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Trying to sum this book up in a review is hard work Once I had started it, although I loved the characters I found it very long winded in places, but I still found myself wanting to pick it up and carry on and read To be honest I thought I had this book summed up, I thought it was predictable and that I knew exactly what would happen, just a few chapters in, but oh how wrong could I have been I found myself open mouthed, and crying, in total and utter shock The twist in this story completely blew me away, in fact I read for 4 hours straight one evening just to finish it as I needed to know exactly how it would end Was it my ideal ending no, but that made it feel real and that makes it all the better I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good, emotional read that sucks you in After reading the synopsis for The Turning Point, I was eager to dive right into this romance I have known several couples who have endured long distance romances only to beat the odds and end up with their own HEAs in real life So I was invested in Scott and Frankie s story from the start and I kept being so until page 373 page 373 of the ARC I read I have been really trying hard to put together my thoughts on this book without a spoilery rant, so I ll do my best.One of my biggest pet peeves in a book, movie or television series is when the creator asks me to invest a lot of time and emotion into the characters and their journey and then they pull something like page 373 I wasn t sad or heartbroken I was mad and really had to struggle to finish the book Why What purpose was there for that plot point Honestly, it really ruined the rest of the book for me I also didn t like the way it switched from third person to first person in the last section of the book But by that point I was kind of skimming to get to the end of the book.I m not saying that I don t recommend this book I did like the writing style and the characters were great Just don t expect a feel good story If you are in the mood for a tear jerker, this is the one for you. FREE EBOOK ♒ The Turning Point ♃ Over One Short Weekend, When Canadian Musician Scott Emerson And British Children S Author Frankie Shaw Meet By Chance, A Profound Connection Is Made Their Homes Are Thousands Of Miles Apart Frankie And Her Children Live By The Coast Of North Norfolk While Scott S Roots Lie Deep In The Mountains Of British Columbia Against All Advice, They Decide To See Where This Might GoOver Oceans And Time Zones, They Make Sacrifices And Take Risks, Discovering Along The Way New Truths About Love And Family For The First Time In A Long While, It Seems Life Could Be Very Good But Fate Has A Tragic Twist In Store, One That Could Destroy All That Was Hoped ForPoignant, Engrossing And Moving, The Turning Point Is A Novel About The Importance Of Seizing Happiness And Trusting That Love Will Always Find A Way Despite crying my way through the last third or so, I loved the characters, locations and everything about this story I have loved all of Freya North s novels, but this one was definitely of an emotional experience than any of the previous ones. I won t labour the point that I didn t like it I loved Freya North s early books, I mean really loved, long before most other people did I guess I must have grown out of, or, at least, away from them we re almost exactly the same age, and she is writing about for our age group, so I wanted to like this.Main reason for disliking this is that I am no longer interested in books where the main focus is on relationship I m currently enjoying a lot of crime psychological books, and they often have relationship as a major feature, but it s not the be all and end all Life s a lot than that.I reached breaking point in my irritation with FN s characters So far no baddies in this book, but there is too clear a dichotomy between the ok people not ok Too many characters seem to be idealistic airy fairy, which is not a bad characteristic in itself, but I want that mixed with a flaw, like anger or irritation, orI don t know, I want plausible rounded characters.I enjoyed Freya s early books, such as Cat Tour de France which showed in depth research into a subject, that really informed me But this in depth research into Canadian First Nation culture seems contrived, and the use of First Nation language is cringingly embarrassing.I m sure lots of people will love this book, if they are want a Romance book with likeable characters that s not set in the wine bar culture of North London But I have to accept that I have fallen out of love with Freya North I thank her for some brilliant memories and for being there at times in my life when I needed upbeat romances with a decent back story But no Don t let my review put you off reading this, unless my thoughts reinforce something you already know or feel Freya is a good writer and it s no surprise she has sold so many and has so many fans I don t want to ruin that joy for anyone And i absolutely have no hard feelings against the writer. Favorite Quotes I have a friend who summed up Miles as little than an annoying fly on the windowpane on my life Since yesterday, he d undoubtedly became the most handsome man she d ever met but it was the fact that she knew him, that she was herself with him, which thrilled her most Frankie didn t lie to her children Ever She just manipulated language instead Of course it was doomed to fail, on paper so the best thing to do was to tear the paper up, take a new sheet and write something different I m so glad you re here I like everywhere so much now that you re in it Dads are just dads in my book You have no say in who you get But father figures are In some ways, I think they choose you and you choose them Alone and out of sorts Frankie thought how the death of the one she loved was an injustice so cruel, so abjectly wrong, so powerful, so beyond comprehension and any known cure, she had been left chronically injured I ll never properly heal My Review The Turning Point was my virgin voyage with Ms North I now plan to follow her like a bloodhound on a trail of a prison escapee I was merrily sailing through her book while enjoying her complicated, likable, and quirky characters I reveled in her relevant, entertaining, and interesting storyline so full of feels and I was intrigued by her writing and unique style until something horrifying and dreadful happened I was devastated when I realized there must be something wrong with her aforementioned lovely words as they had begun to elicit a strange and profound response My eyes stung and burned until I could no longer see the page, my throat constricted and hampered my breathing, my nose started to run, and I felt an unusual flood of wetness on my face that just would not cease to flow I was wrecked, gutted, devastated, ruined I cursed the author and her evil pen, and was periodically forced to put my book down to sob, then an ugly cry, and then sob again Is this Black Magic What remarkable skills While I still hold a bit of a grudge for her momentary theft of the control of my respiratory system I must confess that I place myself in the running for head fangirl territory. Freya North s the Turning Point starts with a chance meeting first on the Tube in London and then later in a hotel bar That chance meeting leads to Frankie a children s book author and Scott a Canadian musician embarking on what starts as a one night stand and evolves quickly into a long distance relationship It is, quite simply, two people finding the loves of their lives after initial missteps with other people As they struggle to deal with the logistics and the distance, the doubts and the initial reticence of family and friends, Frankie and Scott throw themselves into the business of loving each otherand their love is intense and rich and beautiful So many wonderful moments depicted, so many times when their frustration at the distance is palpable And having been through nearly three years of a long distance relationship when I was in the US and the love of my life was in Sweden, I could relate completely to Frankie s longing to be elsewhere, even when she knew that staying in Norfolk was best for her children Heart wrenching, beautifully written and packing an emotional punch that will resonatethe Turning Point is the sort of novel that doesn t leave you I finished reading it a week ago and I am still thinking about Frankie and Scott A fantastic novel, Freya North I can t wait to read your next offering There were parts of this book that I really lovedthe slow burn the excellent writing, and English dialects However, there were parts that I was not so sold on I had a hard time keeping my attention on it No spoilers here but if you ve read it, I am sure you can also guess another major event that I wasn t crazy thrilled about 3 stars for my May Pick for me challenge Thank You, Jan Damn I need a drink now Well, another one Whatever This one made my heart HURT Thank you to Jan for knowing just what I like 4.5 stars GOODREADS GIVEAWAY WIN.Depending on how I try to look at it, this is either an incredibly bland love story told entirely in surface feelings, or a keenly felt one conveyed blandly readable enough, but something vital is clearly missing.