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this was powerful i may write a full review but i honestly don t think i could do this justice tbh To Be Honest, this is one of the top three best YA contemporaries I ve ever read See what I did there I have never read a book about a plus size protagonist who didn t want to lose weight, nor has the story line ever involved anything other than the protagonist being fat It was so freaking refreshing to read about Savannah, who is totally happy with her body the way it is And what s even better is that this book isn t about Savannah being fat Instead, it s about a toxic mother daughter relationship, a high school romance, and an awesome take down of misogynistic gym teacher Wow It s like a plus size character was actually allowed to have a regular story without their weight defining them What a concept Also, anxiety rep In high school and my early twenties, along with major body image issues I suffered from debilitating panic attacks that made me feel crazy and incredibly alone It would have been so amazing to read something like this when I was younger Unfortunately, anxiety just wasn t talked about then, and thin was in but I am so thankful that it is being talked about now, and that young people now hopefully won t feel so desolate or ostracized Savannah is such a wonderful character She is happy, friendly, funny, and smart I am OVER the sarcastic, sassy, closed off girls that are rampant in YA I want to read about someone that I would actually be friends with And I want girls to know that they are free to be fun and silly and people will like them You don t need to be sullen or fluent in biting sarcasm to be interesting Mild spoilers ahead The only thing I m disappointed about is George I am so torn about George On one hand he was such a great guy for the majority of the book they had such an adorable friendship and I m thrilled that they were able to have a sweet high school romance without necessarily defining their relationship and having it overshadow Savannah s excitement for attending university in the fall On the other hand I think Savannah deserved way better than a guy who ended up being afraid of his feelings for her The scene that took place after he bailed on homecoming where he tells her how he s never felt this way about anyone before did not impress me Savannah is freaking awesome and she put her feelings on the line and he really let her down I think it s a bad cop out that a lot of guys use, and while in the end George was sincere, he still made her feel like he was playing around with her feelings and that is never okay.The bottom line is, this is a fantastic, diverse, and adorable book and if you like YA contemporaries, you should definitely read this one. [Download E-pub] ♢ To Be Honest ⚒ Savannah Is Dreading Being Home Alone With Her Overbearing Mother After Her Sister Goes Off To College But If She Can Just Get Through Senior Year, She Ll Be Able To Escape To College, Too What She Doesn T Count On Is That Her Mother S Obsession With Weight Has Only Grown Deeper Since Her Appearance On An Extreme Weight Loss Show, And Now Savvy S Mom Is Pressuring Her Even Harder To Be Constantly Mindful Of What She EatsBetween Her Mom S Diet Helicoptering, Missing Her Sister, And Worrying About Her Collegiate Future, Savvy Has Enough To Worry About And Then She Meets George, The Cute New Kid At School Who Has Insecurities Of His Own As Savvy And George Grow Closer, They Help Each Other Discover How To Live In The Moment And Enjoy The Here And Now Before It Disappears The story was a bit simple for my taste BUT I read this for the fat rep, which I thought was great The rep is necessary, but it could be triggering because the main character faces a lot of abusive fat shaming from her mom, who has an eating disorder Her weight had no role in the rest of the story or in any of the other relationships Though there is a romance, there wasn t the getting a boyfriend made me finally like my body trope.In addition to the fat rep, the main character has anxiety Parts of how she handles crushes and her anxiety were reminiscent of The Upside of Unrequited, so if you were a fan of that book I would definitely recommend checking this one out as well It was one of those disappointments that confirmed your every fear that you d somehow kept at bay with the tiniest sliver of hopeTRIGGER WARNINGS Fat Shaming challenged , Neglect, Verbally Abusive Parents, Mental Illness, Panic Attacks and Eating Disorders OMG do we have actual good fat rep Even a model on the cover who is a beautiful fat model I m in heaven Thank you to the book gods for making this happen I wish I had this type of novel when I was younger I m always saying I don t really enjoy fluffy contemporary but I really should retract that and say that I don t enjoy fluffy contemporary that is straight, pretty white kids with zero rep of any kind I just don t relate at all and never would have I do love diverse or geeky contemporary a lot though and this was such a pleasure to read It also was a little hard hitting in parts, so not completely fluff I have to