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A powerful story of women defying the conventions of the day to report from the battlefield.Two women reporters go AWOL to report from the front lines of France in 1944 Fletcher, a British military photographer agrees to escort and conceal them as they race for Paris across the still dangerous French countryside.Meg Waite Clayton has obviously done extensive research on this book She has taken the stories of the likes of Margaret Bourke White and Martha Gellhorn and created a compelling story with believable and multi dimensional characters Liv, Jane, and Fletcher naturally grow ever closer in the perilous warzone where you hear their back stories, their fears, their loves and their dreams making you connect intimately with them.A great read that should appeal on many levels. Setting World War II FranceSteam Factor MildWhen Liv Jame s officer refuses her request to be among the first photojournalists to reach Paris with the Allies, she leaves her no choice and she goes AWOL.Along with Jane Tayler, and British military photographer Fletcher Roebuck, they not only face their enemy, but also their fears, loves, and dreams.Determined to be in Paris for the momentous event, they trek through war zones travelling by bike, Jeep and on foot to be able to get there and capture history on film Even though shortages of food and fuel make the trip harrowing they gather strength and make it.After Paris, they all decide to follow the army to the Netherlands as well as Germany.With Liv s photos and Jane s words, they manage to tell those at home the real truth while learning a great deal of truths about themselves I believe The Race to Paris is loosely based on the lives of female photojournalists working during the Allies liberation of Paris.A Fast multi layered novel that I found not only dramatic with plenty of danger and action, but with wonderful historical details that where obviously well researched by the author.It also had enough romance to satisfy this reader without it taking away from their story It was a nice change to read a different backdrop plot in the usual WW II historical period.I look forward to reading from this author in the future. The Race for Paris is historical fiction at its finest Meg Waite Clayton s account of WWII through the eyes of a female writer and a female photographer is engaging and unique The plot lines wrapped up a bit quickly for my taste, but that is a minor detail in the context of this well written book. 3.5 stars The Race for Paris follows two women journalists, a photographer and a correspondent, during 1944, as folks are risking their lives to be able to cover the liberation of Paris from the war And at a time when women are not allowed, and these women journalists are not authorized to be there In fact, Liz has an MP trailing her, trying to arrest her and bring her home to her editor husband, who was formerly at the front Jane, Liv, and Fletcher, each have their motivations and reasons, even beyond the political or career advancement, for trying to cover the war, and one thing the author, Meg, Waite Clayton does extremely well is the character development and portraits of these three, and their interlacing dynamics as their relationships develop and at the front, where danger is the backdrop Fletcher Roebuck is electric, and these women hold their own.One interesting theme is abut whether certain images capture a war, and whether editors try to put on a brave face for the news, versus publishing the devastation The question about whether one should blur the faces, show the faces of the dead, runs through the novel, as does, what is the story that should be told, and does it capture all of the features of the war, which nothing could It was a fascinating look at how a war is perceived, shot , described, and conveyed.One interesting thing about this story, is that each of the chapters opens up with actual quotes and descriptions from the real biographical journalists who were there at the time, and the characters reference them It was extremely well researched, and in my opinion, extremely well done One aside note, largely for myself I had committed to reading six books featuring Paris this year in 2017 for a challenge component, and it was interesting to note, that most of the book didn t take place there, and was abut trying against the elements to get close to it It was really abut the dream of Paris, and the experience of its liberation Which I think still counts, and is a different look at Paris, than Romance, baguettes sticking out of bicycle baskets, and artists on the street I m choosing to count it like one cannot cover an entire war with one photo or story, Paris is also larger than a few iconic images. [ FREE PDF ] ☪ The Race for Paris ♈ The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Wednesday Sisters Returns With A Moving And Powerfully Dynamic World War II Novel About Two American Journalists And An Englishman, Who Together Race The Allies To Occupied Paris For The Scoop Of Their LivesNormandy, To Cover The Fighting In France, Jane, A Reporter For The Nashville Banner, And Liv, An Associated Press Photographer, Have Already Had To Endure Enormous Danger And Frustrating Obstacles Including Strict Military Regulations Limiting What Women Correspondents Can Do Even So, Liv Wants Encouraged By Her Husband, The Editor Of A New York Newspaper, She S Determined To Be The First Photographer To Reach Paris With The Allies, And Capture Its Freedom From The NazisHowever, Her Commanding Officer Has Other Ideas About The Role Of Women In The Press Corps To Fulfill Her Ambitions, Liv Must Go AWOL She Persuades Jane To Join Her, And The Two Women Find A Guardian Angel In Fletcher, A British Military Photographer Who Reluctantly Agrees To Escort Them As They Race For Paris Across The Perilous French Countryside, Liv, Jane, And Fletcher Forge An Indelible Emotional Bond That Will Transform Them And Reverberate Long After The War Is Over Based On Daring, Real Life Female Reporters On The Front Lines Of History Like Margaret Bourke White, Lee Miller, And Martha