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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♠ Tongues of Serpents ⚆ A Dazzling Blend Of Military History, High Flying Fantasy, And Edge Of Your Seat Adventure, Naomi Novik S Temeraire Novels, Set In An Alternate Napoleonic Era In Which Intelligent Dragons Have Been Harnessed As Weapons Of War, Are Than Just Perennial Bestsellers They Are A Worldwide Phenomenon Now, In Tongues Of Serpents, Naomi Novik Is Back, Along With The Dragon Temeraire And His Rider And Friend, Capt Will LaurenceConvicted Of Treason Despite Their Heroic Defense Against Napoleon S Invasion Of England, Temeraire And Laurence Stripped Of Rank And Standing Have Been Transported To The Prison Colony At New South Wales In Distant Australia, Where, It Is Hoped, They Cannot Further Corrupt The British Aerial Corps With Their Dangerous Notions Of Liberty For Dragons Temeraire And Laurence Carry With Them Three Dragon Eggs Intended To Help Establish A Covert In The Colony And Destined To Be Handed Over To Such Second Rate, Undesirable Officers As Have Been Willing To Accept So Remote An Assignment Including One Former Acquaintance, Captain Rankin, Whose Cruelty Once Cost A Dragon Its LifeNor Is This The Greatest Difficulty That Confronts The Exiled Dragon And Rider Instead Of Leaving Behind All The Political Entanglements And Corruptions Of The War, Laurence And Temeraire Have Instead Sailed Into A Hornet S Nest Of Fresh Complications For The Colony At New South Wales Has Been Thrown Into Turmoil After The Overthrow Of The Military Governor, One William Bligh Better Known As Captain Bligh, Late Of HMS Bounty Bligh Wastes No Time In Attempting To Enlist Temeraire And Laurence To Restore Him To Office, While The Upstart Masters Of The Colony Are Equally Determined That The New Arrivals Should Not Upset A Balance Of Power Precariously Tipped In Their Favor Eager To Escape This Political Quagmire, Laurence And Temeraire Take On A Mission To Find A Way Through The Forbidding Blue Mountains And Into The Interior Of Australia But When One Of The Dragon Eggs Is Stolen From Temeraire, The Surveying Expedition Becomes A Desperate Race To Recover It In Time A Race That Leads To A Shocking Discovery And A Dangerous New Obstacle In The Global War Between Britain And Napoleon This is as well written as the earlier books, with great dialogue, and I very much enjoyed the characters But the story is a little dull, particularly in comparison with the previous book Our heroes spend most of the time traipsing around in Australia in the middle of nowhere.I didn t see much point to the plot, and the Aviators seemed disorganized and unprofessional an impression I don t remember getting from the earlier books It s also beginning to seem odd that Europe is the only place in the world where dragons are used only for warfare, and used inefficiently at that.I read Patrick O Brian s The Mauritius Command not long ago, and it was neat to see both the N r ide and the Otter show up here I also enjoyed the depiction of Bligh As Granby observes It seems to me after a fellow has been mutinied against three or four times, there is something to it besides bad luck. October 2010Tongues of Serpents brings William Laurence, his dragon Temeraire, their friends Granby and Iskierka, and three dragon eggs, to the colony of Sydney in New South Wales but not for long The governor of New South Wales has been overthrown, but Laurence is in no mood for politics Instead, Laurence and Granby agree to take their dragons, along with the first egg hatched to one of Laurence s old rivals, Captain Rankin, on a simple mission into Australia s interior There, the second egg is stolen and everything falls to pieces Seriously The book just trips over its own feet and breaks its nose It s not a pretty sight I was dismayed, at the end of Victory of Eagles, to see Laurence and Temeraire exiled to Australia Although they had committed treason against the Crown well intentioned treason, but treason nonetheless , I expected that their actions defending England from Napoleon s invasion would have earned them a pardon That didn t happen, and they were shipped away to Australia and away from England, the Aerial Corps, and most importantly, the War Surely this was the end of the series, and a bleak end at that Seriously, what would happen in Australia Nothing much Minor political squabbles, which Laurence thankfully avoided minor smuggling issues, which Laurence and Temeraire followed for most of the book until the lackluster conclusion and a really long, really drawn out, really boring and pointless chase sequence, which took up than a third of the book, after the theft of the egg, and was resolved in a swift and unsatisfactory way towards the end A few new dragons appear, a few minor characters are allowed some amount of development while a few others get some conclusion and a chance to disappear, and there s a bit of a battle at the end, but nothing much seems to come of it.I hate to criticize Tongues of Serpents so much Naomi Novik s dragons in 18th Century England mash up is pretty damn fantastic, and I ve been a fan of the books and the world she constructed since I picked up His Majesty s Dragon in 2006 This book is the first time I ve been disappointed Hopefully it s a minor hiccup in the series, and the next books supposedly three pick up, continue, and conclude the adventures of Laurence and Temeraire with the same levels of energy and adventure that made the first five books so great. I have said previously that Naomi Novik hasn t hit a sour note, nor made a wrong step throughout her Temeraire series I guess this is what I get for speaking too soon Naomi Novik is still an extremely consistent writer, and whenever I ve picked up a Temeraire book I ve had a remarkably accurate idea of what to expect from the novel Simply put, however, this one was the exception and it proved to be a bit of a disappointment It s the smallest Temeraire book, yet it felt like it was the longest because I started waiting for it to get over It is, by far, the weakest of the series.Now I ll make a confession I have a sorta kinda not so secret crush on Naomi Novik Is it the cute glass wearing nerdy look she has going on, combined with her devotion to nerdy things like DD Sure, sure Of course Is it also those previous traits combined with an adorable interest in the Napoleonic era which