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You learn a little about Brad Short and sweet Free, sweet little story about Brad and Kyle Brad is sharing a part of his childhood I liked it, but it didn t blew me away As part of the whole, a good addition to the rest of the story. John Goode entered my list of favorite authors last year, when he captured my heart by introducing Brad and Kyle, two amazing teenagers from Foster High School After that, John continues to charm me and his other fans with stories after stories that are heartwarming and beautiful.In this FREE short story that John dedicates to His Fans Only , he once again shows his ability to pull on my heart strings with less than 5,000 words We finally find out what the crafted silver rose which hangs in the end of silver chain that Brad wears means We also get a glimpse about Brad s childhood and his first met with not so much a jerk back then his ex best friend, Kelly.However, it is the meaning of that silver rose that will definitely makes your eyes tear up a bit And this reader, once again is left speechless with John Goode s artistry in writing a thoughtful issue in subtle and quiet words but still punches you in the solar plexus efficiently sniff I am in love with these boysPray for the impossible pray that you will end up where you need to be PS Perfect 5 stars not only for story but for it being generously free. A Lovely little shortie novella in the Foster High series The blossoming relationship between Kyle and Brad is continuing apace, and in this novella we discover why Brad still wears a necklace with a rose pendant, the rose which stands for Saint Rita, the patron saint of the impossibleas well as abused women, marital problems and mothers 5 stars from me. So I had been holding on to this oneand when I began to read it I understood whyI had no idea that this tiny story would reveal so much about Brad I thought I knew him so well, had heard all that character had to offer thus far..I wassmug Then this little chapter blew me away It took me right back to high school and those post party moments when you sat with a close friend and all of a sudden they revealed something so personal so intense And for just a second reading John Goode s tiny sip of a story I remembered how special it felt to be that person You know the one you would confide inwould trust enough to give a piece of yourself to in that moment You see it wasn t so much what was revealed in this story that is important it is that Brad chose to give it to Kyle That he loved him so much that he knew Kyle could carry it for him with himand understand how important it was to him.That s what this.5 moment was all about the next step in their relationship the next rung on the ladder to understandingto falling further in love.It was tenderand beautifuland just perfect. This novella is a bit anticlimatic I don t think it was necessary to read. This short story is a lovely addition to the Foster High series and a free read Loved it A nice little vignette to whet the appetite between books Sweet and insightful. ^Download E-pub ⇤ To Wish for Impossible Things (Tales from Foster High, #3.5) ⇢ A Special Lost Tale Of Foster HighAfter Coming Out To The Whole School, Brad Greymark And Kyle Stilleno Could Use Some Downtime They Should Be Studying, But Soon Their Focus Wanders To The Pursuit Of The Impossible Together, They Just Might Find Where They Belong