Gellhorn And With Cameos By Other Famous Faces Of The Time The Race For Paris Is An Absorbing, Atmospheric Saga Full Of Drama, Adventure, And Passion Combining Riveting Storytelling With Expert Literary Craftsmanship And Thorough Research, Meg Waite Clayton Crafts A Compelling, Resonant Read This was a truly spectacular book It is the story of Liv, a photographer, and Jane, a journalist, who are in Paris covering WWII following D Day They, like so many other journalists at the time, want than anything to be in Paris for its liberation, and for their photos and stories to be the first published on that momentous day With that in mind, they become AWOL from their assigned camp, hitching a ride with Fletcher, a British photographer who is in France to take pictures for British intelligence Their journey is fraught with danger, but Liv and Jane are very determined to beat the odds and make names for themselves The author gave us a real feeling for what the trio endured every day along their journey the weather, the food, the sights and sounds of war, and their own fears I truly felt like I was in that jeep with them, feeling every bump in the road along with them Each of them also have struggles in their past and present that they are dealing with while still trying to do their jobs the best way that they know how The characters in the book are well written, so many dimensions to each of them I was very lucky to have received this book from the publisher as a First Reads Winner from Goodreads I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fast paced, well written book on a very interesting subject. I thought this would be my kind of book due to the setting and subject, but just couldn t get to know any of the characters enough to care about what happened to them Another block for me was the excessive name dropping without the prerequisite explanations as to who these folks actually were The missing history might have helped me to stay engaged with the characters and the plot And last, just a current pet peeve, but I m really bored with authors beginning their story with a older character reflecting on their life Enough already with this overused cliche of a literary device It s gotten to the point that it s formulaic and trite and it s not a very exciting way to start off a story. An exceptional, engaging and informative read about WW I love books about WWII, and The Race for Paris is an incredible story of one of the lesser talked about aspects of the war the role that journalists and photojournalists played in getting the images and stories of what was happening to the newspapers in the U.S Exceptionally well written and researched, I could not put the The Race for Paris down once I started reading it As Clayton described the adventures of what Jane, Liv and Fletcher as they went AWOL in an effort to get to Paris in time to capture the full essence of the liberation in words and images, I felt as if I were traveling right there alongside them such bravery in the face of so many challenges I also love the fact that Clayton wraps of the story so nicely with a where are they now section at the end to bring closure to the book This was a wonderful book, and must read for anyone interested in learning about the history of WWII An inspiring tale of two female American correspondents, willing to break all the rules to get to Paris in time for the Allied liberation Exciting and inspired by the real women journalists of World War II. The Race for ParisRead an Excerpt For Bookgroups and ReadersMy new book, The Race for Paris, tells the story of a British military photographer and two AWOL American women a journalist and a photojournalist who join the Race for Paris They hope to be among the first to cover the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation, an accomplishment that could make their careers.The story of this new novel was inspired by real women journalists like the ones pictured above It explores the obstacles female journalists faced covering the war, as well as issues of motherhood, friendship, and love I ve included my author s note for the novel below, in case you d like to get a better sense of who these women are.I ve been working on this novel off and on for than a decade, and I m delighted to share the news that it will be published by HarperCollins on August 11 Please join my Readers Circle through the short form below if you d like to receive an email when it releases.If you re looking for something to read in the meantime and haven t already done so, please have a look at The Wednesday Sisters, The Wednesday Daughters, The Four Ms Bradwells, and The Language of Light And thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for my work It means a lot to me.Warmly,Meghttp www.megwaiteclayton.com bookRThe Race for Paris Author s NoteThis novel was inspired by the women who defied military regulations and gender barriers to cover World War II and the race for Paris, vying to be among the first to report from the liberated city in the summer of 1944 They did so by stowing away in bathrooms of Channel crossing boats, going AWOL from support positions to get to the front lines, climbing fences meant to contain them, struggling to get their photographs and stories out, and risking their lives Despite being confronted with red tape and derision, denied access to jeeps and to the information and accommodations provided to their male colleagues at press camps, pursued by military police, and even arrested and stripped of credentials, women like Lee Carson, Helen Kirkpatrick, Sigrid Schultz, Iris Carpenter, Ruth Cowan, Lee Miller, Sonia Tomara, Catherine Coyne, Dot Avery, Virginia Irwin, Judy Barden, Tania Long, Barbara Wace, Margaret Bourke White, and Martha Gellhorn proved that they could report the war, and opened the way for generations of women Although this is a work of fiction, I ve striven to make it historically accurate, and to that end have borrowed heavily from the facts of the lives of soldiers, support troops, journalists, and civilians involved in the war, and particularly from the experiences of these pioneering women.