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!Download Pdf ♂ Trainspotting ⚐ Ils Sont Quatre Amis Ins Parables Qui Ont En Commun Une Enfance, Une Ville, Des Voisins, Le Ch Mage Et Surtout Une D Votion Appliqu E Pour Une Seule Et Unique H Ro Ne En Forme De Seringue On Entend Ces Quatre L , On Les Coute Chacun Raconte Son Edimbourg, Entre Deux Pintes De Bi Re, Apr S Un Fix, Avant Une Tasse De Th , Ou Pendant Une Baston Coup D Aiguilles Tricoter Taill Es En Pointe On Voit Les Corps Mang S Par Le Virus, La Drogue, Les Hallucinations, Et Puis Quelque Chose Se D Tache On Est D Edimbourg, Mais Comme On Est De Fresnes Ou De La Sant Il Faut S Chapper Livre Culte Des Ann Es , Trainspotting A T Port L Cran Par Dany Boyle Everything you heard about this book is true It will not only melt your face, but also the faces of anyone in the same room as you Be prepared for a deluge of c words from page one to page last, be prepared for a detailed account of a bunch of lively Scottish junkies scuffling and waiting for their man and spiking up and all of that This is offensiveness which achieves transcendence There are scenes which will make you will drop your jaw so far you ll have to spend half an hour looking for it it fell off and rolled under the bed You will guffaw in public, stuff may emit forcefully from your nasal region Yes, the first ten or 15 pages will be tough tough tough like Clockwork Orange since it s written in the language of Scottish junkies Bit et s nae bother Hack your way through the first few pages and you ll be hurtling along, larfing and barfing, lurching and hurling, all the way to the sticky end Apparently some people find the title of the book obscure Especially if they only see the extremely watered down but still pretty good film Sometimes the notorious psycho Begbie decides after the pub shuts to go to the station and find anyone who s unfortunate enough to be waiting for a train and give them a random vicious beating In a spirit of fun he calls that trainspotting. Choose mainstream Choose cheap ebooks that won t challenge you, stretch you, change you or otherwise fuck with your mind Choose YA and chicklit and bland massproduced airport thrillers with sanitised violence and the kind of sex you re sure you can get from a random stranger you picked up half an hour ago when you were both pretending to be too drunk to know what you were doing Choose to ignore anything unexpected or transgressive including but not limited to Plato, Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Newton, Voltaire, Flaubert, Einstein, Joyce, Proust, Dirac, Sartre and the New Testament If possible, choose not even to have heard of them Choose to vote for the dishonest political party whose mindless focus group tested slogan appeared most often in your fucking Facebook feed on your fucking iPhone which you touch or swipe an average of 2600 times a day Choose to develop Alzheimers and fall asleep while rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on your fucking Kindle and never wake up But why would I want to do a thing like that I chose not to choose mainstream I chose something else And the reasons There are no reasons Who needs reasons when you ve got real books As seen on The ReadventurerThis is why I love reading challenges they allow me to discover books I would have never picked up on my own Let s face it, would I ever intentionally seek a book about Scottish low lives junkies, thugs, and prostitutes Don t think so But alas, the fate threw Welsh s Trainspotting my way and I ate it up like hot cakes Trainspotting is a collection of short stories narrating scenes in the lives of a Skag Boys skag heroin Rents, Sick Boy, Begsbie, Spud, and various people around them their families, lovers, drug suppliers, partners in crime, or victims Mark Renton Rents is or less is the protagonist, this is mostly his story, even though the stories are written from multiple points of view in 1st and 3rd person The majority of them is also narrated in Scottish dialect, so some initial effort to understand is required.The best thing about this book is that it takes you on a roller coaster ride it takes you from revulsion to uncontrollable boasts of laughter to tears of compassion Considering that every other word in this book is a profanity, I think Irvine Welsh has talent Trainspotting starts off as a rather repulsive read within the first 10 pages Rents is fishing out the drugs that he has just rectally ingested out of the filthy overflowing public toilet The repulsive factor doesn t really go away as the story progresses, we are faced with psychopath Begsbie who is extremely abusive to everyone around him, including his girlfriends, or Sick Boy who is very popular with women and at some point becomes a pimp of a few of them, or Rents himself, who drunkenly has sex with a 14 year old girl or shags his dead brother s pregnant fiance in the bathroom during his funeral The list goes on and on But the thing is, in spite of all these depravities, Skag Boys are strangely relatable and, dare I say it, often likable They are losers and addicts and criminals, but their emotional and moral struggles are real.The book is, although very dark, at the same time hilarious, it is filled with Rents sarcastic humor This quote from the scene can give you a good taste of the writing.Here Rents is held by his parents under the house arrest They are attempting to get him off the heroin, Rents mom is trying to feed himThe auld girl sticks us in the comfy chair by the fire in front ay the telly, and puts a tray oan ma lap Ah m convulsing inside anyway, but the mince looks revolting Ah ve telt ye ah dinnae eat meat Ma, ah sais Ye eywis liked yer mince and tatties potatoes That s whair ye ve gone wrong son, no eating the right thing Ye need meat.Now there is apparently a casual link between heroin addiction and vegetarianism In the latter part Trainspotting is no longer a repulsively hilarious read, it gets darker and darker, as we follow the fates of Rents many friends, and it s not pretty too many of them are dying from HIV from sharing needles, from cancer, gangrene, heart attacks Seeing this many deaths, 25 year old Rents attempts to kick his habit over and over again, but will he and his friends succeed I think Trainspotting is a remarkable read and I will definitely read of Welsh s work But is this book for everybody Absolutely not It is filled with human depravities, profanity, and written in Scottish dialect This will turn off many readers But if you are looking for a challenging in many ways read, give Trainspotting a try You won t be disappointed.Reading challenge 13 transgressive Very very big novel to have read even if it is not for all public.We are in the authentic, it is dug and