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This was a good short story I personally love reading all books that has parts of Louisiana in it That state fascinates me This story had a good mystery to it and I was curious of what happened My only issue was that some of the talking with the characters , especially the ones from Louisiana , were a little off As for example, Beau would talk southern but then the slang changed to regular so that kind of puzzled me But not enough for me to change my rating I have the second book and will be continuing on I wanted to read this book because I like books about New Orleans, though the book is actually set in New York, and New Orleans is only an incidental setting The book seems to have gotten good reviews, but I didn t care for it and won t read any of the series The story line has potential, but the book is so short that there s no time for any real development The Cajun and New Orleans settings are accurate enough, but they re stereotypes The writing is sloppy, and the spelling and grammar are awful though I realize that people don t seem to care about that kind of thing any I know give the girl a break She does have potential, and if she would work on her writing skills, she d be good Though actually, she has enough of a fan club to suggest that for a lot of people, she s good enough now. READ E-PUB ♕ To Murder a Saint (Saint Mysteries #1) ☸ Mystery Suspense Thriller The Ground Is Too Wet If You Bury The Dead Here, They Can Come Back Her Father Always Warned Her That The Bayou Was A Mysterious And Dangerous Place She Never Suspected That The Greatest Danger Of Her Life Was Lurking In New York City Before Their Bags Are Unpacked One Of Two Creole Girls In Fresh From Louisiana Is Found Savagely Murdered In New York All The Clues Point To A Wild Animal, A Perplexing Development For A Third Floor Apartment Lacking A Suspect The Police Accompany The Murdered Girl S French Speaking Roommate Back To Her Reclusive Southern Louisiana Town In Search Of A Lead They Are Met With A Warning That The Killer Is Not Finished Yet And Learn That This Is Not The First Mysterious Death In The Family In many places, murder is a BIG thing New York, the Big Apple, has its fair share of murders, but when Fanchon found her roommate and lifelong friend nude and brutally murdered in their apartment, even New York found this a big thing Fanchon and Josephine migrated north from their hometown, in Bayou country, near New Orleans, Louisiana, to follow a childhood dream to make it in the biggest city in the country Pocketing their mutual life savings, they made the move a couple of months earlier Josephine, a beautiful, outgoing, happy, silly, girl, always looking for a bit of trouble Her dream was to be swept up in the world of high fashion be at the hub of style Fanchon wanted to make her mark in music as a performing pianist, on or off Broadway.When Fanchon ditches her internet date at a nearby restaurant and walked home barefoot, she was ill prepared for the sight of a headless roommate, missing an arm.This is a short but fast paced mystery that both revolts and intrigues you The characters are diverse, well constructed, and vivid The story keeps you guessing and literally on the edge of your seat to the last I must admit that if the author would have supplied the main characters with surnames, I would have rated this book higher This omission takes something away from them. So soIt was okay enough that I got through to the end but I wouldn t read any of the series. I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review To Murder a Saint by Nicole Loughan is a fast paced mystery that I only put down one time to go to sleep and picked up again first thing in the morning This is the kind of mystery I enjoy no filler, just the meat.Two girls from the Louisiana Bayou move to New York City, and two months into their stay, one of the girls, Josephine, is brutally murdered Fanchon, her roommate and best friend, helps the local police try to solve this case.Fanchon and Banyan, the policeman in charge, travel back to the bayou for answers.For the full review, visit Love at First Book Two and a half stars is the best I can manage for this Ridiculously short, totally far fetched and just not very well written Add in poor editing far too high a proportion of typos in 77 pages, not to mention some very dodgy punctuation and a writing style which is somewhat juvenile in places Really surprised to see the writer described as an award winning journalist I didn t get any hint of that from the writing And humour was mentioned it seems I slept through that.Perhaps it s just a case of a first story not finding its stride, so maybe subsequent ones will show a greater maturity in style More flowing dialogue More show than tell The price is ridiculous for what it is It s a 99p job at best.It may appeal to some Bon jou, cher. The first book in the Saints Mystery series Fanchon and Josephine are best friends from the Louisiana bayou They moved to New York City because Fanchon wants to play in a symphony orchestra and Josephine wants to be a writer They have only been in New York several months when Fanchon comes home and discovers Josephine has literally been butchered in their apartment The rest of this very short story is the search for Josephine s killer I was surprised the book was so short, but I did enjoy the story. To Murder a Saint Saints, Volume 1Publisher s Summary The ground is too wetIf you bury the dead here, they can come back Her father always warned her that the bayou was a mysterious and dangerous place She never suspected that the greatest danger of her life was lurking in New York City Before their bags are unpacked one of two Cajun girls in fresh from Louisiana is found savagely murdered in New York All the clues point to a wild animal, a perplexing development for a