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I enjoyed this book quite a bit frankly, than I expected to I am always wary of books that promote themselves as romance, because I enjoy romance but I tire of reading intimate details over and over again, as happens in so many romance or romantic suspense novels Consequently, I am very happy to recommend The Unrelenting Tide because it allows the reader to enjoy a romance, some mystery, a bit of danger, and has a great twist in the plot, all without debasing itself with sensational sex or violence Yes it does have violence, but it is vital to the plot and the development of one character The characters are engaging, positive, and even though the heroine eventually must be rescued as happens in many romances, she is not a helpless mess, just very cautious, especially in the beginning of the story 5 Stars I will read the rest of the series And kudos to the author for getting the Pacific NW right So good If you love suspense, you will love this book In this story you will meet a former actress who had to relocate and change her name due to a stalker who will stop at nothing Now years later, he s back Can the cops figure out who it is this time around or will she be forced to run again, just when she had found happiness again I loved how the story kept dropping hints to keep you guessing but at least for me I had several suspects before the final reveal but wasn t sure who it was Will keep you guessing and you will be rooting for her and her daughters happiness. Lynnette Bonner outdoes herself with her new romantic suspense title I enjoyed the story and connected with the well drawn characters Good job THE UNRELENTING TIDE by LYNNETTE BONNER Widowed former Hollywood actress Devynne Lang has been living a quiet life in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest For years, she s hoped her fabricated death would keep her identity safe from the public, and to the point, from the stalker who forced her into hiding But strange things have been happening around her place and this time, with a daughter to protect, she can t afford one mistake even if it means letting Carcen Lang get close enough to help 5 StarsLikable characters, fast paced, mystery, the right amount of angst and a bit of faith So who is this mysterious and dangerous stalker There are so many suspects My only con of this story was the portrayal of the nurse in the Seattle hospital it felt as though she was stereotyped I don t believe people speak like that in Seattle, Alabama maybe but not Seattle Otherwise, I look forward to checking out of her books. This Christian romantic suspense novel kept you turning pages Lots of twists and turns Devynne Lang is an ex movie star running from an unknown fan who is out to ruin her relationships in order to keep her for himself Very suspenseful. Dev was an actress, until a stalker entered her life Then losing her sister, seemed to.be the last straw, Faking her death she moved, found a man to love her, then he was taken Feeling she is living a lie, she retreats, with her daughter Closer to her husband family Till the stalker has found her again, would the nightmare ever end, and why did he pick her A mystery, with a love between her husband twin, that isn t spoken of till the end Good plot, and figuring out why, and who it was. Good clean suspense &Download Kindle ☔ The Unrelenting Tide (Islands of Intrigue: San Juans #1) ⇬ She S Been Living A Lie That Could Just Get Her Killed Widowed Former Hollywood Actress Devynne Lang Has Been Living A Quiet Life In The San Juan Islands Of The Pacific Northwest For Years, She S Hoped Her Fabricated Death Would Keep Her Identity Safe From The Public, And To The Point, From The Stalker Who Forced Her Into Hiding But Strange Things Have Been Happening Around Her Place And This Time, With A Daughter To Protect, She Can T Afford One Mistake Even If It Means Letting Carcen Lang Get Close Enough To HelpCarcen Would Do Anything To Protect His Brother S Widow And Her Daughter So When He Discovers Devynne May Be In Danger, He Vows To Find The Man Responsible But Dead Lead After Dead Lead Frustrates And Baffles Until The Unthinkable Happens And He Realizes The Danger Has Been Closer Than Either Of Them Could Have Imagined Because Lies Always Have A Way Of Coming Back To Bite YouThe San Juan Islands Mysterious Harbors, Dangerous Shores, And Tides Of Love Loved this thriller Edge of my seat suspense throughout the entire story. Quality writing yet misses the mark of Christian fiction The author did a good job of telling a story I enjoyed the two main characters and the outcome wasn t too predictable Yet, Christian fiction should only be categorized as such when it meets certain biblical standards Citing a verse and telling a story with it mind without talking of Christ, takes away the truth of being a Christian Christian fiction needs to address the issues of sin, repentance and salvation Ultimately, God wants a relationship with each and every one of us, yet we must come to Him We must believe that God loves us We must know that there is nothing we can do here on this earth to earn His approval We must believe Christ died for us Christ s death being an atonement for our sin When we come to this and only this understanding, may we humble ourselves in prayer to God to forgive us our sins through Christ From that moment, we are cleansed of all unrighteousness God forgets everything we have ever done wrong We become a new creature in Christ and now the Holy Spirit dwells in us to help guide our path A book claiming to be Christian fiction must put Christ at the center The bible teaches that we are to be Christ like So go read your bible, make sure you re attending a good bible believing preaching church A church that may step on your toes to convict you change to be Christ like Mrs Lynnette, I hope your toes aren t too sore You do well at story telling and hope to see books by you that belong in the Christian fiction category Thank you and love in Christ, Linnie