start off by talking about the HEALTHY fat rep of of main character Savannah I know having a fat girl on the cover on a book that isn t called something like Fat Girl on a Plane or Blubber meant so much to so many people Me included Btw, not shading those books it s just hard being a fat girl and all the books that include you having an embarrassing title At least that is how I feel I hope we see a lot healthy representation like this on covers Our main girl, Savannah is dealing with a mother, who recently divorced, became obsessed with losing weight and was a weight loss show and now is a poster child for it Savannah and her mother have a very strained relationship at best and her sister, Ashley whom she is very close to is moving away to college which means she will have to deal with her mother s obsessive ways by herself This what the story focuses around the most her family and coping with all the new changes and challenges She does have a few other things going on though, such as a new boy taking interest in her and doing an expose piece on the boys sports team with her best friend Grace I really loved all the female relationships in this book She has such a lovely and healthy relationship with her sister and her best friend Both are supportive and loving and even when they have an argument it s not the end of the world and they figure it out In YA novels, we see too many poor examples being shown of strong, healthy female friendships Women are usually pitted against each other and competitive, this is not the case at all in the book It gives me the warm and fuzzies just thinking about it please give us of this This is what we should be showing young people as the standard, not the exception I found the story line with her mom a very difficult relationship to read about I think many young girls will likely relate to this one Savannah s mother is becoming quickly and obsessed with weight and healthy foods She doesn t flat out call Savannah names but she makes a lot of remarks to her about her weight and getting healthier Thankfully Savannah is very confident in herself and doesn t feel bad about her body but it still hurts her to have her mother say things, particularly in front of her friends As the obsession gets worse, we can see that Savannah s mother is becoming increasing erratic and unhealthy It s hard to watch from all angles and really spotlights the pressures women are put under about their appearance Savannah does catch the attention of a new boy, Charlie, and he seems pretty interested in her right from the start but she is worried that she is reading his signals wrong and he likely sees her as just a friend because of rejection she has experienced in the past This one hit home, I struggled with my weight off and on for years as a younger person and whenever anyone showed interest in me I would always question it because it seemed like it couldn t be possible that someone might be attracted to me when I wasn t a size 2 like my friends I think this a pretty common inner dialogue for women regardless of size, so that felt very genuine I liked their relationship at the beginning, it was really sweet and they were both kind of cute oddballs I was def digging it However, Charlie kind of dicked her around a lot because of his own insecurities and kept hurting her because of it and I had a hard time rooting for this couple in the end I guess I just didn t think his reasons were good enough but I feel fairly protective of Savannah, so maybe I m just being too hard on him We also get some very accurate anxiety and panic attack rep in this book I see panic attacks constantly shown as something you can push through or choose when to control them For anyone that has ever had a real panic attack which is completely different from an anxiety attack knows that this is a huge joke and the book gives us perfect examples of how scary and also humiliating it can be to suffer from these attacks When Savannah gets hit with them there is nothing she can do but go through it as messy as it is Yes, it makes a scene and people stare but that is what happens and I really loved how it was handled in this book Overall, this is a fantastic book and if you are looking for some great fat and mental health rep, you ve got it in spades here I ll definitely be checking out the next book by this author. I ve never seen so much chevron in my life What an awesome way to start I LOVED Savannah, her determination, her positive body image, her bond with her sister and arguments with her mom over her negative body image This book confronted so many issues, from sexism in the school system, to bribery and recruiting, eating disorders, family dysfunction, and had cute scenes as well, as a newspaper nerd falls for a band geek the clarinet scene was super cute Loved every minute of this one Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader. Actual Rating 4.5I would like to thank Xpresso Book Tours, NetGalley and Maggie Ann Martin for the digital arc in exchange for an honest Review I didn t expect that I thought this book will revolve around body shaming, It was but equally with