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This book has all the premises to get five epic stars for me an insecure narrator, whose character develops, finds herself and becomes a self conscious, badass woman a mislead, vicious, erratic, sensual, strong, possessive opponent a captivating, intriguing, intelligent narrative incredibly hot and diverse sex scenes mind games suspenseI m still not able to give it 5 stars, and I can t round up my 4.5 stars to a full five either The biggest reason of all of this is the ending I won t write spoilers here, because I don t want you to read them and then regret reading them And I m sure that other readers might love it, but I can t And I ll write my opinion in spoiler tags view spoiler For me the ending ruined the vast development Angie has made throughout the whole book It breaks with the majority of her thoughts and therefore is in my eyes inconsequent I wouldn t have expected her to deny herself love, but if it was clear that she had taken a step back and be clear that her feeling are real, I would have beensatisfied hide spoiler Favorite quoteWe are all victims of circumstance until we make a conscious decision not to beI honestly did not know what to expect when I started reading this, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised If I was to describe this book, I would say that it is an interesting psychological look into the darker aspects of the human condition This book has it all Romance, hate, deceit, creepiness, lust, love, violence, and even a bit of a complex sort of Stockholm syndrome relationship From beginning to end I did not know what to expect There was so much mystery and suspense in this book The story centers around Angie and Heather and they are two complex characters Angie is kinda having a stale moment in her relationship with her boyfriend, while Heather is thissophisticated and mysterious woman who kinda lures Angie into all sorts of things And the story does get crazy.What is surprising though, is that despite the extreme topics covered in this novel and how complex it is, it is a quick read I thought it was gonna take me a while to read it and I breezed through it I would say that that is due to the great writing in this book The author really put me in the mindset of the characters and the world the story was taking place in.Another interesting aspect of this story and why I say it has a bit of a Stockholm syndrome situation going on is that while Heather holds Angie captive in some ways, there is a power struggle between them It would be easy to assume that Angie is a victim of Heather s since she lures her into her world and secludes her from the world, but Angie is not just any girl Though she is struggling and learning about herself in this extreme situation Heather puts her through, she challenges Heather and uses her intelligence to survive the situation and in the process learns a lot about herself Angie is no pushover There is also a relationship that develops between these two women amongst the violence in this book of aromantic nature Angie gets lured to Heather s world under false pretenses, but it s because there is something about the way Heather carries herself that lets her get swept away What started off as a night of experiments for Angie, turns into something muchAnd it makes Angie bring out the deeper aspects of herself that she suppresses.In this book, you get an insight into the past of both of the two main characters, Angie and Heather Angie s mother is the absolute worst and such a cold woman I can see why Angie struggled so much with herself when she was a kid and as a young woman trying to live in the world And Heather really has a twisted history which kinda explains why she is all types of crazy Now, Heather does have a lot of vulnerability hidden under her dominant personality and creepiness And it s not like she excuses her behavior or you feel too much sympathy for her She is straight forward and unapologetic and I kinda though that was a cool way to develop her character because I hate when author s try to excuse the behavior of the resident villain of the story Not that she is a complete villain, but she s not a good person either.The ending was shocking to me I did not know if Angie was gonna play it safe and go back to her life with her boyfriend or stay around Heather But let s just say Angie grew in this novel and definitely became a woman sure in herself And she changed A LOT She did things that shocked me to the core This book is an erotic thriller and there are very dark themes and scenes in it, especially the sex scenes Can be classified as BDSM ish in nature But the scenes do not distract from the story The story is still very psychological and complex My Rating 4 5 Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review The Need is my first f f erotic thriller novel, and it was definitely an interesting one It s enthralling and twisted, I finished the book in one sitting I had a love and mostly hate relationship with Angie and Heather I did like that Angie was learningabout herself during the whole situation with Heather, but there were times when I really just wanted to smack them both The ending was a bit of a shocker to me as well, I was totally not expecting it to end the way it did Overall, aside from a few little