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The Queen s Rivals tells the tragic fictional story of the Grey sisters, as told in the voice of Mary Grey The sisters were very close to each other, their mother Lady Frances Brandon was too worried about appearances and the royal court to pay a lot of attention to her daughters, unless she profited from them Their father on the other hand was very indulgent if not a little flighty and preoccupied with sweets Lady Jane Grey along with her husband and father were executed for what was called the Wyatt rebellion The Wyatt rebellion was the uprising brought on by the fact that Queen Mary was said to be engaged to marry Philip of Spain, which the English did not like Jane was Queen for nine days before Mary was back on the throne and ordered the execution.Lady Katherine Grey, as were all the Grey sister s, a potential heir to the English throne Queen Elizabeth was not happy when Katherine secretly married Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford and lived in captivity until her death She was pregnant and was able to keep it secret for a long time but was found out While in prison after her the birth of her first son, she gave birth to another son after clandestine visits from her husband who was also in imprisoned in the Tower She was the mother of the boys in the Tower As punishment for thwarting the Queen she was separated from her family to live out her days alone.Lady Mary Grey also married Thomas Keyes,sergeant porter to the Queen, without the Queen s permission and was subsequently separated from her husband never to see him again She lived in house arrest in various households for over seven years She eventually became one of the Queen s Maid s of Honour and lived for 33 years Even though she was considered a dwarf and not expected to live long, she outlived her sisters.I love Brandy Purdy s books, she does thorough research into the lives of the people in the Tudor era and it shows in her writing style Very descriptive, engaging characters makes The Queen s Rivals a page turning novel If you are a fan of the Tudor era like I am, then this book is a must. Purdy has a very descriptive writing style which I fell in love with Reading her descriptions of the food, castles, clothes.everything was like seeing it and touching it up close and personal It did take me a little bit to get used to Purdy s writing style though For me it seemed a little long and dramatic.flowery if you will Once I got used to it, I was able to become engaged in the story but it did take a little getting used to at first.If you are a fan of Phillipa Gregory, you will enjoy Purdy s writing style and this novel See my full review here This was an insanely fun historical novel, a salacious and tawdry look at some of the lesser known Tudor relatives, in the vein of Phillipa Gregory Following the three Grey Sisters Jane The Nine Days Queen , Katherine, and Mary Purdy s story is sympathetic toward the women who find themselves pawns by blood, marriage, or choice Mary narrates the story of her family and the tragic ends her sisters faced Almost like a fairy tale, each sister embodies a vice or virtue Jane is brilliant, Kate is beautiful, and Mary is beastly Mary is described as a dwarf with a hunchback The Grey sisters are cousins of the Tudors their mother, Frances, was the daughter of Mary Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII , in the line of succession for the English throne Jane is brilliant, well educated, vying to be a Protestant philosopher rather than a nobleman s wife Kate is desperate to be in love, to be loved, to have run of her own household Mary, while scolded as beastly, is a moderating middle between her sisters, watchful and cautious She s a wonderful narrator who convinced me from the start to agree with her on the nature of her sisters, her family, and their fates.Frances is a parent straight out of a fairy tale ruthless, cold, abusive, quick to use her riding crop on anyone who disobeys her while her husband, the girls father, is a cowardly glutton with unusual affectations Their parties are known for the excess and debauchery, yet the Grey sisters grow up strong, passionate, loving, and moral, united in their affections for each other although each is driven by a single, varying motivation.Her writing style is as much a character as the sisters long, dramatic, punctuated with wild flourishes, it took me the first chapter to get used to it but in the end I loved it I ve already grown accustomed to living without them, to thinking every time I let myself start to feel again, to let fondness and care take root within my heart, those first tender shoots that herald the flowering of love in any of its many forms are also the first dip of the quill in the silver inkwell to begin the first grandiose curlicue of the word good bye to be write slow or fast across the pulsing rosy parchment of my heart p6 This isn t racy novel, per se, not the way Gregory can be, but Purdy throws in many salacious innuendos and suggestions which ratchets this novel from tame to wild If you ve a particular opinion of the Grey family, I m not sure if Purdy s novel with affirm or offend Being unfamiliar