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The Overcoat The Cloak, Nikolai Gogol The Overcoat Russian , translit Shinel sometimes translated as The Cloak is a short story by Ukrainian born Russian author Nikolai Gogol, published in 1842 The story and its author have had great influence on Russian literature, as expressed in a quote attributed to Fyodor Dostoyevsky We all come out from Gogol s Overcoat The story has been adapted into a variety of stage and film interpretations The story narrates the life and death of titular councillor Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin, an impoverished government clerk and copyist in the Russian capital of St Petersburg Akaky is dedicated to his job, though little recognized in his department for his hard work Instead, the younger clerks tease him and attempt to distract him whenever they can His threadbare overcoat is often the butt of their jokes Akaky decides it is necessary to have the coat repaired, so he takes it to his tailor, Petrovich, who declares the coat irreparable, telling Akaky he must buy a new overcoat From Wikipedia 1991 1369 240 19 1352 27 1392 32 1383 23 D D D D D. m trologie Un talon ,. Recently I read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri about two generations of an Indian immigrant family to the United States The main theme of the novel was that the father Ashoke was reading The Overcoat on a train journey The train derailed and this slim book saved his life Indebted to the book, Ashoke decided to name his newborn son Nikhil but gave him the nickname Gogol, after the Russian writer whose works he adored Lahiri even includes snippets of Gogol s life in her novel, but until now I had not read any of his work It is in this regard, that I chose to read The Overcoat to get a feel for the story that had such a central place in the book Nicolai Gogol lived a brief existence from 1809 1852, primarily in Petersburg, Russia, with a few sojourns to Rome Gogol was a gifted writer who influenced Dostoevsky and Turgenev among others Sent away to boarding school at the age of ten, Gogol lived most of his life away from his father, and did not have other family to speak of As a result, he had compassion for the less fortunate of people, and this becomes evident in his famous short story Gogol got the idea for The Overcoat at a party with friends when he heard of a civil servant who desires a new gun but could not afford one and saved money in order to do so Thus, the idea for Akaky Akakyevich and his overcoat was born Akakyevich survived on a salary of 450 rubles a year and could barely afford food or clothes He was happy at his job as a copier and had no desire to advance in his profession or to marry Living in a tiny apartment in the poor side of town, Akakyevich brought home extra work and saved rubles in a tin in order to have the means to afford repairs to his clothing One year, his Overcoat was worn beyond repair, and Akaky Akakyevich saved rubles in his tin for a new coat He convinced his tailor Petrovich in a drunken moment to sew him a new one for only 80 rubles and by doing so was able to survive for another winter Despite his joy in receiving the new coat, Akakyevich s moment is short lived however, because others coveted his coat and stole it from him This fleeting moment sets up a memorable denouement that appears to be out of a folk tale I thought The Overcoat was straight forward and accessible to read I enjoyed the message that Gogol sent to his readers to have compassion on others regardless of one s station in life, and was especially moved when Akakyevich s colleagues took up collection for a new Overcoat for him This is the second short story I have read by a Russian master this year, and I am glad to see that the stories are folktales in nature and easy to read I hope stories as The Overcoat lead me to read some of the longer, classic Russian literature, and am glad that Jhumpa Lahiri s novel inspired me to read the works of Nicolai Gogol. My first contact with Gogol, and certainly not my last This little book tells the story of Akakiy Akakievitch, a certain official in a certain department where nobody showed him any sign of respect He was laughed at by his co workers That must be one of the worst thing that may happen to any human being realizing that high school did not end for a lot of people, it wasn t all flowers and rainbows All the bullying, the bad jokes, the embarrassing moments that make you gently ask the ground to eat you alive, the psychological violence you cannot get rid of, all that, now at your workplace You have to love the irony The Overcoat is, well, a story about an overcoat It seems to have importance than Akakiy himself, the responsible guy with the unfortunate name That is another thing mothers, what the hell are you thinking when you give your children ridiculous names Please, spare them a lot of trouble and save yourselves a lot of money in psychologists and start naming your kids properly I don t know why they don t change their own name into some fruit, weird magicians, comic superheroes, cars, cardinal points or whatever they seem to love Especially you, celebrity people who don t know I exist and won t read this in your entire life Okay Rant officially over If you search for Akakiy Akakievitch , you will understand I had to do that because I wanted to know why the author spent several lines explaining how he got his name and yeah, I don t speak Russian As I was saying, this book is about view spoiler a man who was constantly humiliated at work and his ruined overcoat, which he wanted to repair because of the cold, cold winter and the bad, bad jokes So he decided to buy a new one and after living under a tight budget, he managed to do so And suddenly, he was a respectable man That laughable poor devil who always endured those vicious jokes and never replied to anyone, was now a significant part of his department of society, even His brand new overcoat gave him confidence, some self esteem People at his department even organized a party in his honor Actually, in the overcoat s honor but still, it was a big deal hide spoiler We all come out of Gogol s Overcoat Fyodor Dostoevsky In my preparation for reading The Metamorphosis, I did some background reading of critical analyses, including this one by Vladimir Nabokov thanks to Cecily for the link , where he does a fantastic dissection heh of The Metamorphosis but also talks about Gogol s The Carrick aka The Cloak or The Overcoat and tosses off wonderful ideas like this The beauty of Kafka s and Gogol s private nightmares is that their central human characters belong to the same private fantastic world as the inhuman characters around them, but the central one tries to get out of that world, to cast off the mask, to transcend the cloak or the carapace And then there s this haunting quote, attributed to Fyodor Dostoevsky We all come out from Gogol s Overcoat ETA Even months later, every time I think about this story, that quote comes to mind So off I went to read Nicolai Gogol s short story.Akaky Akakievich is an absurd, pathetic figure of a man His name would translate as something very nondescript like John Johnson, except you also have this deliberate allusion to kaka or caca feces in his name one review site suggested you think of him as Poopy McPooperson He is a titular councillor read minor official who in fact does nothing except act as a human photocopier, all day, every day, for very low pay He even takes his copy work home with him in the evenings His only joy in life is derived from his copy work Even being asked to make the most minor changes to the original version throws him into a tizzy His co workers make fun of him, but other than a pitiful protest of Leave me alone Why do you insult me , he quietly carries on.Until one day, when he realizes that his overcoat has become so threadbare that it won t keep off the cold St Petersburg winter After a few skirmishes with his tailor about whether the old coat can be patched up or not, he caves and agrees to save up money for a new coat, which will cost like 20% of his annual wages Gradually Akaky gets and excited about his new coat And when he finally gets the finished overcoat lined with cat fur because marten fur is too expensive sorry to my feline loving friends it causes a sensation in his workplace.Of course, this being 19th century Russian literature, you know it s going to go south for poor Akaky view spoiler Akaky s coat gets stolen the first day, when he goes out at night to a party his co workers throw to celebrate his new coat He fruitlessly tries to get the police and some government guy to help him, gets totally shot down, walks home in the freezing cold, gets sick and dies hide spoiler 23.. `KINDLE ↠ Шинель ✗ Best Books, By Nikolai Gogol This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay 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