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I recently reviewed Ms Browne s novella And the Stars Will Sing on my Galericulate blog and was suitably impressed.These dystopian short stories move her up another gear Word Thieves , which owes something of its genesis to George Orwell s 1984 and indeed there is a character in it named Julia is a tightly constructed piece where she moves her characters towards hubris with a claustrophobic intensity As with her earlier work, Ms Browne s vision of the future is not one comprised solely of shiny technology, but serves rather as an appropriate backdrop for a nightmare vision of totalitarianism I note that her latest work The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming is in the horror genre, which in some ways is a logical extension of what she started here The Fields is a much shorter and therefore less substantial piece, but the snarky heroine keeps you engaged, and Ms Browne has a surprise or two up her sleeve.Five stars and no arguments (((Ebook))) ⇜ The Stolen ☠ In The Fields , Clarice Is A Governess On A Small, Remote Backwater Colony Her Previous Misdemeanours In A Nightmarishly Controlling World Have Caught Up To Her, And She Is Taken In With Other Felons For Re Education Little Does She Know What This Re Education Will Includeor Its Price In WordThieves , Sarah White Is Trapped In A Nightmarishly Bureaucratic Peacenik Paradise On Io Spending Her Days Daydreaming About Untranslatable Words And Craving Candy, Her World Is Mostly Idyllic Until, That Is, She Runs Into An Old Familiar Face, And Breaks The Fragile Tension Holding Her Life Together What Crimes Are Committed In The Name Of Peace, Control, And Harmony In A World Where Public Violence Is A Distant Memory And Peer Pressure Is A Mandated Punishment, Clarice And Sarah Are About To Find Out The Stolen consisted of two short stories in the dystopia era The first The Fields tells of a governess who misbehaved or so they say and is sent to a reformatory with others like her Each incarcerated for minor and I mean minor, infractions.Michelle describes a world where nothing seems to be pleasant but the main character, Clarice and her sidekick Margo make the best of the situation, sheer drudgery, lack of freedom, repression unable enjoy pleasure, it was pure hell But Clarice endured, till she lost Margo Michelle s description of her sorrow and her loss of spirit was heart wrenching As written, she broke was the turn of Clarice s survival mojo The last two pages of The Fields brought everything to light, not only did Clarice survive but she got her friend Margo back and others who would form a coalition to live their lives without repression In The Word Thieves, you have a totally different setting In outer space, where you have Sarah, who works on one planet and Crystal, who works on another, the two can only communicate through letters Michelle conveys Sarah s frustration with being isolated and the only thing to entertain her, are Crystals accounts of what s going on in her side of the universe Michelle s description of Io was perfect I could see the tubal shaped city with its glassy corridors Sarah apparently took a job that she absolutely hated, but because she needed money, needed to be able to use her degree, wanted a new life that didn t suck But is what she got in return, worth it She lamented over the fact there were certain activities and freedoms that were not allowed One thing that made her tolerate this world was reuniting with an old friend from another planet Michelle s humor throughout was refreshing, Soy Chicken Blandwich was hilarious Michelle has opened up an entire new world, and in its dystopia manner, it gives the downsides of man s decisions All in all, I appreciate the author opening my eyes to this new world and to appreciate the things and freedom I do have I am giving this five stars because the writing was sharp, the surroundings and landscape were described perfectly The girls story kept me riveted, not because it was a happy go lucky story but of two women in different situations coping and surviving. Wow Both of these stories are masterfully crafted The subtle details, the realism of character, and the thought provoking nature of the underlying message made for a wonderful book.Both stories focus on the liberties of a person, and what happens when these freedoms are forcibly controlled and restricted Painful abuse, mental fragility, and questions about the future are only the beginning.Michelle creates wonderfully deep characters, perhaps a bit crude, but believable under the disenchantment of life and harsh realties life has imposed The voice of the story is highly reminiscent of A Brave New World I highly recommend these stories Two wonderfully crafted stories about life s stolen potential, by a writing genius The book consists of two short stories I enjoyed the first, but it left me wanting forand for that reason, I give it a 4 star rating The second story, however, a powerful dystopian jaunt on censorship, was excellent and by far my favorite of the two I give it 5 stars Without spoiling the story for others, I ll just say the characters were fully fleshed and I felt their pain through Browne s excellent story telling and powerful writing style It s tight and cohesive a remarkable feat given the length This author has talent and I will certainly be looking for her future work If you re looking for an excellent read to fill an afternoon, do not hesitate to grab a copy I highly recommend. Brown s two stories, The Fields and The Word Thieves are both tales of censorship and repression in each female lead s separate dystopian world The Fields is an account of Clarice s stay in a moral reform prison Clarice is a fighter, and she keeps her spirit from breaking by continuing to enjoy brief conversations with other prisoners and her own sexuality, despite the fact that it could get her killed, or worse This story was very short in length, but packed a punch through the narrator s vivid description of