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Fairly interesting read a little anguished romance than I have patience for, but the protagonist Holly was a caring person under all her angst and embarrassment She s inherited a cottage from her grandmother Ivy, who was pretty much her mother after her parents were killed Now she is trying to bring Ivy s garden back to life, as well as working on the house She meets a handsome local farmer with an obnoxious mother and a teenage daughter Layla, as well as other folk who live in the village She gets involved somewhat with a couple other men that don t work out All the while she is telling herself she will go back to her previous life and friends in Manchester, after she gets the house ready to sell plus the fact that she has anxiety attacks when out in the open country When she finds Ivy s diary, it is an eye opener apparently her real grandfather was not Ivy s husband So she and Layla set out to try to discover who the mysterious Bee from the diary is, although Layla is a little proactive than Holly would sometimes wish The book takes a little getting into, but eventually it takes off, and gets harder and harder to put down.Once again, this is not the Kindle Edition, as GR keeps stating it is a Nook book The ownership section doesn t give a place to put the ISBN on so many of these. stayed up till half two as couldnt put it down wow brillant want to read it again @DOWNLOAD PDF Á The Secrets of Ivy Garden ã The Ebook Bestseller Is Back With Her Next Hilarious Read A Fun, Fresh Tale Of Love, Friendship And Family Secrets When Holly Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Dean, She S At A Loss As To What To Do Next But Things Go From Bad To Worse When Her Beloved Grandmother Ivy Dies And Holly Is Left In Charge Of Sorting Out Ivy S House And Garden As She Sorts Through Her Grandmother S Belongings And Makes Her Way Through The Wilderness Outside, Holly Soon Finds That There Is To Ivy Than Meets The Eye, And Uncovers A Surprising Family Secret That Changes Everything This Is A Heart Warming And Hilarious Story From Catherine Ferguson About Starting Over, Learning To Garden And Most Of All Learning To Love this is my first foray into the world of Catherine Ferguson s books and this novel was sweet and an enjoyable read so I am glad that I picked it up We get to meet Holly who seems to be a little overwhelmed with the world She is still mourning he loss of her grandmother and doesn t really want to leave the life she has built for herself in Manchester but she is duty bound to return to the Cotswolds and finish what her grandmother started I could totally sympathise with Holly, we all know what it is like to be forced out of our won little bubble There are a host of supporting characters who literally support Holly on her journey, she meets some interesting people in the little village that she lived in with her grandmother when she was younger I loved the relationship she built up with Jack and his sister Layla I loved seeing Layla develop, alongside Holly, as the book progressed Holly also meets Connie who is a great ally to her and means to her than Holly actually realises Of course there is the mystery that is alluded to in the title of this novel Holly finds a diary that belonged to her grandmother and the mystery unravels from thee I found that I wasn t as interested in this aspect of the storyline, not being as interested in mystery novels as other genres, but what I did enjoy about the storyline was the amount I learned about gardening the the restoration of houses I saw one reviewer describe this book as a relaxing read and I really did find a sense of calm whilst joining Holly in the countryside and watching her grow and learn. This was a solid read A bit disappointing, because I didn t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Catherine s debut novel, but it kept me reading nonetheless The characters were cute, the plot was fine, if a tad repetitive have you noticed how Chick Lit books seem to release the same plot again and again About gardening, cooking, baking, they all come at the same time So you re reading a glut of books all about fixing a broken garden, or someone trying to open a bakery etc. I really enjoyed The Secret of Ivy Garden, it is a fast paced and heart warming novel, I genuinely cared for all the main characters and when they were going through a hard time, I wanted to hug them tied and telling them that everything will be alright I also enjoyed the author s writing and the way she described the garden made me feel like I was there I don t have a green finger I don t know why I always kill every plant I had but it made me think to start gardening which might be a really bad idea based on my record poor plants , Seriously, I really enjoyed every moment of it and I couldn t put it down,Holly is devasted by her grandmother s death She is living on autopilot trying hard not to let the grieve overcome her But she must tackle her responsibilities and go back to Moonbeam cottage and settle her grandmother s affair, but she is dreading going back in the country She is terrified that going back there will trigger her already fragile security Would she be able to face her fears and find some sort of peace of mind There are no words to describe how much I simply loved this book If you are a chicklit romance fan then you really do need to read this book as you will simply love it It is so lovely to read a book that you connect with from the very first page and you spend read it A happy smile and a few tears as you read the book For me this is what makes a great book I have been struggling since