happens to be a favorite of mine too Yep Absolutely All are contributors to my fan crush on her BUT still the biggest draw to her is that she is a woman who isn t afraid to use my favorite punctuation mark The Semicolon I love semicolons When an English professor tells you not to use a semicolon, they are wrong they are dead wrong You should tell them they are are wrong by using many semicolons you can even write them a letter telling them how wrong they are You could paint a mural on their office wall of course, a mural should be covered with semicolons A mural on an English professor s wall should always be covered with semicolons, for a very important reason semicolons are sexy.Which is why Naomi Novik painfully broke my heart with Tongues of Serpents she abused my beloved semicolon Gone was the fine tuned sentence structure of The Black Powder War gone was the easy flowing words of Victory of Eagles Gone was sanity Instead with Tongues of Serpents, we were subjected to crazy sentence structure and willy nilly punctuation And my poor poor semicolons were simply, abused wasted defiled I say Their magic was juiced out wrung out and my tears wet the pages in sadness forever.Oh, I forgot to mention It was also kinda boring Does stuff happen Kinda There s an egg chase, which seems to not work out for anybody in the end That s about it Oh, and there s mealtime Sometimes. 3.5 stars.This will be quite a short review as I am honestly running out of things to say about this series And at 6 books in I feel like people are either committed to reading the series till the end so my opinion will probably make little difference or they ve already abandoned the series already and so are probably not even looking at reviews anyway.Although I still enjoyed this book it felt a lot like a filler in the series I think the author decided that Temeraire and Laurence had to spend at least some time view spoiler in exile before they were brought back into the war hide spoiler Dear Naomi Novik, First of all, Java is located in Indonesia Most importantly, there was no Indonesia yet during the Napoleonic Era Using the name Dutch Indies would be appropriate.Secondly, is this just a filler between Victory of Eagles and the next book It surely feels like it sigh Thirdly, could you please stop writing about long tedious journeys Going through the Silk Road in book 3 and Africa road trip in book 4 were exhausting enough Fourthly, thank you for bringing fresh new characters in the form of quirky dragonets They almost made me forget about Lily, Maximus, Nitidus, Perscitia and the gang Last but not least, I d really love to see the next book based in another country continent You have given some hints and I can t wait to meet new dragon breeds.Sincerely yours, An avid Temeraire fan who wants to become an aviator Rankin and Caesar were predictably insufferable, and it seems like Laurence and Temeraire are stuck in Australia for the foreseeable future I very much liked seeing Demane take charge of Kulingile And gosh but I missed Simon Vance s voice. Wow boring Pretty sure I could have skipped this one and not missed much at all I still love Temeraire though. I have been a pretty good fan of this series, but unfortunately, I ve grown tired of it by now.This isn t dragons against Napoleon any This isn t an intrigue in China This is exile to Australia Long treks, dragon eggs, and filler await us Maybe it s because I took almost a decade to return to the series or I burned out, but this didn t capture my imagination Almost at all No hope for glory, just establishing a colony For dragons This is how the world ends With a whimper, not a bang Not sure I ll continue with the last novels, but since Novik has proven herself pretty good with the mythology retellings, I will continue there. How can you possibly make a story about the first days of Australian colonization boring Well, ToS is how The beginning of Tongues of Serpents was dreadful slow paced, political in the most uninteresting ways, and action that falls short of it s rich setting.I mean, come on This is the wild and untamed Australia And all the characters spend doing for half the book is chasing people across the vast landscape Sure there are some killer earthworms, but even then, it was just so hard to care Novik makes poor use of her magnificent setting, too, which was the greatest shame.The latter part of the book does get better It is still political, but in a good way The most fascinating part of this series is how the existence of dragons effects colonialism and slave trade Considering that while continent of Africa, and countries Brazil, Australia and I guess the US colonies may not be as technologically advanced, their dragons are superior Mostly thanks to the fact that all of them actually respect their dragons and treat them with care and reverence, rather than convenient deadly animals, to be used and then discarded Meaning, the African tribes band together to destroy the slave trade and even go as far as going after the Colonists to return their people.But this got me curious about how the battle between the Colonies and Britain played out since the series takes place post Revolution Especially considering that the dragons would make all the difference what about Native Americans vs Colonists were there dragons in the US, I bet not since they wouldn t have let the Colonists spread that far And by a few things and characters Novik said it seems like Native Americans are or less part of the US society and they re breeding dragons so yeah.But overall however, this book was such a step down from the previous two We go from major, epic battles, to traveling Once again, there s only one female character, and even then she s barely ever present And there are so many other characters, it s hard to track any new ones, and some old favorites just kind of wink in and out Like Tharkey, I kept forgetting he was with them because there d be stretches of time where he d just have no lines and seemed to disappear and then reappear again to say a few words and then disappear again Also, considering that Laurance and he have been traveling for a couple of years now nearly as long as with Granby , you d think they d be better friends now But they all still have very professional relationships.The last part of the book was definitely better than the first, but still, slightly disappointed, and I hope the next is better.