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!READ DOWNLOAD ♺ Time Will Tell (The Tamanna Trilogy, #3) ⚔ Tamanna Is In Hospital With Multiple Injuries Manoj, In His Desperate Hurry To Travel From To To Be With Her Has, By Mistake, Landed In And Tamanna Is The Only One Who Can Bring Him Back In Any Case, There Is This Sinister Doctor In The Hospital She Wants To Get Away From And Some Recently Discovered Facts About Her Past She Needs To Get To The Bottom Of And When Rajat, Her Good Looking Classmate, Is Eager To Help, She S Only Too Happy To Take Him Up On His Offer But Matters Soon Go Out Of Hand, Threatening To Change Her Life Forever Time Will Tell wraps up the Tamanna trilogy Various loose ends are tied up and various mysteries solved Altogether a satisfying end to a seemingly impossible romance, with a trip to 2023 Bangalore thrown in for good measure I enjoyed this entire series Was slightly disappointed at various unanswered time travelling questions, but this is of an interesting love story than a sci fi novel Anil Menon s review of Back in Time and Time will Tell on Goodbooks Andaleeb Wajid s Tamanna trilogy, like the Back to the Future trilogy, combines the sub genres of time travel and teen romance, and the result is a mostly entertaining read I missed the first volume in the series, but the other volumes were sufficiently self contained The time travel business isn t so whacked that Manali grass is called for, but there s no doubt the story is much easier to follow after a couple of shots of whiskey.In the first volume, sixteen year old Tamanna comes across an old polaroid photograph and is instantly transported from 2012 to 1982 She finds herself older than her mother, encounters younger versions of other relatives, and get entangled in a romance with her neighbour Manoj It turns out that Manoj s grandfather has invented a time travelling device which looks and functions just like a polaroid camera.In hard SF stories like Steve Baxter s Time Ships, the descriptions of how time machines work stop just short of a graduate level course in relativistic physics But in soft SF stories like this one, the time machines can involve anything from accelerating a muscle car to a certain speed through popping into a telephone booth to easing one s hairy corpus into a hot tub Or, as in this case, time travel requires staring at a photo taken with the camera and having sufficient levels of selenium in the blood Sure, why the hell not To read the full review, click here The third book from The Tamanna Trilogy Time Will Tell ties up all the loose ends which were lost in the second book The book has all necessary twists and turns which makes it entertaining and page turner The sci fi concept has worked for this Trilogy I expected a little conversation between Tamanna and Reena, Manoj and Deepak Suma Yet, it has a perfect happy ending. This is surely the best of the time series.Lots of interesting twists and turns Will keep you hooked. Time Will Tell is the conclusion of Andaleeb Wajid s Tamanna Trilogy From No Time For Goodbyes, to Back In Time to this it has been a wonderful journey, and if The first book was the cake, the second the icing this one is surely the cherry on top.Read Full Review Herehttp jaibalarao.com 2014 12 19 book Haven t read the entire series But by reading the synopsis and reviews of the first two books and then actually reading the third book Time Will Tell, The Tamanna Trilogy is a gripping, fast paced, page turning time travel series Learning about your future can sometimes really change a person s perspective about life The plot was very similar to that of the film Love Story 2050 The future is shown bleak Some elements are very interesting but it was a bit difficult to picture the scenarios especially in 2023 Some parts in the book were a bit dragged, but the time travel was explained well with a twist in the end the time travelling gene In this last installment of the Tamanna trilogy, we are caught in the middle of what appears to be nothing short of the scariest ride in a carnival Tamanna s plans to return with Manoj go awry when an accident in the past catapults her into 2012 Recovery is the last of her worries since she doesn t even know where to find another ticket to the past Meanwhile, Manoj has landed himself way too much in the future in his attempt to meet Tamanna As in 2022 as opposed to 2012 Tamanna s trusting nature causes even greater mayhem a wicked scientist doctor tags along determined to ruin things for the both of them She discovers what it is like to be caught unaware in a land so advance that moving places becomes a muddling task.This book truly is by far the best of all three It was breath taking at times, and at times simply frustrating Time travel can be a complicated process to ingest if not explained properly And the concepts too can be different with ever movie or book But I must say that Andaleeb Wajid did a commendable job of answering any and every query you might have had from the first book till now All loose ends tucked in nicely to form such an excellent picture of the ending that I almost wished it wasn t over As much as I still don t like Tamanna, I wished I could read some about their lives The climax was out of the blue, even I felt the brunt of the scenario that took Tamanna by surprise The character of the doctor seemed very harmless and totally not like what it turns out to be Just goes to show that a lot of people are comfortable behind masks and won t stop being inhumane as long as it benefits them The progress made in this book is so unexpected that I was all set to give it a 3 star rating But the last 40 or so pages made sure the rating was a notch above My attention towards this trilogy had been caught by the third book and rightly so, it was pure genius The author s writing style was toned down in the other two books whereas, she picked up speed and settled into a car chase kind of rapport with the words in this one I was literally squealing and biting my nails by the time it ended Totally worth spending time over A shout out to all thriller and mystery fanatics to grab a copy of these books and give them a much deserved chance.