reading this book to find the next book to simply sink my teeth into As others simply aren t living up to the high standards set by this book When Holly breaks up with her boyfriend she is at a loss as to what to do But then things get worse because her grandmother Ivy dies Ivy was the only family Holly had as her parents died when she was younger, so Ivy was like holly s mum then her grandmother Holly is left with sorting out Ivy s house and garden Which is of a communal garden as it is opposite Ivy s house Everyone loved Ivy and her garden and have named the garden after her But te garden has been left to go to disarray and Holly is determined to sort it all out and make a wildflower garden their in honour of Ivy something Ivy had always wanted to do but never got round too With the help of a local troubled teen and two local heartthrobs Holly sets about perfecting the perfect garden in memory of Ivy While clearing out Ivy s house Holly also stumbles across some letters and a diary which opens the door way to secrets being revealed and Holly gets to know Ivy better then she did when she was alive This is a heartwarming and romantic book and I absolutely adored it I simply loved getting to know Ivy and it is testament to Catherine s writing skills that she brought Ivy to life through memories and letters diary in a wonderful way I felt like I knew Ivy without her needing to be a prominent character This really is a wonderful book I hope you all enjoy it as much as me As always happy reading and let me know what you thought of the book. I was in the mood for something light and this story fit the bill.Holly has inherited Moonbeam Cottage from her grandmother, Ivy who raised her after her parents were killed in an auto accident when Holly was four Holly isn t eager to return to the Cotswolds to settle her grandmother s estate, but knows she must She plans to sell the cottage as she is a city girl and Moonbeam Cottage is in a small village.Her trip there is a disaster First she runs into a drunk dressed as a nun, staining her coat with mud and missing the last bus to the village She decides to take a cab and, once there, realizes she does not enough cash to pay the driver They find an ATM, but it s not working A handsome stranger comes to Holly s rescue Finally reaching the Cottage, Holly finds the roof has leaked and the damage extends from the upstairs bathroom to the living room Worse, the garden her grandmother had tended across the road known as Ivy Garden has been neglected and recent storms have done significant damage Holly realizes her stay will be longer than she anticipated.And we get to meet the characters of the village Henrietta, who is part of the Neighborhood Watch committee Jack, who spends four hours a day commuting to London to earn enough money to repair his manor, Rushbrooke House Layla, the goth girl who works at the plant center Connie, who minds the bakery deli her grandfather built Sylvian, the poet in residence and yoga instructor All the villagers knew Ivy and loved her They are also excited that Holly is restoring Ivy s Garden While going through Ivy s personal items, Holly discovers a secret about Ivy The way she discovers it is a little bit hokey, but never mind With the help of Layla, Holly begins to search for answers Along the way, Holly begins to appreciate the villagers she is coming to know as well as facing to the issues affecting her life.I read this in one day it was a great brain break What a lovely heart warming and sweet story The Secrets of Ivy Garden is, Set in a charming location of Appleton, in the Cotswolds, it tells the story of Holly who is determined to put her beloved grandmother s cottage up for sale, and then discovers Ivy s diary Within the diary it gives a secret and mystery that Holly is determined to solve, added to her new day to day existence of trying to renovate part of the cottage, and put Ivy s secret garden back into order While doing all of this, you need to bare in mind that Holly has a fear of the countryside, which does get explained, and I think she surprises herself by how many friends she makes in the village From the Rushbrooke family Prue, the mother who never goes into the village and wants to hire Holly as a gardener, Jack the older son, who is trying to be a rock for his family and Layla the teenager who seems misunderstood by her family but makes a firm friend in Holly Then there is Connie in the deli shop and the man who tries to teach Holly not only about meditation but also about a whole different way of life, all of which help enrich Holly s time in Appleton While Holly is in Appleton she learns a lot about herself and also proves what a lovely friendly person she really is There are a couple of potential love interests, and I was kept guessing until the final pages as to whether the pairing I wanted, would ever be made I found The Secrets of Ivy Garden to be a very pleasant read, nice and easy to get into and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters It was a story I finished with a smile and a whole host of good feelings Thank you so much to Netgalley and Avon for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. I really loved this book it has got to be one of my favourites The characters are all lovable, so friendly and so easy to get to know.Holly is the main character, she embarks on a journey to sort and tidy her grannys house and garden Whilst doing this Holly comes across Ivys diary which reveals a lot of secrets Holly wasnt aware of.The mystery of whats in the diary kept me gripped to the end, I couldn t wait to find out the truth This book is really light and easy to read.