issues that I had, for this being S.L Hannah s first novel I thoroughly enjoyed the story and would definitely read her future books. Heat Level 3 out of 4 flamesOverall 4.5 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch MindySee Mindy s Blog Review HereBUY THE BOOKSHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY Holy shit that was an intense and crazy ride I do love a good psychological thriller and this one did not disappoint This is an exciting and very well written story and I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a book that makes your heart pump fast for many different reasons This is an author you will want to keep on your radar The Need is a thrilling story about an insecure young woman who discovers things about herself that are brought to the surface in the most unexpected, unusual and sometimes terrifying way This book will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting to read faster to find out what happens next This is truly a prime example of a page turner Angie and Heather s characters are very well developed and interesting To me they felt like real people and I was right there with them on their crazy journey Thank goodness I really wasn t but I did feel what Angie felt I felt her anticipation, love, fear, hate and confusion about what was happening to her Heather helped these feelings along because she is a manipulator, deceiver and in my opinion a complete psychopath However, at times I think Heather wanted the normal and she saw that in Angie She wanted and yearned for someone to love her for who she is and all her faults She wasn t loved by her mother and her father left when she was young So Heather has her own self esteem and trust issuesWe are all victims of circumstance until we make a conscious decision not to be. This isn t my first f f book and most certainly not my last The sex in this book is really good, terrifying, fascinating, complicated and very erotic It s very well done and given the circumstances of the story, nothing like I ve read before To me, each scene has a purpose in both Angie and Heather s character development There are a couple of scenes that make me wonder if Heather had set them up prior or if they really were unexpected Example, the City Inspector and cop Is she really that much of a mastermind manipulatorYou don t hate me You chose to let me do that to you because it gave you something you neededSome of the things I questioned or didn t understand are Angie is supposed to be super smart and highly educated So it surprises me that she can even consider falling in love with someone who lied and tortured her I get that you do what you need to survive but in my opinion that is an extreme case of Stockholm syndrome and that girl needs some therapy I also know that years of low self esteem and believing your own truths has a tremendous effect on you There is also a part that confused me, but maybe I just read it wrong or something Heather uses a phrase with the city inspector that calms him down and then Angie turns around and uses the exact phrase on Heather Wouldn t Heather recognize what Angie is doing There is also a little bit of Heathers back story that I may have misunderstood Again, it s totally possible that I missed something I thought that her mom got a new boyfriend But then she ended up getting kicked out Sorry people, I cannot elaborate on that question Also, at the end of the book, what happened to the other people involved in the story Was Stone Media set up like a snuff film or something What happed to the company and all the videos I can t ask too many questions because I don t want to give anything away The ending did not go in the direction I expected which makes it muchinteresting but left me with a lot of questions On a side note, I need to mention that every time I hear Iron Maiden all I can think about is Bill and Ted This really has nothing to do with the book, it s just something that popped in my head almost every time I read it D My overall experience of The Need is a full 5 stars, but the ending and the few things I questioned make me take it down half a star Although that ending was not what I expected or wanted, this is not my story to tell This is Angie and Heathers story told through the eyes of S.L Hannah and it really is an exciting story I highly recommend trying this out for yourself BUY THE BOOKClick below forNaughty Book Snitch reviews This is one of those novels that leaves you speechless in the end and asking you what in the hell just happened there S.L Hannah is seriously a genius this novel is definitely one erotic thriller you do not want to miss I m still reeling from the ending of this novel it literally keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering where this book is going and what is coming next You have everything from romance, sex, Stockholm Syndrome, lust, you name it and its in this incredibly amazing book This book was full of suspense from the very beginning and it continued all the way until the very end and it just got better and better as the story progressed The story is about Angie who goes to meet her boyfriend at a club and turns out she gets stood up and she ends up going home with a chick named Heather who ends up holding her captive The story progresses incredibly fast from there and we find