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Set during the Warring States period of China s history, as it moved from a scattering of nations into one empire under the Qin this book has everything Ponderous at times, but the scope is awe inspiring kind of like War and Peace but thousands of years earlier This is an epic book The story follows 113 years of Chinese history from the decline of the Han dynasty, through the formation of the three kingdoms of, Shu, Wei, and Wu and to the reunification of China under the Jin dynasty There are many characters and it is hard to keep track of all of them Throughout the story you ll soon pick them off and follow the protagonist through their epic and heroic journey At the end, you will be sure feeling these heroic figures struggle as they fight for what they think is rightfully theirs. #DOWNLOAD E-PUB ô Three Kingdoms ë Three Kingdoms Tells The Story Of The Fateful Last Reign Of The Han Dynasty BC AD When The Chinese Empire Was Divided Into Three Warring Kingdoms Writing Some Twelve Hundred Years Later, The Ming Author Luo Guanzhong Drew On Histories, Dramas, And Poems Portraying The Crisis To Fashion A Sophisticated, Compelling Narrative That Has Become The Chinese National Epic This Abridged Edition Captures The Novel S Intimate And Unsparing View Of How Power Is Wielded, How Diplomacy Is Conducted, And How Wars Are Planned And Fought As Important For Chinese Culture As The Homeric Epics Have Been For The West, This Ming Dynasty Masterpiece Continues To Be Widely Influential In China, Korea, Japan, And Vietnam, And Remains A Great Work Of World LiteratureThis Abridged Edition Is Particularly Useful For Undergraduate Courses For The Complete Text, See The Unabridged Edition, Now Available In Two Parts Part One Part Two In China, this isThe Iliad andThe OdysseyandThe Princeall rolled into one And even , actually This abridged edition is far longer than all those texts combined It is also worth every minute you ll put into it Fact and fantasy are intertwined as historical personages conduct war and diplomacy, cast spells and hatch intrigue, engage in adventure and politics Expand your cultural horizons and indulge in a rollicking action packed tale at the same time Highly Recommended. I really loved this epic I will warn you, though, that this version is abridged I liked having an abridged copy because I got through it quickly, but some of the things they cross out will puzzle you One of the primary villains dies in one of the edits, for example I d still recommend this edition, though. This book is considered the Chinese literature equivalent of the Odyssey Although I was reading the abridged version, I could still barely get through this book The plot if there was one was hard to follow and with over 1,000 characters it was impossible for me to fully understand who was who I would only recomend to those who have an interest in how different ancient Chinese dynasties came to power. Epic story of Chinese history from the Han to Jin dynasties I read this for a Uni class and maybe I was the only person who loved it Maybe I was the only person in the class who had played Dynasty Warriors.Recommended if you like Chinese history or Dynasty Warriors I didn t realize this version was abridged It s quite long and doesn t feel abridged Good translation IMO. Classic Read this with my boys Epic scope and complex narrative Reads much differently than the Illiad or even large scope novels Individual characterization is less larger than life but the array of characters is mind boggling. I liked the story, it had lots of historical references, interesting characters, play by play on the battles and tactics, and the translation was mostly well written I say mostly because I haven t read many books that spoil their own plot I know its an abridged version and I do appreciate the summaries of events that don t advance the plot But I really wished the summaries didn t include things like important characters dying, coming into power, being captured, or the plot twisting battles before it actually happens in detail in its own chapter I neglected to mention in my earlier reviews that its got a slow start and can somewhat daunting to keep track of all the characters, but this complex epic is something I would recommend reading in a different version If you re into Chinese history and culture and or military history this is a great read Just try an edition that doesn t spoil its own plot But the story was compelling enough I will be looking into an unabridged version. This is an abridged version and thus has lost a great deal of the back story that explains how the main characters first interacted.Highly romaticised and mythologised, the characters have become stereotypes of the qualities they supposedly embody Liu Bei is portrayed as a model of rectitude and virtue while Zhuge Liang becomes almost otherworldy in his genius.Yet, despite this, glimpses of the real persons behind the sterotypes can be seen Liu Bei fails to honour a promise to return a strategic province to the Southland kingdom while Zhuge Liang fails to appreciate the shortcomings of his subordinate to whom he entrusts a vital mission.Semi historical, the novel is engrossing in its depiction of the political twists and turns during the fall of the Han dynasty.