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!READ EPUB ♏ To Fell the Giants ♶ A MAGNIFICENT DREAMThe Untouched Beauty Of California S Forests And Rivers Was Before Them They Came To The Land With A Bold Dream Of Felling The Giant Redwoods, Centuries Old, To Build A Profitable Industry But The Dream Had Perils And Repercussions And Raised Questions That Live On In Our Hearts And Minds TodayWould Their Success Stand The Test Of Time Or Would Future Generations Pay The Price For Felling The Gians With A Ravaged, Once Glorious Land One Remarkable Family Would Face These Challenges William Beard And Raymondo Olivo Brothers In Law From White And Indianl Worlds, Business Partners And Best Friends, Their Vision Was Fulfilled By The Spirit Of Abundance In The Land Of The Redwoods, Where They Prospered And Made Futures For Their Children Califia BeardWith A Soul As Wild And Untamed As The Land She Adored, She Thrived In A World Of Dangerous And Difficult Work, And Managed A Logging Camp Of Her Own Homer OlivoGentle And Scholarly, He Returned To California To The Call Of The Lush Trees And Open Plains And To A Love That He Could Not ForgetFrom The Battles That Carved Out Our Nation To The California Gold Rush, From The Majesty Of The Redwoods To The Rocky Crags Of The Sierra Nevada, And Through The Generations Of One Family, Follow The Power And Passion Of A Dream That Dared To Live And Explore How The Bold Intentions Of California S Earliest Settlers Changed Our Lives Forever In A Sweeping Novel Of Power And Brilliance