, to warn people off.Six months before, Cassie Chase s gorgeous supermodel sister, flirted outrageously with him at Sean and Rory s wedding Cassie is highly successful but is tried of the life and because of certain uncomfortable letters she is getting decided to take a break Cassie and Dar are thrown together in Dar s house because of her stalker situation and what arises out of it is a beautiful relationship The way people look at handicapped people is so well depicted, their problems, struggle in life and the determination it takes.Cassie when she finds out about Dar researches about it her sister in law told her at the wedding She didn t let him wallow in his sullenness and when she tells him she knows how it feels when people judge you by your looks, it was wonderful The way she treats him as normal but not forgetting his limitations, fights with him is just so amazing She despite his re buffs opens him up and when she watches the tape of Dar s last game and the scene that takes place on the couch after wards is cathartic She makes him confront what his father did to him and his feeling about the accident and makes him see that it is human to wish things had been different.Dar had so much pain in life that he pretended not to care and the way Cassie doesn t let him be the way he is, is lovely I can t tell you how much I loved this book Cassie makes Dar believe that yes he deserves happiness and not just his friends She asks him questions about his work and about his accident and when he tries to shut her out of it by ignoring her she sees through him and his attempts to be rude This book is so well done and shows that love doesn t see when anyone is different, yes there can be some difficulties but they can be over come.