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READ EBOOK ♾ Tyagpatra ☦ One Of The Giants Of Hindi Literature, Jainendra Introduced The Psychological In Hindi Fiction Questions Of Love, Marriage And Relationships Occupy Much Of Jainendra S Works, Taking Them Into The Realm Of The Internal And The Intimate In The Resignation, Jainendra Tells The Story Of Mrinal, A Young Woman Whose Uncompromising Idealism Results In Her Family And Society Rejecting Her Completely Almost Seventy Five Years After It Was Written, The Story Of Mrinal S Struggle Against Stultifying Social Norms And Her Fierce Individualism Remain Startlingly Relevant ok Oh, how much I loved this book Though this book was written when India was still obsessing over it s maan maryada culture, it to this date holds the same significance It s difficult to tell the truth and what s difficult is to digest it Truth once told can have the worst repercussions.The book touches the finer points of human emotions at the lower end of the society and how the lower one goes their pretensions they shed It has a lot of philosophical musings and the last part of the book was one that left me thinking Also a special mention to the translator a job well done. Good read, about human relations.