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Prince George fell in love with a quiet girl, a Quakeress They started a romance and married But his future didn t allow it It s interesting to experience the king before the revolutionary war. Sweet simple George of Wales later King George III of England lives to please his mother, and would never intentionally do anything to hurt her He understands that he must marry and produce heirs to the throne, but he can t seem to grasp the concept of marrying a member of the aristocracy Surely his beloved mother would want him to marry for love So when he meets a beautiful young puritan, he sees nothing wrong with courting her.I enjoyed this story, but I feel the character of George is very weak, as is the Quakeress It is extremely well written, with an air of mystery about it Perhaps it is just difficult subject matter This is the story of the young George III, when he was not yet considered significant only the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, Frederick, and grandson of King George II If you re not familiar with England s King Georges , you may find parts of the story hard to follow, as it alludes to characters from the previous books in the Georgian series, Queen in Waiting and Caroline the Queen Old King George II is in his winter years, bad tempered and constantly lamenting his deceased wife, Queen Caroline, whom he reveres in death than he did in life At the forefront is Frederick, Prince of Wales, his wife Augusta, and their good friend Lord Bute, a Scottish peer who sees his way up with this particular friendship.Young George is malleable, honest and earnestly wishes to do well by his people Lord Bute takes him under his wing, and begins to implant his designs in the young Prince, which are not considerably harmful to England, but are against the foreign policy and empire expansion ideas of the leading man, William Pitt As the story plays out politically, these events are touched on, while George s love life is closely focused on.George s loves include an extended affair with a beautiful Quaker girl, a flirtation with a silly society belle and descendant of Charles II through his mistress, Louise de Kerouaille , and a proposed marriage with the German Princess his mother chose for him As these three relationships form and shift, George s own personality changes gradually, and by the end of the book he seems a great protagonist and ready to become an ideal King of England.I found the mystery of the Quaker girl, as explained in the author s note, to be one of the most interesting facets of the story, and a satisfying explanation as to the later depiction of George in the next in the series, The Third George The story of George III and Hannah Lightfoot is admittedly one of the mysteries of history No one can be absolutely certain of what took place There are even some who declare that Hannah Lightfoot never existed There is, in my opinion, too much evidence from various directions for this to be likely I believe that Hannah Lightfoot not only lived but was the mistress of George III, as Prince of Wales There is even a report that Queen Charlotte at one time believed that the King had made a previous marriage and insisted that a second marriage ceremony should take place between her and the King, and that this was done under the colour of an evening s entertainment There is also the Reynolds portrait at Knole I have based my findings on the available evidence and the character of the King and I think my version has a good chance of being the true one as any other J.P With Plaidy s signature style of including back stories on the supporting characters, this is one of her intriguing novels The Quaker mystery has a romantic suspense feel very much like the author s Victoria Holt titles I greatly enjoyed this look at one of my favorite eras The StoryGeorge III s alleged secret marriage to Hannah Lightfoot, the niece of a Quaker linen draper.The GoodAn amusing frolic through a highly dubious historical footnote.The BadIt s the story of George III as he grows from sheltered child to adult capable of assuming his kingly responsibilities than the story of a relationship Hannah has little personality and disappears halfway through the book, never to be seen or heard from again.Historical AccuracyThis is the big one Although Plaidy cites several sources,this book struck me as being a fictionalized version of just one John Lindsey s The Lovely Quaker The evidence for the marriage is pretty thin, but it s too long to go into here Suffice it to say that Plaidy uses most of Lindsey s conjectures in her novel. After reading Emery s comment on the Georgians I remembered I had read this account somewhere before and then investigating the titles I realized I read this after my first son was born in 1969 Read a bunch of Jean Plaidy Victoria Holt novels as a teen They fed my historical fiction obsession. *FREE EPUB ↵ The Prince and the Quakeress (Georgian Saga, #4) ☠ Young And Idealistic, The Prince Of Wales Develops A Deep Affection For A Beautiful Quakeress, Hannah Lightfoot, Who Catches His Eye As He Is Riding Through The Streets A First Meeting Is Arranged, Leading To Several , And Eventually They Discreetly Marry In A Secluded House Where They Live As Man And Wife She Is Prepared To Betray Her Beliefs For Him, Just As He Is Willing To Defy The Desires Of Various Courtiers For Her Eventually, His Mother S Lover Lord Bute Uncovers The Affair And Hannah Mysteriously DisappearsThe Novel Explores The Lasting Question, Did The Future George III Contradict Royal Protocol And Marry A Commoner Shortly After His Affair With Hannah, He Becomes King George III After A Potential Engagement To Sarah Lennox Falls Through, He Marries Princess Charlotte Of Mecklenburg Strelitz