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I really disliked this book That said, I really enjoyed Addison Allen s other titles, but this one read too chick lit ish for me I didn t feel like Colin, Paxton, or Willa were as interesting as her usual characters, nor did I feel like their problems were very difficult or compelling I mean, Colin felt like his youth was rough because his friends considered him to be tightly wound How horrible And what were Paxton s reasons for staying in her parents house so long I didn t feel like we understood her well enough to see why she did that SPOILER ALERT And the story about Agatha and Georgie at the end was so predictable I was also bothered by the nature of Sebastion s sexuality I felt like the story would have hadintegrity if the author would have allowed him to remain gay and then had Paxton deal with that reality as an adult That s the sort of thing that makes an adult, not merely moving out of your parents house And really, how often does that happen someone acts gay their whole life but then later in life realizes they actually are not I m not saying it never happens, but to make it believable here, it needed to be written a whole lot better than this The only thing that I enjoyed was Clare Waverly s cameo, that was fun If you want to read Addison Allen, read Garden Spells or The Sugar Queen If I had read this one first, I m sure I would not have read any of her other books. There is just something about Sarah Addison Allen s writing that makes you fall in love with reading all over again In the Peach Keeper, her fourth book, Allen takes us back to North Carolina and to the town of Walls of Water Paxton Osgood has been working to restore the Blue Bridge Madam, a local inn, to its former glory Willa Jackson is, while not an outcast, one of the unique characters that show up in small Southern towns While they grew up together and attended school together, they never truely ran in the same circles until they were grown Now the two of them develop a friendship that will with stand the test of time.The cast of supporting characters, Sebastian, the local dentist and once outcast Colin, Paxton s twin brother Rachel, the coffee ologist I don t think this is really a word, but hey it works and their grandmothers, Agatha and Georgie make for a delightful read one of my favorite quotes from the book all we have is our deep and abiding love for each other We can t lose that or we lose ourselves If we don t help each other, who will i can t wait to see what Allen writes next, as she rapidly moves onto my auto buy list. @DOWNLOAD BOOK õ The Peach Keeper ⚜ The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Girl Who Chased The Moon Welcomes You To Her Newest Locale Walls Of Water, North Carolina, Where The Secrets Are Thicker Than The Fog From The Town S Famous Waterfalls, And The Stuff Of Superstition Is Just As Real As You Want It To BeIt S The Dubious Distinction Of Thirty Year Old Willa Jackson To Hail From A Fine Old Southern Family Of Means That Met With Financial Ruin Generations Ago The Blue Ridge Madam Built By Willa S Great Great Grandfather During Walls Of Water S Heyday, And Once The Town S Grandest Home Has Stood For Years As A Lonely Monument To Misfortune And Scandal And Willa Herself Has Long Strived To Build A Life Beyond The Brooding Jackson Family Shadow No Easy Task In A Town Shaped By Years Of Tradition And The Well Marked Boundaries Of The Haves And Have NotsBut Willa Has Lately Learned That An Old Classmate Socialite Do Gooder Paxton Osgood Of The Very Prominent Osgood Family, Has Restored The Blue Ridge Madam To Her Former Glory, With Plans To Open A Top Flight Inn Maybe, At Last, The Troubled Past Can Be Laid To Rest While Something New And Wonderful Rises From Its Ashes But What Rises Instead Is A Skeleton, Found Buried Beneath The Property S Lone Peach Tree, And Certain To Drag Up Dire Consequences Along With ItFor The Bones Those Of Charismatic Traveling Salesman Tucker Devlin, Who Worked His Dark Charms On Walls Of Water Seventy Five Years Ago Are Not All That Lay Hidden Out Of Sight And Mind Long Kept Secrets Surrounding The Troubling Remains Have Also Come To Light, Seemingly Heralded By A Spate Of Sudden Strange Occurrences Throughout The TownNow, Thrust Together In An Unlikely Friendship, United By A Full Blooded Mystery, Willa And Paxton Must Confront The Dangerous Passions And Tragic Betrayals That Once Bound Their Families And Uncover Truths Of The Long Dead That Have Transcended Time And Defied The Grave To Touch The Hearts And Souls Of The LivingResonant With Insight Into The Deep And Lasting Power Of Friendship, Love, And Tradition, The Peach Keeper Is A Portrait Of The Unshakable Bonds That In Good Times And Bad, From One Generation To The Next Endure Forever Confession I sent my husband out last night to retrieve this book for me while I made dinner for the kids and tried to breathe deeply This pregnancy .it palls, you guys The thing is, he was happy to do it and even after some creative detective work snagged the very last copy at our local bookstore I was incredibly relieved Because all I wanted to do last night, after dinner and talking to my two squirts, and reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with Will, was get comfortable on the couch and drift off into the