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Falling is embarrassing, especially in public when you feel censure that doesn t necessarily happen Whenever I read about presentations at court during the Regency Period, I always wonder how they managed not to trip on those ridiculous trains, and I whether all that back kicking really worked You will be presented to the monarch and expected to walk backward gracefully in a gown with a train without tripping No pressure At her introduction into society, Isobel Masters takes a tumble and a foolish young Miles, Baron Revere, uses that incident to turn her into a laughingstock haunted by that night and the nickname he bestowed upon her, Dizzy Izzy.Nearly ten years later, Izzy lives with her aunt Her experiences in her first season have caused her to fear public engagements similar to the one where she became humiliated While she tries to avoid her tormenter, she is unable to avoid him when he begins to court her younger sister, Catherine Izzy loves her sister but after Catherine pleads to Izzy if she could be civil to the man courting her In the process of attempting to be nice to her beloved sister s possible future husband, Izzy and Lord Revere get to see that their preconceived notions about each other were incorrect Lord Revere is eager to right his wrongs and sees Izzy in a new light He never expected to lose his heart to the elder sister of the girl he was courting.However, Lord Revere s past tricks seem to be catching up on him So will a scheming person from his past destroy his chances of being with the woman he loves After having an antagonistic relationship for nearly ten years of, Miles and Izzy must both try to be nice to each other because Izzy loves her sister and Miles hopes to marry Catherine In the process of finding out that their preconceived notions about each other were wrong, Miles and Izzy end up falling for each other I love Izzy because she s not the cliche heroine from a Regency romance She is thirty, chubby, and acting as a chaperone to the young and beautiful Catherine Miles had no idea the effect his bullying would have on Izzy and when he sees that despite behind her facade, he hurt her deeply and is making amends It was such a beautiful, breathtaking, and well written love story.Personally, love at first sight stories where everyone is beautiful is not my preferred type of romance If like me you prefer a book where an understanding of each other s characters, especially after previous negative experiences, is where the beauty is found, The Wrong Woman by Kimberly Truesdale is for you. oh why, oh why, oh why i read something none of my friends have read and never again, if you see me again reading something without reviews by one or two friends, please smack me hard the last half i browsed and still with each chapter i disliked it a bit no story, no characters, all bland and grey i really didn t like this and i must learn to stop trying to finish books that should be put aside after 2 chapters. KINDLE ♴ The Wrong Woman (Unexpected Love, #1) ♏ Ten Years Ago, Wealthy And Handsome Miles Shepherd, Baron Of Revere Laughed Clumsy And Plump Isobel Masters Out Of Any Marriage Prospects Now, At The Age Of , Isobel Is Launching Her Beautiful Younger Sister, Cat, Into Society, And Miles Is The First In Line To Court Her Though Isobel Tries To Protest Against The Man Who Has Caused Her So Much Pain, She Knows His Fortune And Rank Will Make A Good Match For Her Sister So She Resigns Herself Unhappily To Her Duties As Chaperone As They Spend Time Together, Though, Both Isobel And Miles Are Drawn To Each Other In A Way Neither AnticipatesOnly Hours After Miles Finally Realizes He S Courting The Wrong Woman, Isobel Is Kidnapped Battling His Guilt And Memories Of His Own Devastating Past, Miles Must Pray That Isobel Will Survive So He Can Tell Her That He Loves Her And That Sometimes The Woman Who Seems To Be All Wrong Turns Out To Be Just RightRegency Romance With Mild Sensuality Oh Miles where to begin Miles is a jerka BIG ONE he is not a gallant guy He is not a hero he is the lead male in this story.Isobel is a really nice heroine, she is good hearted and kind and loyal to her family, but aghads she is not pencil thin and she is somewhat clumsy and of course has a perfect younger sister who is all that is perfect Cat is perfection, her laugh, her body, her disposition and of course Miles is attracted to her Well that might be all that is good but, Miles is the main reason that Isobel is alone and considered a clumsy spinster aka the hateful named Dizzy Izzy.MIles has the audacity after his behavior to Isobel to call on her sister, to prance about her with her sister and although later in the book I forgive Cat, at the beginning I found Cat selfish and arrogant in excusing his piss poor behavior that has made Isobel a recluse that she should just get over it or less Isobel is much loyal than Cat at that point I hated Miles and was not feeling kindly toward Cat by this point.Miles does spend time with the sisters and Isobel makes some peace with him for her love for her sister but he continues to be a lout of the first order, his guffawing friends make fun of isobel after they made peace and he still let them do it, only his younger brother whom I wanted with Isobel as he was a hero worth cheering for defended her We get reasons for his behavior but in reality , he acted like a ass