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!READ DOWNLOAD ♨ Thunderstruck (Thunder Mountain Brotherhood, #2) ♍ The Lone Cowboy Damon Harrison Never Gets Too Involved A Cowboy At Heart, Damon Has Turned His Commitment Phobia Into A Living Flipping Houses The Only Exceptions To That Rule His Foster Family At Thunder Mountain Ranch And Now Those Exceptions Have Talked Damon Into Working On A New Project With A Carpenter Named Phil Only, Phil Is A Nickname For Philomena Turner She Has A Wicked Way With Carpentry And An Even Wickeder Way Of Turning Damon S Head And The Chemistry Is Like A Lightning Bolt Of Lust But Phil Wants A Family And A Home, And No Hotshot Cowboy Even A Tantalizingly Sexy One Will Change That All She Can Steal Are A Few Nights Of Sizzling Passion Before She Has To Set This Lone Cowboy Free Love this series.. Autry s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThe second installment in Vicki Lewis Thompson, Thunder Mountain Brotherhood series is a fun light read that reminds us all of how family comes together in hard times The effort to save the ranch is still going and most of the family is working hard to make sure the goal is met While the family works towards saving the ranch, Rosie is working hard to set up Damon with his perfect woman Damon has been running though life living in the moment, flipping houses is perfect for him He can buy a house, fixed it up, and sell it moving on and holding on to nothing A tall, handsome, gray eyed Californian who knows his way around power tools heading home to help save the ranch that saved him sudden he realizes his heart may still be in cowboy country His foster mom Rosie has known all along that Damon just needs the right reason to stay and she s hoping her secret plan will hold the reason Phil has worked in the construction industry for a while and has had her share of narrow minded opinions on females running construction companies Philomena has made strides in the community, becoming known as the best in construction A tall, lean, red haired beauty is the exact person to throw Damon off of his game Add in the fact that Phil could out build Damon may be the quality that ties up his heart Sparks fly as soon as Damon sets his eyes on Phil, each one sizing up the other, it s only a matter of time until the sheets are on fire I love the chemistry that Vicki Lewis Thompson builds up between characters, even when focusing on the main couple she is able to give glimpses of past characters and their relationships, it makes the whole novel burst with love Damon and Phil have set boundaries so there are no hard feelings when Damon leaves As soon as the clothes go flying so does the boundaries it s up the Phil and Damon to figure out which feelings are worth following and which are better left alone I really enjoyed reading Thunderstruck, the characters were well developed and the plot continued from the first novel flawlessly into this novel Anyone who likes a light, afternoon read filled with love, hope, large families and cowboys would enjoy Thunderstruck Review copy provided for an honest review. 4 1 2 StarsDamon likes his simple life flipping houses in LA However his deep affection and dedication to the people who finally gave him a home as a foster kid, make him go back to Wyoming to help build a cabin in a week He thinks he is meeting up with a handyman named Phil to help him with the details, however Phil is short for Philomena and she is a handywoman I liked Damon a lot in the first book and this book just made it grow Yes he has some rather old ideas but he is quick to realize his views are antiquated He is a physical guy and one who doesn t shy away from hard discussions I loved his honesty Phil is just a joy of a character I loved how she busted almost every heroine stereotype She was funny, confident and I so enjoyed her guts at the end To me they were one of the best couples Vicki Lewis Thompson has ever written I can t wait to see them show up in other books We did get to see characters from the first book Cade and Lexi s story Cade and Lexi played a good role in this story and we get a little update on them as a couple which pleased me because the ending of their book left me wanting We also got to meet some other boys from the foster days who I anticipate will have books of their own someday.I enjoyed this immensely and I can t wait for Finn s book next.I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest review. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyEvery now and then you run across a really fun series and for some reason for me, it usually has something to do with cowboys Vicki Lewis Thompson has written an entire world for Harlequin Blaze, that I was disturbingly unaware of She wrote this awesome series about the Chance family of Wyoming but that wasn t enough when she was finished telling their stories she discovered an entire new connection The Thunder Mountan Brotherhood This series isn t about a typical family, nope it s about two people who couldn t have a family and proceeded to create their own saving countless boys from the foster system Now they need those boys to come home and help save the ranch..Thunderstruck is book two in the series and it tells the story of one of the original boys, Damon Harrison Damon loves his foster family, he even became blood brothers with two of his foster brothers They are the ones who stuck by him Who gave him a chance at normalcy but he can t let anyone else in He can t even manage to live a stationary life He flips houses for a living and while that s a rather good income he also lives in the houses as he flips them then when he s done, he packs up and moves on But even Damon knows family, real family comes first so when his foster parents ask him to come build a new cabin for them, he s happy to oblige and fortunately, he has Phil on hand to help him out What a savior this guy is turning out to be grins Philomena Phil Turner only child of a construction worker has worked sites as long a she can remember She s good at her craft and happy to be helping out at Thunder Mountain Only she s sure she s being set up by the family If only she wasn t enjoying the