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I found this book for.25 cents in a Salvation Army when I was somewhere between eleven and thirteen and despite the fact that at first glance it looks like it s going to be nothingthan a forgettable trash novel from a bygone era, it really stuck with me I no longer remember all the details, but still to this day I ll find myself randomly thinking of this book.Now, don t get me wrong, I am never possessed by a sudden desire to reread it or anything, but it really goes to show that the old cliche never judge a book by its cover is true.I can t really say if this book is truly good or if it just seems to stay with people the way it does because most people seem to find and read it when they re so young.It earns its three stars and is a strange little piece of pulp history. This might just be the first book I ever read I was probably 8, because it was during a summer in NYC, and because it was about kids in a gang in NYC it felt very close to home and disturbing I remember having the distinct thought, when someone extinguished a cigarette on the girl s chest, that I was too young to be reading this It sent me spinning with no where to land That said, it was a fantastic read for all its lasting value, and I wish I could find a copy now to reread. This is very well written book, and I find the characters authentic, and believable Hal Ellson s books come out of his work with juvenile delinquents, which would account for their ring of truth I was drawn into this one due to the James Bama cover, not having any prior experience with this sub genre of the 50 s, though I have a few by Harlan Ellison from this period on my to read pile.This is a short book, 150 pages, but it draws its characters well, and gives an amazing sense of place, and time. Very impressed with this one. I read this as a youngster and remember being totally shocked at the incidents portrayed On reading again as an adult I m overcome by a sense of sadness and frustration throughout all the characters lives Powerful reading. My mom had read this when she was in High School and then made me read it 15 years later when I was in high school I can t seem to find it published any but it s one of the most moving books I have ever read. .EPUB ♶ Tomboy ♪ A Grave Challenge Some Readers May Feel That The Author Could Have Presented His Case Persuasively By Replacing Some Of The Sensationalism With Constructive Scenes, But Mr Ellson Seems Deliberately To Have Avoided This Method He Takes The Whole Shocking And Brutal Story And Flings It Down As A Challenge There Can Be No Argument, At Any Rate, As To Whom It May Concern It Concerns Us All The Christian Science Monitor Strangely profound story of a teenage girl coming of age in a 1950 s New York City street gang Published as a pulp novel, it is a sad and well written slip of a book that had a big impact on me. i can dig it. I always remembered this book since I was 13 making a hugh impact on my life I ve never forgotten this book Just an amazing story that really left an imprint on my heart.