other elements.What wasn t there Close bonding of sisters Body shaming Best friends Anxiety Romance Complex relationship with parents Everything was there.I like the cover, It was vibrant.The friendship between Savannah and Grace is so precious.Savannah, Who owns her body with pride, she is so comfortable in her skin and frim in her believes, She has issues but facing challenges with high chin is not on of these.Romance is part of the story, but the story doesn t rely on it, It mainly moved around relations and hardships of a family.I like the chemistry between George and Savannah, It was cute and the thing I like most is after their meetup, Savannah didn t just ignore school stuff, which mostly happens in YA when MCs met each other school or college just become part of the background.Her mother s character is complex but written so well, Sometimes I pity her, Sometimes I feel her but mostly I hated her.Her father was the worst character for me, He was simply mean and selfish, I know he has his own reasons but that didn t convince me.The thing I didn t like was the last scenes of Savannah and George, I wasn t convinced.Overall I really enjoyed the book. Firstly, let me thank Goodreads and Fierce Reads for sending me this ARC This cover is gorgeousNews flash fatisn t a bad word, Mom Savannah is fed up You know those diet shows where people spend several weeks locked away from their families getting yelled at by trainers and mocked because they like doughnuts Yeah, her mom was on that show and is exacting everything she s learned on Savannah This, coupled with Savvy s big sister Ashley headed off to college, she has had enough.This book, to me, was very much about being fat, body image, self love, anxiety, and how all of it plays into a person s self worth And it all felt very authentic.I really loved Savannah She is fat and she s okay with it, but she understands what being fat means about how she s perceived Savannah s mother is another key figure in this book a woman once fat, this book establishes through her story that a number lowering on a scale doesn t correlate with learning to love yourselfI m sorry that someone taught you to hate yourself because of your body somewhere along the way, but I m not going to let you pull me down with youSecondary to the conversation about weight is anxiety and how it can play in to our fears about who we are and how the world looks at us.It was nice to see a character having panic attacks on the page It was nice to see a character push others away out of fear It was nice to see a character compare herself to others around her It was nice to see a character build their own lives around another because being with someone you trust means you re safe These are all things that I ve personally experienced and they made this book feel very real to me.A couple of notes the romance was very cute, but not the most powerful element of the book Savvy s sister is gay and her best friend is Columbian These were nice additions, but these characters weren t really explored in a way that makes me feel comfortable in suggesting that it s rep Ultimately, a very good contemporary that felt personal and real to me You are one of our Giveaways lucky winners You will soon receive a free copy of To Be Honest in the mail.Oh my god, I won my first Goodreads giveaway So much about this book hit me SO close to home, but not in the ways that I was expecting The main plot of this one and the romance are honestly pretty average, but I ended up LOVING it because of the realness of the relationship between Sav and her mom Their relationship in this mirrored my relationship with my own mother to a T and it was honestly a little jarring Such an odd reading experience for me, but I definitely recommend checking this one out when it releases later this year I received an early ARC copy of this at YallWest it releases publicly in August 4 stars I ve been in a huge YA mood lately, and To Be Honest really hit the spot I listened to the audio book and the narrator was great She voiced Savannah perfectly Savannah is a normal teen She s a little overweight, but it s never bothered her That is, until her mother went on a reality show for weight loss and everything changed in her house Now, she s being pressured constantly to eat a certain way What I loved most about Savvy is that she could see beyond that and was able to stand up to her momNews flash fat isn t a bad word, Mom It s the twenty first century I have blue eyes I have blond hair I m fat Literally nothing about my life is changed because that word is associated with my physical appearance I m sorry that someone taught you to hate yourself because of your body somewhere along the way, but I m not going to let you pull me down with youI also loved the friendship aspect of this book Grace was the best best friend and she and Savvy s relationship was great Also, Savvy s relationship with her sister, Ashley was great The romantic aspect of the story wasn t the biggest part of the book, but GEORGE Sigh I adored George I really liked how this one turned out Overall, a fantastic YA book I would highly recommend.