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@FREE EBOOK ⚶ The Vegetable Growers Handbook ⛅ Everything You Need To Know About Cultivating All Of The Common Vegetable Crops, A Lot , Including Planning, Soil Preparation, Where When To Plant, Raising Transplants, Direct Sowing Transplanting, Supporting, Fertilizing, Watering, Weeding, Pest Control, Harvesting, Seed Saving Cooking This book is meant to be a companion volume to Tozer s book The Organic Growers Handbook Personally, as a fairly experienced crop grower, I found useful information in this book than the other one, the latter being targeted towards novices I discovered things I hadn t known previously or ideas for growing that I hadn t considered about many of the crops I already grow, and read some excellent tips for crops I haven t personally grown before but would consider growing in the future I ve shared some of my favorite tips, trivia, and ideas from this book with other crop gardeners in the couple weeks since I read this book, and they ve also found them interesting Like one of the reviews below says, with many crop gardening books, one gets the impression that the gardener hasn t actually grown every crop that s in their book, and has simply compiled information from other sources on the crop, but with this book, there is little doubt that Tozer has personally grown each crop he writes about, and when he has little personal experience with a crop or doesn t particularly enjoy the crop s taste or whatever, he says that straight up so that you re aware of the fact I am looking forward to having this book on my gardening reference shelf to consult in the future.