her longings, her enslavement, and her eventual escape The Word Thieves wasa novella in form, and was a beautifully written account of the rebellious young Sarah Sarah lives in a pristine, futuristic world where all of her most important rights are controlled her rights to read, write, and speak freely Her fight against this oppression focuses primarily on her feelings and decisions, which much like Clarice, get her in frightening trouble.I really enjoyed Browne s writing and characterization The main ladies and their desire to learn, grow, and seek pleasure is the focus of each story Contrasting from typical Science Fiction, Browne spares the intricate details of the surrounding worlds and the powers that be She did not try to squeeze too much into a small space, and I found it refreshing.Though I won t be recommending this read to the 9th graders I teach mostly because of Browne s open love of masturbation and the F word , I would spend another afternoon reading her work She has authored three other Science Fiction pieces And the Stars Will Sing, The Underlighters, and The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming All are available on .Reviewed by Joanwww.calamusworks.com The Stolen contains 2 short sci fi stories starring feisty females on dystopian worlds The Fields is the story of Clarice, a rule breaker sent to a sort of prison for governesses who misbehave I found Clarice almost instantly likeable and I really sympathised with her The repression she fights against is extreme sexually suggestive items, such as stockings, are illegal yet she smuggles them in to the Reformatory with her This is the shorter of the two stories and it s a great introduction to Browne s writing style Word Thieves is the story of Sarah, a disillusioned young woman working on a foreign planet where censorship is a way of life Sarah has a great love of language so her anger over rewrites of the likes of Shakespeare is understandable and makes for some fantastically witty dialogue I found this theentertaining of the two, as there is quite a bit of dark humour drawn out of the repressive situations Both of these stories were real page turners and my only complaint was that there wasn tas I really would have liked to keep reading Browne has created facinating fully formed worlds with interesting characters I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.I realised while reading this book that the vast majority of sci fi books I ve read have had male narrators, so Browne s strong female characters made a very refreshing change For me this was something totally different I loved every minute of it Highly recommended Beautifully Scribed vision of a possible futureVery well written Dark, terrifying, keening, dreadful Everything hateful about that part of the human race The word SLAVE everyone should remember what it really means, it s used banally way too much nowadays The Word Thieves Again beautifully written prose, perfect pace, perfect pitch, perfect I do so agree with the authors dreadful vision and so wish I didn t Let s edit everything or perhaps best not.brilliant True Horror I cried The Stolen Two Short Stories the Meaning Wars consists of two short stories set worlds apart in the same far distant future However, in both societies citizens are carefully watched, their lives strictly regulated Though similar in nature to 1984 by George Orwell, Ms Browne has crafted her own unique tale complete with those who rebel against Big Brother I m looking forward to readingin The Meaning Wars series. The Fields and The Word Thieves slightly freaked me out Both stories have an underlying theme of society employers controlling their citizens workers A small warning the author drops you into both worlds with little set up No handholding Nor are there a whole load of answers makes you think.The Fields is frightening, relatively short, and sometimes hard to understand I just grasped the societal make up of privileged owners and their families versus their slaves What came over loud and clear is how petty rules can assume the importance of real crimes, such as murder and rape The real crime in The Fields is the supposed rehabilitation, a theme echoed in The Word Thieves.In The Word Thieves the POV is not always clear, but the story is clearly Sarah s She edits literary works, removing anything distasteful that the Io s ruling body has decreed corrupting Io is supposed to be a world of peace and harmony as preached by its guru bible Toby is an old friend His arrival sufficiently disturbs Sarah s fa ade of coping for her to broadcast her true feelings, thus attracting unwanted attention.What follows is a harrowing account of the rehabilitation that awaits those who challenge a state s utopian view When a rebellious Sarah continues to scratch the surface she exposes the dark and violent hypocrisy supporting Io s preferred state of being, i.e unthinking adherence to goodness The real tragedy of this story is that the purity of the philosophy underlying Io s aspirational goal has been eradicated through its implementation by narrow minded, self righteous zealots I only glimpsed these zealots through their minion s actions, but I know they exist in the background Probably reclining in some sun soaked villa while exceeding the alcohol restrictions imposed for everyone else s own good This is where this book earns its five stars from me The Word Thieves is scary because it explores societies that have lived, died, and flourish today Such societies will no doubt continue to arise wherever there are people who think they know better than the common man This book screams out why free speech, open justice, and a huge dose of common sense, are such precious commodities to be protected.I encourage every jobsworth with the guts to take a good, hard look at themselves to read these two stories and then consider just how far they might be prepared to go Everyone else read it and note why you need to keep these jobsworths in their place In their place See, this is how it starts .