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!Download ♶ The Science of Addiction ♿ A Comprehensive Overview Of The Neurobiology Behind AddictionsNeuroscience Is Clarifying The Causes Of Compulsive Alcohol And Drug Use While Also Shedding Light On What Addiction Is, What It Is Not, And How It Can Best Be Treated In Exciting And Innovative Ways Current Neurobiological Research Complements And Enhances The Approaches To Addiction Traditionally Taken In Social Work And Psychology However, This Important Research Is Generally Not Presented In A Forthright, Jargon Free Way That Clearly Illustrates Its Relevance To Addiction ProfessionalsThe Science Of Addiction Presents A Comprehensive Overview Of The Roles That Brain Function And Genetics Play In Addiction It Explains In An Easy To Understand Way Changes In The Terminology And Characterization Of Addiction That Are Emerging Based Upon New Neurobiological Research The Author Goes On To Describe The Neuroanatomy And Function Of Brain Reward Sites, And The Genetics Of Alcohol And Other Drug Dependence Chapters On The Basic Pharmacology Of Stimulants And Depressants, Alcohol, And Other Drugs Illustrate The Specific And Unique Ways In Which The Brain And The Central Nervous System Interact With, And Are Affected By, Each Of These SubstancesErickson Discusses Current And Emerging Treatments For Chemical Dependence, And How Neuroscience Helps Us Understand The Way They Work The Intent Is To Encourage An Understanding Of The Body Mind Connection The Busy Clinical Practitioner Will Find The Chapter On How To Read And Interpret New Research Findings On The Neurobiological Basis Of Addiction Useful And IlluminatingThis Book Will Help The AlmostMillion Americans, And Millions Worldwide, Who Abuse Or Are Dependent On Drugs By Teaching Their Caregivers Or Them About The Latest Addiction Science Research It Is Also Intended To Help Addiction Professionals Understand The Foundations And Applications Of Neuroscience, So That They Will Be Able To Better Empathize With Their Patients And Apply The Science To Principles Of Treatment This is not a self help book in the strictest sense of the word Rather, it is a book written from a pharmacological point of you about what we know of addiction, it s causes, and its treatment The focus is on what we know from scientific studies, neuroscience investigations, and clinical trials of medications that affect addiction in one way or another This book has little to say about family origin, social environments, or psychological causes of addiction It does discuss subjects like genetics, how drugs and alcohol interact with the brain and nerves, and how treatments actually work in the brain and the rest of the body.The focus of this book is on the major addictions, meaning drugs, alcohol, and gambling These are areas where there are a significant number of studies and experimental work with the brain to understand how these addictions work and what we might do to relieve them The author is also careful two separate true chemical addiction from those who casually miss use or abuse drugs and alcohol He posits that there is a small subgroup of drug abusers who are chemically and physically dependent and whose Brain regulation or dysregulation drives their craving for their drug of choice These are people who are resistant to 12 step recovery, talk therapy, and other softer methods The author seems to believe that we can develop medications targeting the receptors in the brain of such individuals to help them kick their drug habit for good It is possible that as we understandabout genetics, we will be able to target specific genes that cause poor regulation of moods in the brain For now, we must content ourselves with targeting specific neurotransmitters to regulate mood and curb cravings.