because he was an ass.There is a HFN and quite a bit of drama during the last half of the book , but I think it was for trying to redeem someone that to me was not redeemed , to justify his getting a HEA as I do not remotely think that his friends nor the society where he besmirched her will ever accept her he is just or less making her even vulnerable to their ill behavior Especially his friends whorish wife and his wreckless and unkind friends. This was a short book quick and easy I liked how the heroine was not the young, beautiful one, but the older, less obvious choice I thought the romance between the H and h developed well, but the climactic kidnapping near the end of the book was a little overdramatic for what was, up until that point, a simple, realistic love story. It was a good book, but the hero just wasn t good enough for me, he was great toward the heroine, but if the author didn t say he was around 30 years old I would have actually thought he was much younger than heroine Enjoyable though a little bland. I read and loved the Austenesque novel My Dear Sophy by Kimberly Truesdale so I was super excited to find out she was coming out with a Regency romance Of course, one of the things I loved about My Dear Sophy was its focus on an unlikely heroine Sophia Croft from Austen s Persuasion Leave it to Ms Truesdale to bring us another story with the unlikeliest of heroinesand to totally rock it.In The Wrong Woman Isobel Masters isn t the type of heroine you usually find in a Regency romance She s too old in fact, she s firmly on the shelf she s too chubby, she s got her head in the clouds and her nose in books of poetry, and worst or best of all she s as klutzy as all get out In her first season she was given the unfortunate nickname Dizzy Izzy after a series of spectacularly klutzy moments All is against the idea of Isobel every making a decent match and she is resigned to acting as her younger sister s chaperone Her younger sister, Catherine, is everything Isobel isn t young, slender, gracefulbut luckily for the reader, and for Izzy, Cat is actually a sweet and caring sibling Cat attracts the interest of Miles, the Baron of Revere, who has decided to finally settle down and get married because it is what society expects of him Miles is not planning for his heart to be involved in his decision Miles s heart is rarely involved in anything Cat seems to be an excellent choice for a bride other than being related to Dizzy Izzy who seems to have an inexplicable dislike for Miles Inexplicable that is, until he s reminded that HE was the one who saddled her with that name ten years ago as he and his friends laughed at her expense While Miles courts Cat he finds himself drawn and to Izzy s warmth, humor, and passion Izzy is surprised to find out that there is actually a warm heart beating under Revere s cold exterior They can t even admit to themselves the attraction they feel simmering between them Even if they could there s a huge problem Miles is very publicly courting Isobel s sister.Just as Miles is realizing the depth of his own feelings, a danger from his past threatens to tear Izzy away from him before he confess his love.I absolutely loved both Miles and Izzy Izzy is a refreshing heroine She s smart and funny, but still a bit awkward and self conscious Miles starts out really unlikeable, and then Truesdale peels back the layers revealing the true hero underneath The dynamic between the two was great Miles truly doesn t get Izzy at first and Izzy can t see past the hurt he s caused her in the past Their banter is fun, and then sweet, and then HOT By the end of the novel, Miles has made the journey from kind of a jerk to complete and total hero The kind of hero found in the poetry that Izzy is so fond of.The supporting cast of characters in The Wrong Woman is fabulous It would have been really easy to short change Catherine and make her the annoying, perfect arm candy kind of girl in opposition to Izzy s character But Truesdale managed to create a realistic and loving relationship between two women you can actually see yourself being friends with And then there s Aunt Hetty who is hilarious and fun and Miles s younger brother Jack who is sweet and handsome and so in love with love.All in all, this was an engrossing read with several surprises and swoon worthy moments I m sure after reading it you will all envy Izzy her dance with Miles I sure did.Five out of Five Stars I did not like this book I was angered that the h s sister was on the H s side after finding out that the H treated her sister so badly and the sister pushed the h to forgive him and get over it Basically so that the h wouldn t ruin the sister s marriage prospect with the H It also angered me that the H asked the h s sister to marry him out of obligation even when he knew he loved the h He really wasn t even pushed very hard to offer, but for some reason he grudgingly did It was all very awkward and cold overall It seemed that the H and h spent very little time together and there wasn t much to this story. Two things did annoy me about the book firstly, the heroine kept being called fat Just check out Reynolds and other portrait painters of the time to see that thin was generally only for the poor The other thing is the cover, it gives the impression that this book is a sensual romance, it isn t Other than that, I found The Wrong Woman to be an enjoyable easy going quick read.