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From what was available it was good Way to short though The story ends right when things are getting good A story about their entire weekend would have been fantastic. This was fun steamy quickie The only thing I didn t like was how rushed it felt I would have enjoyed reading a full length story about this budding relationship. @Free ⛈ Timing Is Everything Ü A Surprise For Tasha S Kinky New Boyfriend Turns Into A Compromising Position When Her Roommate S Plans Fall Through Now She S Cuffed To The Bed, He S Due Any Minute, And Katrina Would Just As Soon Start Without HimDownload FREE At Smashwords In All Ebook Formats Very nice, steamy lunchtime read I want to read about their weekend This was my first read from J.V Altharas, and I plan on reading his other material BTW he has a great podcast too, that I just recently learned aboutit s making my work commute really fun Disappointed.The only way to describe how you feel after reading this While it keeps you interested until the end, that is where it disappoints because you want to find out what happens next, but there is no next.It is almost as if the author ran out of ideas when he finished the first chapter of this book and decided to release it as a short story. My first read by this author I ve forgotten what this is supposed to be about or why I initially wanted to read this story at some point But I have it, free, and it came up in a random challenge as in the challenge is to read whatever comes up randomly And so read it I do.Okay, let s see woman has newish roommate hot chick and newish boyfriend Tasha, the main character, was told by Marcus, the dude, that he s very kinky He told her on their first date She s found out since what he meant, and has had a quite enjoyable time Roommate s going out, at least for a full weekend, and boyfriend s coming over Tasha s all excited So, boyfriend is due in 20 minutes She s told him to be there then, exactly at eight and that the door would be unlocked She then proceeds to do other quite dangerous things I say this before I get anywhere First unlocked door Second light candles Both are quite stupid dangerous because she cuffed her wrists to her bed So, anyone could come in and find her like that door unlocked And anything might happen with those candles Oh, and the third is to lock yourself to something without a way to get out with the expectation of 1 roommate will be gone for a while, and 2 boyfriend will be over shortly By that I mean, if the roommate really is gone for the weekend, then, then anything that happens to the boyfriend hit by a car, becomes ill, whatever, that prevents him from showing up would mean that Tasha is going to be locked up for a while Without access to food or anything else With candles burning She could easily end up starving to death, or burnt alive.Hmm Story took a turn didn t expect I mean, woman, Tasha, locks herself to her bed thinking her boyfriend is going to show up Instead her hot female roommate turns up unexpectedly Catches her on the bed One thing leads to another, and after lots and lots of talk about making sure it s alright and stuff, the roommate, Katrina, begins playing with and licking Tasha Then the boyfriend turns up right then and there to catch the action lucky the roommated did not 1 find it strange that the apartment door was unlocked when she arrived, and 2 lock the door after she entered I m actually having a small problem with that second part, that she wouldn t lock the door after she entered.None of that in the prior paragraph is the turn didn t expect No, it s when Marcus asks Katrina if she wanted to be their toy for the weekend And she agrees Gets cuffed, and finds herself on a door Way things were going I kind of expected Tasha would end up being dominated by both Katrina and Marcus Not that Marcus would dominate two women at the same time Actually, I worded something wrong Nope, rereading I didn t word it wrong The their toy part So, the story does involve man dominating a woman who in turn dominates another The women just weren t in the order I thought they would end up being in.So, then the story abruptly ended Right when things were turning even exciting Oh well The tiny part I got to read was a lot interesting and exciting than I expected. A surprise for Tasha s kinky new boyfriend turns into a compromising position when her roommate s plans fall through Now she s cuffed to the bed, he s due any minute, and Katrina would just as soon start without him.Short,Sexy Threesome encounter Quick lunchtime read, too short though 4 stars 4 5 hotness scoreI m really happy to have found this author A descent story with some great steam I loved the whole date gone bad turned good thing But what a way to get caught by your roommate I m not sure how I would have felt if it were me getting walked in on and found in such a compromising position LOL And this author does Contemporary BDSM erotica just as well as his fantasy writings I sooooo wanted at the in of this, the big tease I have a feeling people are shorting this author a star because they like his writing but they don t want to like the subject matter Well, the writing is fantastic, and I live BDSM and am an avid fan when authors get it right And this author GETS IT RIGHT Bravo