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Sterek, and finally an mpreg that I really found worked in the details, that wasn t stereotypical and never lost sight of the fact that they were both guys I enjoyed this story of what happens when Stiles magically, unwantedly, ends up carrying Derek s werewolf baby There is non con, a lot of non communicating this is Sterek, after all and a few loose ends, but it was very well done and pulled me right in. 4.5 starsedited to increase star rating as I am still thinking about this one today Ok, full disclosure, I am not a wuss, but I almost couldn t read this after reading the beginning it was so painful and awful and terrible to read seriously, that s some heavy shit right there BUT at the same time, really well written and compellingso after asking around to see if the heart wrenching stuff at the beginning is worth it for the story, everyone told me to carry on.So I plunged back in, and although for a while there it was really quite angsty, it was always interesting and kept me readinggradually the tone changed through the story to becomeandhopeful and whilst there isn t actually romance through a lot of the story, there is a definite deepening of friendships and relationships, actions showing caring and a slow build towards something .There s also a pretty good ending that wraps everything up without being TOO neat, and it leaves you knowing there s a HEA in store This was definitely one of the better written sterek fics I have read, with a well though out plot and everyone is nicely in character.It wasn t perfect, there are quite a few things I can think of that I perhaps would have likedof, but somehow they are not important in the overall scheme of things when thinking about my enjoyment of this fic This is a definite sterek favourite of mine now I have a few other things to write, but I will come back and edit this a bit when I have had a chance to think it over, as I am literally typing this straight after finishing This is also probably closer to a 4.5 stars I will think about it overnight and might change the rating. Well I was specifically looking for a non fluffy m preg and this absolutely fit the bill Instead of the usual cutesy, humorous picture of overprotective pack mates who do nothing but pamper the lucky pregnant person, this story depicts an unwanted teen pregnancy, the result of a form of magical rape, giving it the vibe of a horror story It s extreme and at times disturbing, but pregnancy can be a time of deep personal crisis for some women, of alienation and fear and utter loss of control over your body And contrary to all those warm pictures of pack life, it can be incredibly isolating This story also came a lot closer to an honest picture of life with a newborn as anyone who s dealt with colic can attest, it s not all wonder and miracle of life stuff it s also helplessness, and exhaustion, and at especially low points a sense of utter worthlessness The joys of parenthood are profound, but for a lot of people they come from a place of intense struggle and personal doubt I can t help but feel like the fluffy fantasy versions cheapen it At any rate, I really admire how far this author was willing to go to imagine a different experience of pregnancy It was brutal, but it was honest. I was honestly scared to death to read this one You give me a mpreg Sterek and my brain sees this.This wasn t that At allThe thing is, aside from all the violence and glaring consent issues, Stiles would have done it willingly I was warned about the beginning and the beginning was why I didn t want to read it I was actually ok with the beginning.I think I was prepared but I also can deal with bad stuff when it is out of your control No fault This story has so much I don t even know where to begin with any of it So much struggle and time and conflict and pain So freaking well done So much hurt.And then healing for the right reasons.And then healing for the best of reasons.Magic It happens and,It s not inherently evil, you know There has to be something Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Sterek. Brace yourself This is a story took me from I really don t want to read this straight to I can t put this down until I ve read it all compelling stuff I was exhausted yet screwing my eyes to stop them closing Very well written with lots of emotion Regarding the dub con view spoiler It s a situation where BOTH characters are under a spell and view spoiler the aftermath is painful hide spoiler 4.5 I loved this fic The first half of it is fucked up and gave me heart palpitations and I loved it evenbecause of it It felt real to me Stiles s emotional turmoil, Derek s emotional turmoil, Scott s situation, even Isaac s bullshit if teen wolves were real and witches could cast spells to impregnate young men then this is the way it would happen.My only minor complaint is that after all of that angsty goodness the end seems a bit abrupt I would ve liked a fewscenes showing Derek and Stiles as a couple However, this fic is supposed to be the anti fluff mpreg so I m probably just being greedy And what there is is pretty fucking awesome view spoiler Derek opens both eyes then, looks down at Stiles while he s petting his hair His voice is quiet and careful when he says, I d make an awful mate, and Stiles protest is on the tip of his frown when Derek adds, Just for full disclosure I don t think so Stiles smiles sadly All it really requires is that you want to be And an effort We ve got everything else down, already Derek says, I want to, and when he doesn t follow it with one of the million ways it could possibly go wrong, Stiles pushes forward and presses their mouths together, grinning hide spoiler 4.5 StarsStiles and Derek find themselves the victims of a magical spell that just so happens to result in conception There s hardly a moment of fluff that isn t overlaid with fear, exhaustion, and bittersweet longing This does not romanticize the situation that many Sterek mpregs often do, and it is gritty, harsh and realistic in portraying it as the unnatural thing it is.I ve got to say that this is one impressively well written fic that allows Stiles to truly shine in all his wonderful, spastic, smart, snarky glory What hits especially hard is Stiles s vulnerability the shit situation that he finds himself in with really no support from Derek which to be honest, is both their faults He is acutely aware of his shortcomings, knowing that though he s mature beyond his years due to supernatural circumstances, he is in no way prepared for the teen parenthood smackdown of epic proportions So I did hurt mostly for Stiles here I m not saying Derek didn t go through his own emotional anguish but we only get impressions of Derek his anger and hate understandably at being used as a pawn for someone else s agenda We can only draw upon what Stiles sees or interprets So Stiles s pov is particularly painful and potent, highlighting his insecurities, desires, jealousy, and hope That want is so very palpable as he tries to be a good dad, tries to make something of himself, and to be a family with Derek.Again I can t expound enough what great writing this was As the story unfolds, it is written so perfectly that one experiences each and every emotion Stiles has as he goes through it Is that cliche If it is, then this was one of the best at evoking such feels from me, and though it wrung me dry, the journey was definitely well worth it Thanks Rosa and Otila for the BR support OH MY GOD.That was draining and thankfully hopeful by the end This is dark, and gritty, and I was on the edge of my seat for most of it The hope Doesn t come easy, and it doesn t come until the very, very end.TRIGGER WARNING Rape Non Con.The first part of this is so freaking hard to get through Especially if you hate to see Stiles hurt But if you power through, and keep sticking with it, it s such a good read But, wow It s really, really, hard to get through some of it Really hard, but so worth it.Kudos to you ohmyjetsabel You sucked me in and didn t let me down in the end Bravo {Free Epub} ⛅ Tiny Houses ⚜ Sterek So This Is What Stiles Does He Lies In Scott S Bed And Waits For Melissa To Say She S Found Someone To Get It Out Of Him, To Cure Him Of The Wrongness And The Bad, And He DreamsGod, He DreamsHe Dreams Of Fire And Swollen Bellies And That Scene In Alien, Of Giving Birth To Jackals Through His Urethra, The Whole Horrific Nine Yards His Head Is A Terrible Place To Be, He Can T Imagine His Stomach Is Much Better, Why Anyone Would Want To Put A Thing Inside Of It WordsComplete Well though out, pretty complicated story where Derek and Styles find themselves the father of a child that they didn t want or plan because they were compelled and forced into it There s angst and pain here There are decisions to make that are not easy, repeatedly There are also threats and power struggles with another pack But at the end, our favorite couple struggle through and make it because there is good communication Thank you for that, author.