wonderful world of Walls of Water, North Carolina I m telling you, there is nothing, but nothing like a brand new Sarah Addison Allen book when it comes to comfort reading You just know you re gonna get the full southern treatment, that the prose will be lighter than air, and that magic will swirl through your veins like cream in one of Rachel s red and white striped coffee cups These are the things you can count on, and THE PEACH KEEPER doesn t disappoint in the slightest.Willa Jackson returned to the stifling confines of her hometown of Walls of Water, North Carolina eight years ago when her father died Despite her eternally restless nature, Willa resolved to buckle down and be the docile daughter her father had always wanted, even though it was now too late So she bought the local organic sporting goods store and settled into a life of safe monotony She visits her elderly grandmother once a week in the nursing home, even though Georgie doesn t recognize her any She does her laundry every Friday night without fail And if she sometimes drives up to sit and look at the old Blue Ridge Madam mansion and wonder, well, that s her business Paxton Osgood is determined to restore the Blue Ridge Madam to its former glory and put on the best gala the Women s Society Club has ever seen But things start going wrong from the get go, and obsessively detail oriented Paxton is afraid everything will fall apart at her feet It s now when she needs this success most of all, especially as her stalwart friendship with former outcast Sebastian Rogers is bleeding into uncharted waters Then Paxton s twin Colin returns home to help with the renovation and, when he runs across Willa, remembers all the reasons he left in the first place Meanwhile, a strange presence is swirling its way through the town, stirring up old ghosts better left hidden Against her better judgement, Willa is drawn into the disturbing events up on Jackson Hill and into the lives of the Osgood family once .I ll go ahead and say that I went in wondering whether THE PEACH KEEPER would fallalong the lines of Ms Addison s first two novels Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen or her most recent third book The Girl Who Chased the Moon I ve read and loved all three, but there did seem to me to be a slight divide between the first two and the third The characters felteven, a bit stronger in the first two, the flow smoother andbalanced The writing, as always, is of the highest quality across all of her books For example, here is the opening passage of THE PEACH KEEPER, just to whet your appetite The day Paxton Osgood took the box of heavy stock, foil lined envelopes to the post office, the ones she s had a professional calligrapher address, it began to rain so hard the air turned as white as bleached cotton By nightfall, rivers had crested at flood stage and, for the first time since 1936, the mail couldn t be delivered When things began to dry out, when basements were pumped free of water and branches were cleared from yards and streets, the invitations were finally delivered, but to all the wrong houses Neighbors laughed over fences, handing the misdelivered pieces of mail to their rightful owners with comments about the crazy weather and their careless postman The next day, an unusual number of people showed up at the doctor s office with infected paper cuts, because the envelopes had sealed, cement like, from the moisture Later, the single card invitations themselves seemed to hide and pop back up at random Mrs Jameson s invitation disappeared for two days, then reappeared in a bird s nest outside Harper Rowley s invitation was found in the church bell tower, Mr Kingsley s in his elderly mother s garden shed.If anyone had been paying attention to the signs, they would have realized that air turns white when things are about to change, that paper cuts mean there sto what s written on the page than meets the eye, and that birds are always out to protect you from things you don t see.See what I mean You can just count on her I m delighted to say that THE PEACH KEEPER is one of Sarah Addison Allen s best works to date It fully lives up to the promise of each of her previous novels and instantly shot to my keeper shelf I read it in one sitting last night, and it was an infinitely blissful experience spending time with Willa, Paxton, Colin, and Sebastian The wonderful thing about this book is that I was equally enad of and involved in the story lines of both main characters I mentioned before that I tend to identify with one heroine over another in Allen s books and, since the point of view alternates back and forth between them, I occasionally wish I was back with the other before I actually am This was happily not at all the case here Willa and Paxton are so different in personality and background and yet I loved them both equally And not only them, but their relationships with their family members and their respective young men It was very interesting and amusing watching Willa struggle to come to grips with a possible relationship with Colin, who is Paxton s twin Evenmoving was Paxton s relationship with Sebastian a troubled young man on the fringe of society, who caught her eye once in high school and has now grown into an incredibly complex and magnetic adult who, despite his respectable job and tailored