out some incredibly disturbing and crazy things really fast about Heather s past and learn a lot about Angie along the way as well I will say this book is not going to be for everyone so be warned going into it, it is a little dark and twisted so if thats not your thing move right along and go onto a book that you can handle Now if you can handle a darker erotic book by all means jump right in because this book was amazing and you do not want to miss it Copy provided in exchange for an honest review This was the first book I have read of this genre and I liked it a lot I liked how the main character was finding out who she really was while being in an uncomfortable situation It was an interesting journey to say the least The relationship between Angie and Heather was one I ve never seen before They took care of each other in ways I never expected them to I had a love and mostly hate relationship with Heather Ugh, there were so many times I just wanted to punch her where it hurts the most At times I felt like some things were a little too coincidental but I didn t pay much mind to them The thrilling aspect of it wasn t there for me but I enjoyed it nonetheless Especially the last part of the book It was a definite page turner and super unexpected I was rooting for a certain someone but oh, well |Download Book ♠ The Need ♊ Stood Up By Her Boyfriend, She Goes Home With A Woman Straight Laced Coed Angie Has Never Felt Daring Enough To Experiment Until Tonight The Skin Around Heather S Lips Is Soft, Unlike The Stubble Erik Lets Grow In, And The Night Unfolds Like An Erotic Dream, Tapping Into An Unexplored Part Of Angie S Body And Mind But Heather S Seduction Turns Into A Nightmare When Angie Wakes Up Tied To The Bed And Is Told She Can T Leave Alternately Seduced And Tormented By Her Lover Turned Captor, Angie Is Pulled Ever Deeper Into A Twisted World Of Pain For Pleasure And Voyeuristic Exploits As The Stakes Rise, Both Women Give Into A Desire For Connections Neither Has Had, And Angie S Struggle To Escape Becomes A Bigger Dilemma Would She Leave If She Could Winner Of The Golden Palm Contest For New Adult Romance, This Erotic Thriller Dares To Explore The Darker Side Of Our Fantasies And Their Sometimes Unintended Consequences I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review This book sucked me in from the very first page It started off interesting enough to keep me reading It was a quick read Very easy to read in one sitting This is not my normal type of read but I did enjoy reading it This erotic thriller was dark, kinky,creepy, and at times very disturbing, yet I could not put it down This book explores pain and pleasure, and a relationship between two women that you don t read about too often Fans of Fifty Shades of Gray would really enjoy this read In my opinion this book has better writing and ainteresting and captivating story People meet strangers in bars and go home with them all the time This book explores what can happen when you do Will Angie find her one true love in Heather, or will she get muchthan she bargained for I think maybe the book could have been a little longer to get a littlein depth with a certain aspect of the story that wasn t fully explored and left me a little confused but other than that this was an enjoyable read A guilty pleasure. Wow This book was one twisted, messed up, torturous and gripping story Angie is a naive young woman in a relationship with Eric, one night she meets Heather at a bar when she was expecting to meet Eric for an evening out Everything that happens next is a bizarre twist of fear, lust, desires, deceit, suspense and edge of your seat thriller I had it all wrong, one moment I was sure I knew what was next and then the next I was blown away This story made me think, wonder about the human psyche What makes a person do certain things and how would you react or behave in certain situations that may seem strange to one person but perfect and heaven to another Dangerous and complicated to one, but exactly what you desire to another What and how things that happen to us and how that can affect us I was stunned, wowed and certainly captivated by this tale I won t lie, it made me think about certain things for myself I am giving this book 4.5 stars, but that is only because I wish it was longer, I felt that this story needed a bitDespite that, I would certainly recommend this book to my friends. This book was so muchthan what I would expect of an erotic thriller S.L Hannah is truly a gifted writer I fell in love withthan just the twisted yet sad tale It was the manner in which she spun it that I loved most Some would say that Angie was a weak character and I had moments where I wanted to strangle her but I think she found herself in the end The antagonist, Heather, in my opinion, was a victim herself Angie becomes the strong one and helps her I don t want to give too much away There were definitely a couple of loose ends with the ending that nagged at me a bit but not so much so that it detracted from the ending or overall story The ending brought tears to my eyes and I definitely wasn t expecting that This is a very thrilling, entertaining read yet it makes you think about the true definition of strength I would definitely recommend it I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review