with Jane s story shamefully, I realized upon starting I had conflated Jane Seymour and Jane Grey, and had to get an impromptu lecture from my wife on who Jane Grey was and without a horse in the race, so to speak, I found myself completely taken with Purdy s articulation of Jane, her family, and the people around her I found her hard to like and very sympathetic in equal part, and it made this wildly boisterous novel feel human and emotional It s a wonderfully zippy read, too, perfect for the summer, and an escapist drama that kept me distracted and happy. Although I know of Jane Grey s story, her lineage and the circumstances surrounding her execution, I did not know a lot about her family I certainly did not know that one of her sisters was a dwarf, or that her mother was so very cruel Now I realize that this is historical fiction and, not having read extensively about Jane Grey, I can t say how historically accurate this book is However, Purdy has written a great book giving us not only the story of Jane Grey, but a glimpse of the lives that surrounded her I enjoyed the characterization of the sisters Jane, it would seem, was very studious and seriousand stubborn, which really rubbed their lady mother the wrong way The vivacious Kate was a delight to read about and Mary seemed such a sweet girl It must have been a difficult life for her.There were a couple scenarios in the book that were quite shocking Again, not sure about historical accuracy, but the elements added some interest to the story Of course, the execution parts of the books were very sad and, Jane s time at the block especially, brought tears to my eyes.In all, I very much recommend this book Maybe it isn t completely accurate historically again, I can t say for sure on what I know of the subject matter , but historical fiction is fiction and the value of a good story is that it makes the reader interested in the subject matter and thus interested in history For me, that s the goal and it was achieved here.Read of my reviews at Did not finish the entire book quit after about 75 pages Writing is lively, erotic compelling, but unfortunately I knew too much about the subject matter to ignore the liberties taken with history I plan to read from this writer on subjects less known to me.Fictional account of Jane, Katherine Mary Grey The heroine of this novel is Mary Grey, the youngest sister of Lady Jane Grey For most of the novel, Mary is about 8 or 9 years old, but has the wisdom and maturity of an adult She s much wiser and mature than either of her two older sisters, Jane in particular.Like the other Brandy Purdy novel I ve read, The Boleyn Wife, The Queen s Rivals is full of silly moments and baffling artistic decisions Also, like The Boleyn Wife, there are moments that are genuinely compelling There were moments that actually brought tears to my eyes I will definitely be looking for books by this author. Most everyone is aware of Lady Jane Grey who usurped the English throne after King Edward VI s death and before Queen Mary I s reign Not everyone is aware of her two younger sisters, Katherine and Mary In this latest historical fiction book by Brandy Purdy, the author explores the tight bond between the three unfortunate sisters through fictional accounts of their mostly happy early childhood and their early teen years which saw them grow up much too quickly and take on very adult burdens.I always enjoy Brandy Purdy s books, so I did not hesitate when I learned her latest book, The Queen s Rivals, was going on tour As with her previous books, Purdy wove a fascinating story that brought these characters to life and although I have read fiction and nonfiction works on the Grey sisters, I feel like there is not much out there on those three young women who lived so long ago during the turbulent times of a weak king and a strong willed queen.Purdy chose Mary Grey, the youngest, as the narrator of the story I thought it was an interesting and wise choice because Mary s condition kept her in the background much of the time, sadly forgotten, but able to observe a lot and thus flesh out the story The Queen s Rivals began with a prologue featuring an older Mary reminiscing about her life and the lives of sisters before going into the story proper Even though the Mary in the main story was very young at the time a lot of the events occurred, she sounded mature than her years which was a result of the retrospective narration and the way she was shunned by much of the world or perceived to be so.Kate, the middle sister, delighted me as she did those around her She was continuously described as sunny, spicy, saucy, and bubbly and Purdy really brought her to life with her positive attitude and the way things just came easily to and for her.Jane, on the other hand, the oldest and most well known, surprised me a bit She preferred to be plain and study her languages and literature and the Protestant faith, but I was surprised at the tantrums she threw throughout the book, especially at her age and her station It has been awhile since I have read the sisters real history so I cannot recall at the moment if there were time she acted so immaturely But she was also strong willed and I loved