suits, still exists just on the edges Their interactions brought tears to my eyes multiple times I ached for them And the few scenes that all four share together are breathtaking and funny THE PEACH KEEPER is at once haunting and charming, in that perfect blend of magic and realism that Sarah Addison Allen has worked into an art form Highly recommended. Willa Jackson and Paxton Osgood come together to honor their grandmothers Along the way they find a mysterious murder, what your coffee order says about you, and most importantly themselves Sarah Addison Allen always introduces a number of interesting characters and we even got a glimpse of the Waverlys catering a party which was a nice surprise My favorite parts about this one was the Blue Ridge Madam the house that Willa Paxton fix up, and the coffee shop where the barista discovers what your coffee order says about yourself These two women weave two separate stories, but ultimately end up twisting together These books are perfect to read if you are looking for something lighter with a magical touch. Summer A Thon Read a book while enjoying a summer y drinkI read this book while drinking lemonade, iced coffee, and a strawberry smoothie This book surprised me I didn t know what to expect going in, the synopsis made it sound like a Gothic mystery which it was But it also contained some magical realism, which is usually a huge turn off for me but I didn t mind it this time Magical realism usually pulls me out of the story but this is the rare book that was actually helped by having a little magical realism The Peach Keeper takes place in Walls of Water, North Carolina and revolves around the grand reopening of The Blue Ridge Madam which was once one of the grandest homes in town Willa Jackson and Paxton Osgood are the grand daughters of the founders of The Blue Ridge Madam but they couldn t bedifferent Willa s family lost their money years ago and she now wants nothing to do with her families history Paxton on the other hand s entire life is about her family history and the towns history Right before the grand reopening of The Blue Ridge Madam a long buried body is discovered Willa Paxton come together to try to figure out how their family history connects to this body The Peach Keeper has a little of everything it has romance, mystery, and friendship I d like to readby Sarah Addison Allen The Peach Keeper was a captivating and charming read. Three stars, because I liked it A good relaxing read The Blue Ridge Madam built by Willa s great great grandfather and once the finest home in Walls of Water, North Carolina has stood for years as a monument to misfortune and scandala skeleton is found buried beneath the property s lone peach tree, long kept secrets come to lightThese words got me reading this book The rest of the blurb made it a dubious possibility, but curiosity and a love of these old southern houses, finally pulled the decision through The beautiful cover was just too convincingThe Joker, the Stick Man, the Princess, and the Freak, had a lot to sort out before the grand opening of the The Blue Ridge Madam as a guesthouse old family secrets, high school memories and family dynamics of an earlier era The skeleton buried below the peach tree could once make birds stop singing, hair grow, hats float around, a shop bell ring with no fingers to touch it, and photos move from one place to another without leaving any trace of footsteps carrying the photo A hundred and fifty year old Oak tree had to be planted in the hole where the huge old peach tree, which never bore fruit, was removed Peach trees did not thrive in the high altitude, although it did leave an unexpected legacy for those who could see Georgie Jackson, in the grasp of dementia, and Agatha Osgood, blind from macular degeneration, the last surviving founders of The Women s Society Club, made a pact in 1936 A friendship pact, that would keep the peach keeper where he belonged and teach their granddaughter what friendship REALLY meant If anyone had been paying attention to the signs, they would have realized that air turns white when things are about to change, that paper cuts mean there sto what s written on the page than meets the eye, and that birds are always out to protect you from things you don t see.Georgie Jackson s great grandfather built the stately old home for his beautiful young wife, but Agatha Osgood s family would become the new owners in 1936Every life needs a little space It leaves room for good things to enter it With the restoration of the old grande dame of architectural integrity, two granddaughters would reconnect to restore the old glory from the past The scandals safely intact, and the secrets finally exposed.Paxton Osgood and Willa Jackson would have to redefine the friendship between their grandmothers.The integrity of chick lit is safely established with positively orgasmic moments, and lust, heavy and elemental, sprinkled all over the tale Romance, even the cheap option, must be present for chick lit to be luring and captivating Skip reading saved me from forced voyeurism and buying love sold like a discount bargain on a Walmart sale.In any other respect, the novel turned out to be a really great read with enough intrigue to make this a perfect Sunday afternoon read Relaxing and mysterious Old secrets and young protagonists to