third floor apartment Lacking a suspect the police accompany the murdered girl s French speaking roommate back to her reclusive Southern Louisiana town in search of a lead They are met with a warning that the killer is not finished yet and learn that this is not the first mysterious death in the family 2013 Nicole Utter P 2014 Nicole Utter My Review One of my not quite a cozy picks, but a 5 star listen This is a short, but very intense listen where every word counts, it s action filled from the slightly disconcerting beginning to the wonderfully imaginative and scary ending.Must admit, listening to Fanchons creepy thoughts about her date at the start of the story had me thinking that she could be a top class psychopath Fanchon and Josephine, two bright young girls from the Bayou who grew up together almost as sisters, have moved to New York to pursue their careers.Fanchon returns home from her date and opens her door to sheer horror, there, in the blood splattered room she is faced with the ghastly scene, the butchered remains of her beloved friend Josephine.Everything suggests the culprit is an alligator Therefore, the police decide they must make further investigations back in Josephines home Fanchon accompanies Detective Banyon, a hard core New Yorker, to the Bayou Fanchon finds herself explaining the mysteries of her home to Banyon, and acting as a buffer between this outsider and the family and friends of Josephine.The author provides the listener with some wonderful descriptions of places and customs, she also wrote in a heartbreakingly beautiful way of how Josephines murder affected the family and Fanchon, especially in the light of a previous family tragedy.Once Josephine has been returned home, Fanchon makes her way back to New York, against the wishes of everyone, and the advice of Madame DuPont who sees all The police give up on Josephine, they create a crazy scenario to explain away her macabre death, make a public announcement, and that is that.Except of course it s not The difficult part of reviewing a shorter story is the fear of revealing spoilers All I will say is, the mystery unravels in a most unexpected and very entertaining way Despite it being a slightly gory murder mystery it does contain some wonderfully humorous gems I found it to be a truly creative, entertaining and beautifully written story I loved this and I m eager for the next in series.NarratorI can t fault the narration of Suzy Lexington, she is a wonderful story teller, she created all the characters so well for me, I could just picture them in my head This is a short story, and within are moments of horror, fear, deep sadness and humour, yet Suzy portrays all the emotions so seamlessly.The accents Well, I don t know, I m British Australian, but they all sounded good to me.This is a well produced audiobook and I thoroughly enjoyed listening.I received this audiobook as a gift from the author in return for this, my honest opinionhttp I picked up To Murder A Saint as a freebie from one of my e mails of free and discount books that I receive on a daily basis I always appreciate these, as it often leads me to a new author I may not have otherwise discovered Sometimes I am happy I found the particular book Sometimes Not so much.In this case, what caught my eye was the cover It is beautiful, as you can see Well, that and the fact that the book was set in Louisiana, a total weakness for me I can say that the potential is definitely there, hopefully to be fulfilled later The author, Nicole Loughan, is a recognized journalist and syndicated humour columnist, which offers potential as a writer of fiction In this first installment of her series, Nicole is writing about my home area, the bayous of southern Louisiana She does a fairly good job of setting up the novel My three star review is based on several issues I had.Nicole s writing tries very hard to speak the language of the Bayou However, with no experience with the area she went to school in Michigan and lives in Philadelphia her attempts at Cajun fall flat She starts Cajun Speak but then falls back into journalism speak within two sentences Cajun is an extremely unique language, a mixture of French, English, a bit of African and bits of Native American tribal languages Choctaw, Quapaw, Caddo, etc It is also difficult for a northerner to comprehend the cadence and flow of southern speech patterns Her precise use of language as a journalist makes it difficult, without doubt, to fall into the patois of the south, where can not comes out kaint and bonjour is much common than hello, How s it going isComment a va and the best response to that is a va Et vous autres i.e., It s going OK And ya ll Or, in my case, Ca va Ah dah tse i.e., It s good How are you A mix of Cajun with a soupcon of Quapaw Overall, this reads as a first attempt at a novel, somewhat stilted and rough, but with good bones I have put the next book on my to read list to see if the roughness inherent in the first novel smoothes out I would have appreciated development of the storyline I felt it was somewhat choppy and not filled out well enough for my tastes Again, that journalist feeling Just the facts that was sort of off putting for me, but others seemed to like in their reviews In my opinion, if I am going to read a novel, I wish to fall into the book and be able to see it in my mind the characters, the background, the world around the players Humans are defined by their surroundings, and limiting those surroundings limits the movie that is developed in my mind If I did not have such a strong connection with bayou country, it would have been very hard for me to feel any connection with the story or its characters.I will check out the second in the series when I get a moment and make a decision from there whether to leave the author on my TBR list I hope I can come back with a great review on that one