how Purdy subtly found common ground between Jane and her cousin Mary Tudor Jane snubbed Mary at every opportunity and was as fervent about her religion and her plainness as Mary was about her religion and adornments They were on opposite sides of the spectrum but they both had stubbornness and conviction in common.There were a few small things in the book that would have made me raise an eyebrow if my facial muscles were inclined to do such a thing I have not ever read anything about these little things in the story elsewhere so I am not sure if there was some truth to them or if it was just a bit of fictional license.The Queen s Rivals did not pull at my heartstrings as much as the previous book, The Queen s Pleasure but it pulled at them hard enough from the execution scenes onward I shed tears as I read those parts of the book they moved me I definitely sympathized with the Grey sisters and their plight and especially with Mary who had to endure all of this from a young age when things seemed like a confusing whirlwind and recounted it from a wiser, mature standpoint later in life It is another well written and fantastic story with some historical liberties from Brandy Purdy and I am excited to find out what she will give readers next Recommended for fans of historical fiction set in Tudor England and for those who enjoy descriptive, steadily paced books.Rating rounded up from 4.5 because I do not have half ratings.Read this review in its original format here. This book tells the story of the Grey sisters Jane, Katherine, and Mary whom I did not know that much about until after reading Of course, I did know about Jane than Katherine and Mary This story is told from Mary s perspective because she is the youngest sister and lives the longest Mary isn t as attractive or well liked as her sisters and I loved Purdy s take on her as a character This story follows the three sisters up to Jane s wedding and their lives as royals along with their family ties, marriages, and sudden twists and turns that will have you wanting to know about the women that were the Grey sisters I thought Mary s voice was perfect for this book As I said before, Mary was not as praised and admired as her sisters were and she often mentions praying and wishing to be beautiful like them Mary does adore her sisters, however, and I think that Jane and Katherine were painted beautifully through her eyes Mary has such a good heart and her positive spirit always shines through even when she and her sisters or her family in general are going through a rough period politically, socially, or even emotionally She was a great lead and I enjoyed learning about the Grey sister that seems to be swept under the rug often times.Lady Jane Grey seems to be just an incredible bad word At the beginning of the book she seems like such a prude, but we find out about Jane as we get deeper into life with the Grey s She is the oldest sister, so most of what happens throughout the book happens to her first She gets married and assumes her own household However, what intrigued me the most about Jane was her desire to follow God and better her education At first this was all she cared about She didn t want anything to do with being in love, and I enjoyed reading how confident she was in her beliefs She was definitely a strong willed woman.The one thing that I did not enjoy about this book was the fact that some scenes were vulgar and graphic Mary leaves out no detail when it comes to sharing the drunken state of her parents and their friends as they party into the wee hours of the morning And the list of events Mary describes just goes on and one I completely understand that this was part of the author s tactic, but I could have done without it I did enjoy the book and I did enjoying traveling back through history, especially at a time like this one A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Kensington in exchange for my honest review Un roman de fic iune istoric nerecomandat fanilor Philippei Gregory Am scris mai multe pe blog `DOWNLOAD EPUB ☛ The Queens Rivals ⇻ As Cousins Of History S Most Tempestuous Queens, Ladies Jane, Katherine, And Mary Grey Were Born In An Age When All Of London Lived Beneath The Tower S Menacing Shadow Tyrannized By Bloody Mary And The Virgin Queen, The Sisters Feared Love Was Unthinkable And The Scaffold All But Unavoidable Raised To Fear Her Royal Blood And What It Might Lead Men To Do In Her Name, Mary Grey Dreads What Will Become Of Herself And Her Elder Sisters Under The Reigns Of Mary Tudor And Elizabeth I On Their Honor, They Have No Designs On The Crown, Yet Are Condemned To Solitude, Forbidden To Wed Though Mary, Accustomed To Dwelling In The Shadows, The Subject Of Whispers, May Never Catch The Eye Of A Gentleman, Her Beautiful And Brilliant Sisters Long For Freedoms That Would Surely Cost Their Lives And So, Wizened For Her Years, Mary Can Only Hope For Divine Providence Amid A Bleak Present And A Future At The Whim Of The Throne Unless Destiny Gains The Upper Hand A Gripping And Bittersweet Tale Of Broken Families And Broken Hearts, Courage And Conviction, The Queen S Rivals Recounts An Astonishing Chapter In The Hard Won Battle For The Tudor Throne