discover them It cannot get any better for a feel good, light and enjoyable read. Disappointing.That s the best word to describe this book I have read Sarah Addison Allen s previous books, and I have generally enjoyed them They re basically Alice Hoffman knock offs, but that s okay, that s what I was looking for When I read the description for this latest book, I was excited It sounded like an interesting story, with all the small town elements I enjoy And the problem is, the basic plot elements are really interesting a skeleton found beneath a peach tree on an old derelict plantation being renovated A re awakened spirit wreaking havoc on a small Southern town, divided into wealthy and poor families Sounds great But Allen does nothing at all with this set up She wastes her entire novel letting her characters have Deep Conversations with each other about Who They Were and Who They Are and How They Have Changed or Not Changed I felt like every word these people spoke to each other was an overwrought greeting card of sentimental crap, burying the good plot elements Allen introduces, only to never talk about again She somehow makes a decades old murder boring The novel has very little depth Relationships are not explored in any real way, and the motivation of certain characters are just confusing and weird, to be frank The supernatural elements could have been given muchweight to them, or they should have been left out all together As it stands, the strange happenings look like just fancy window dressing, an excuse for Allen to write pretty, quirky descriptions that at least break up her otherwise clunky prose.This just seems like a phoned in effort, a half assed attempt to write another Hoffman esque magical realism story, but it falls flat Nothing is explored, nothing is given any real attention, and nothing is actually, really explained You are never given a reason why people either like or dislike each other You are never given any actual motivation for anything I was very disappointed by this story, and I will think twice about picking up another Allen novel. Rating 3.5The Peach Keeper tells the story of the people that live in Walls of Water, North Carolina Focusing on a select few, their friendships, their loves, their struggles, and their secrets The Blue Ridge Madam is a very old house that is being restored to her former glory The story is a bit about that restoration, the grand gala that is being thrown for it, the people that it brings together, and the unearthing of stories that have remained buried for years.I liked this one, but expected a bitfrom it I love Sarah Addison Allen and will read anything that she writes But I have to say, this is probably my least favorite of her stories It just seemed to be missing something I missed the magical realism that is dripping in her other stories, her love of food that she usually weaves into her stories.I listened to this one via audio and it was OK Was a quick audio, but at times, I felt my mind wander a bit Overall, glad I read another of Allen s books, and look forward to the next. I guess the only thingpredictable than this book was my reaction to it Once again I let myself be fooled by a high goodreads rating despite the fact that Winter Garden and lots of other dumb or mostly dumb chicklit books had high ratings as well I should have known when I saw there was magic realism which I almost never enjoy it usually feels like a deux ex machina to me , though all the goodreads reviewers said there was less of it here than in Sarah Addison Allen s other books so I had some hope And though I usually don t appreciate books like this I did surprise myself by liking Savannah Blues But alas, no This book did not work for me.Basically, this book combined two themes designed to appeal to women romantic tension of course , and female friendship Willa, the first main character, was once a wild prankster but shhh, nobody knew she was surprisingly asocial for someone with such a well developed sense of fun who has now reformed into a straitlaced individual her foil, Paxton, is a straitlaced individual longing to break out of her shell Ho hum Do you think these two will become friends Best friends Oh, gee, I don t know Better read the book and find out.Willa reluctantly of course falls in love with Paxton s brother, a great guy who pursues her for most of the book before she finally agrees to open herself up to his love yawn how many times have I read this plot line before Paxton is hopelessly in love with Sebastian, who either is or isn t gay I admit that this was an original twist, but its execution really got on my nerves Add to that an extremely unmysterious mystery and some bizarre magic realism at odd points, and you have this book.I give Sarah Addison Allen for trying I believe she wanted to create interesting characters and an original story, and clearly others feel she succeeded so feel free to ignore this lone curmudgeon I will also say that one scene made me smile at a meeting of the ladies club early in the book, through some bizarre means I think this was part of the magic realism all the women suddenly revealed their inner thoughts, such as, I know you go to the bathroom a lot because you have a bladder problem but I tell everyone you re bulimic A little refreshing bitchiness in an otherwise treacly sweet story.