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Please enjoy this ingeniously hilarious work of well illustrated satire by one of my favorite cartoonists of all time, none other than Gary Larson And remember don t mess around with nature This was a fun little book about the effects humans have on nature as told by a father worm to his son It s from the author of The Far Side it had great illustrations and the story was hilarious. I found this short graphic story so sarcastic and hilarious The art was rather good, too It looked childish, but it really wasn t The language and content is too advanced for children. A beautiful reminder that understanding nature and being inspired by it is not always the same thing though sometimes one can be left with a sense of wonder at how some are able to miss the most obvious. [ EPUB ] ♕ There's a Hair in My Dirt! A Worm's Story ♍ Once Upon A Time, In A Place Far Away, Lived A Man Named Gary Larson Who Used To Draw Cartoons It Was A Cartoon That Appeared For Many Years In Daily Newspapers And Was Loved By Millions And Was Confusing To Millions But One Day He StoppedGary Went Into Hiding He Made A Couple Of Short Films He Played His Guitar He Threw Sticks For His Dogs They Threw Some BackYet Gary Was Restless He Couldn T Sleep Nights Something Haunted Him Besides Gramps Something That Would Return Him To His Roots In Biology, Drawing And Dementia A Tale Called There S A Hair In My Dirt A Worm S StoryIt Begins A Few Inches Underground, When A Young Worm, During A Typical Family Dinner, Discovers There S A Hair In His Plate Of Dirt He Becomes Rather Upset, Not Just About His Tainted Meal But About His Entire Miserable, Wormy Life This, In Turn, Spurs His Father To Tell Him A Story A Story To Inspire The Children Of Invertebrates Everywhere Gary Larson made a living making single panel comics striking a cord with young and adult alike, so how does he carry out a story over multiple pages Excellently, as a matter of fact The best description is a children s book showing a lady walking through the woods commenting on how awful reality is and the father worm talking about why it s necessary for it to happen for nature to keep balance At the same time the entire thing is hilarious The story i mocking the Be kind to everything living ideology of a Disney princess, and the drawings have the most amazing details Some of them are funny enough with the woman walking through the woods, but you can also notice tiny spots of comedy hidden around Like a bird cooking eggs and smiling while his wife is screaming So who does it fit for I will say anyone Children and adult have something to learn here, and it s entertaining for everyone Kids love dark humor Trust me I am as mature as a four year old. I had no idea Gary Larson s genius had produced a children s book Well, actually, I wouldn t call this a book for children Kids on the young side of pre teen, maybe It s a meditation on the cycle of life, including the revelation that in the end, we will all be wormfood. One evening a family of worms sits down to have a lovely dinner of dirt when the son worm realizes there is a hair in his dinner and that being a worm is dreadful He complains about the fact that all he eats is dirt and being a worm is reduced to living underground and not being able to do the things other animals get to do Father worm gets upset and tries to set the son worm straight by telling him of a fable of mother nature Throughout the fable, father worm makes the son realize that mother nature vilifies some creatures while she romanticizes the others Each time making wrong assumptions and not realizing how the circle of life works Eventually, she saves a rat from the clutches of a snake and dies as a result of an infection the rat was carrying that the snake would be able to get rid when it predates on rodents The moral of the story is that each animal has a specific role to play Moreover, worms have one of the most important roles in that without worms, soils would not be fertile and all ecosystems would collapse, making worms existence one of the superheroes, not losers who live underground This humorous take on the life of worms is a great scientific resource that uses scientific vocabulary and scientific concepts in a humorous, entertaining way and makes this book a great read to middle schoolers and junior high school students. There s perhaps no other book that defined my childhood and molded my young mindthan this one This story was my first introduction to the dangers of acting on misinformed good intentions, making judgments solely based on senses and personal experience, and mistaking the part for the whole Nine year old me didn t know it at the time probably because I was too busy giggling at the curse words , but this helped turn me into an interaction designer and systems thinker Thank you, Gary Larson. NOT what I expected I borrowed this book, looking for worm stories for a preschool storytime This is NOT the book for tjem That said, it s hysterical and educational I loved it