emails and texts so much it might not be a bad thing when Damon discovers that Phil is really Philomena It s fun to watch misconceptions fall What Ms Lewis does in Thunderstruck is subtle but very real She has a female in a decidedly male career and without preaching or aggressive behavior she makes the hero see that yes, women can do a mans job And Damon becomes very adamant in his pride of Phil s work That was the easy part, getting Damon to accept love was way harder He has let his childhood rule him for a very long time, maybe forgetting the unconditional love he received during his teen years This is a feel good romance and a sweet story Take a chance on love this summer and enjoy the book ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Thunderstruck, provided by netgalley Fun series if you like horses and cowboys. See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.Upon finishing, my initial reaction LOVE TIMES TEN Oh my goodness, I can t even it was just so lovely I want to read it again.My Thoughts full review When I step into a story, sometimes it pulls me in so deep that I feel like I m there That I want to be there, need to be I ve discovered, with this beauty of a story by Vicki Lewis Thompson, how that really feels This isn t the first time I ve been in this world I read A Last Chance Christmas which has many of the same characters as Thunderstruck, so it was great to see them again I love revisiting these places when they hold a special place in my heart, and I love meeting new couples.Damon and Phil Philomena is her full name are working together at Thunder Mountain Ranch on a cabin When Damon first meets Phil, he thought that she was a man from their communication via email He s shocked at first, then impressed by her work ethic and skill, and, of course, can t stop his attraction And she can t stop hers either They indulge in a little fun at the end of the work day, but they both know that what they have won t last Damon will be leaving and going back to his life in California flipping houses because it s what he enjoys, and Phil accepts that But there s no denying the feelings that are developing, and it s only a matter of time before they have to decide what they really want.Thunderstruck blew me away I already want to read it again I felt like I was there, with Damon and Phil, at Thunder Mountain Ranch It s beautifully told, and the romance is perfection You can sense the depth of their affections and can see them contain it to protect themselves I just couldn t get enough and I wanted to stay in their world forever Since this is a series, there are other books featuring my favorite people at my favorite place I already know what some of my next reads are going to be already because I must read all the other love stories from the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood series My Rating Exceptional Books, Coffee PassionI ve been counting the days to read the second book in this series Vicki Lewis Thompson did a great job in the end of the first book and really piqued my curiosity about Damon and Phil s story Damon and Phil are going to work together on a new project that will take place in Thunder Mountain Ranch, so they start exchanging e mails regarding the project but they only meet in person when Damon returns to the ranch.Damon has his demons, just like Cade and Finn, so he keeps things simple in his life He loves his job, he s a loner and a commitment isn t really something he ever wanted or needed Phil is a independent, strong and beautiful woman who also loves her job Due to her choice of career, some men weak men are intimidated by her and she hasn t met her match Until Damon.Rosie, Damon s foster mom, thinks Phil and Damon are perfect for each other and she s right As soon as they meet, sparks are flying everywhere Their relationship started a little too fast but it kind of made sense because they have an explosive chemistry and they bond over their love for their jobs in the construction industry But there comes a point where Damon has to choose if he needs or wants a commitment with Phil.I loved both Damon and Phil I really liked the way they interacted with each other and with all the secondary characters there s new additions and I m hoping that some of them might get a book too All of them are really special and I think that s what makes this series so perfect It goes without saying that I can t wait for Finn and Chelsea s book Thunderstruck can be read as a standalone because there s enough background to dive into the story without reading the first book, but I definitely recommend both books in this series I m definitely, irrevocably in love with Thunder Mountain Brotherhood Series. solita storia ma tropo caldo per leggere cose impegnative Enjoyed the characters in this book much than the first book in the series, and liked there was less relationship drama.Nice chemistry between Phil omena and Damon It was believable and the sex was smokin hot Heroine was a great role model for women being successful in a male dominated profession and taking the initiative in their sexual relationship, while still retaining her femininity Author did good job portraying his respect and attraction for both sides of her, and the intimacy that came with working closely on an intense project.Both characters felt there was an end date on their relationship so they just decided to enjoy the sex Had a great organic feel to how their intense feelings developed, as they just allowed themselves to be themselves for the week they were together, because of the expiry date I liked that they worked so well as a couple, that they both struggled to honour their initial agreement to keep the relationship lightand not have it mean Great writing around how their affection slipped through anyway, because that was real and what they felt.The conflict generated at the end felt like a stereotypical plot device that separated them prematurely I could not figure out why she would initiate an end to their brief relationship, when they only had another day before he left.A bit heavy going following their thought processes and eventual choices while separated, but lovely HEA in the end.