dense, we fully live these characters who are nevertheless drug addicts and we feel their desires, passions, sufferings and even lack of people Really a great novel, a very great author this Irvine Welsh. Probably the most famous passage from the book Whin yir oan junk, aw ye worry about is scorin Oaf the gear, ye worry aboot loads ay things Nae money, cannae git pished Goat money, drinkin too much Cannae git a burd, nae chance ay a ride git a burd, too much hassle, canne breathe withoot her gitten oan yir case Either that, or ye blow it, and feel aw guilty Ye worry aboot bills, food bailiffs, these Jambo Nazi scum beatin us, aw the things that ye couldnae gie a fuck aboot whin yuv goat a real junk habit Yuv just goat one thing tae worry aboot The simplicity ay it aw Ken whit ah mean Rento stops to give his jaws another grind I ve read this book three times now Once during high school, once during college, and once as an adult Reading this book feels like going home It makes me believe that really great books can be found anywhere In some ways I feel the book is a product of the 80s, but I remember it as an essential part of the 90s For some reason, the Renton s mates seem like the most universal set of characters in the world Everyone has one friend who is a lady killer like Sick Boy, a good hearted man like Spud, a stalwart like Tommy, and an absolute bastard like Begby As for Mark, well, he is the dude most likely to be the one narrating the tale I sensitive, never do weller who is too sensitive for his own good Who of us hasn t had these problems who of us hasn t had friends like these who us hasn t wanted an escape from the tedium of modern life Others on goodreads have analyzed the novel from a writerly perspective I wonder how the book got published because it is a bad book, but because it is so uniquely good that you only realize how good it is by investing your time in reading it again and again and learning the slang if you don t know Scottish dialect The book seems to be authentic because it doesn t try too hard to be something it s not Perhaps that s the message for writers reading this book be who you are as a writer, for good or ill, and hopefully it will all work Or, you can just give up writing and live a normal, happy, healthy life Whin yir off the writing, all you think about is writing Oan the writing, ye worry aboot loads ay things Nae money, cannae git an agent Goat an agent, won t return your calls Cannae git a publisher, nae chance ay a making it Git a publisher, too much hassle, canne breathe withoot them gitten oan yir case Either that, or ye blow it, and feel aw guilty Ye worry aboot bills these effete critics beatin us, aw the things that ye couldnaegie a fuck aboot whin yuv given up the writing. I m a little confused about why I d had the other edition reviewed, when I didn t read the John Hodge after movie version delete, delete, delete If I hadn t seen the movie first, I probably wouldn t have even tried reading the book because the language difference is not the most accommodating to read in print The writing works for the people, place, and lifestyle that s being shown, but it s definitely easier to understand when you have the movie to refer to in your mind I will say that after a few pages it did get easier, once I started to figure out which words meant what.If you missed out on this movie back in the mid 90 s, here s a basic rundown Heroin addicts struggle to live life while fighting their addiction The movie and book is gritty, bleak, raunchy, sexy, funny, and heartbreaking This paragraph sums it up in a better way than I m capable of Syringe, needle, spoon, candle, lighter, packet ay powder It s all okay, it s all beautiful but ah fear that this internal sea is gaunnae subside soon, leaving this poisonous shire washed up, stranded up in ma body Ah start tae cook up another shot As ah shakily hand the spoon ower the candle, waitin for the junk tae dissolve, ah think short term sea, long term poison This thought though, is naewhere near sufficient tae stop us fae daein what ah huv tae dae.After finishing my read and watching the movie again, I will say that this story is one I ll never forget The movie came along when I was in a period of my life where I needed to have some things pounded into my head and Trainspotting was a reference point for all things which I needed to remind myself to stay away from I laughed, I cried, I almost lost my lunchhow s that for a story I love the movie so much, I didn t think this book could be better than the movie Oh, but it is Review to come, because I need to process what I ve just read P.S I m attempting to review the book in phonetic Scots, it s immensely difficult. I must have read the first page of Trainspotting than twenty times since purchasing the book years ago, and each time I would put it back in fear of all the Scottish dialect There s no point lying, this is a challenging novel, sometimes you have to read things twice or pause to think about them to fully understand what s being said But, unlike a lot of books that are difficult to read, this was ultimately rewarding and once you get used to the slang words it becomes a very gritty, moving and funny read.Trainspotting is a story about a bunch of Scottish heroin addicts Rents, Sick Boy others , it s about the dregs of society and it s about prostitutes If you don t like reading about these kind of people, you won t like the book If you have problems with the C word, you definitely won t like this book It s told in several short stories that switch between first and third person narrative and switch between character point of views Many of my usual rules have been broken for this book I don t like multiple perspectives, I don t like spending time deciphering the text, I don t like sentences that are made up of profanities But all of those factors come together to make a great novel in this rare case.All the characters are oddly likeable in a way, which really says something to me about the author s talent as a writer Even though they are morally questionable individuals with an ocean of problems, they have a very dark and hilarious sense of humour, and it is this colour and vivacity that makes it all the heartbreaking when Rents loses his close friends to HIV and other illnesses.It won t suit everyone, Trainspotting is about the people at the bottom of the pile who get easily written off as hopeless and a waste of space, but Welsh gives a sense of humanity to these addicts, he makes them people with unique characteristics and personal struggles that we can offer sympathy to I m just sorry I put it off for so long. Buddy Read with Murugesh.This is the first time I am reading a book that involves Drug Addiction It does not just involve Drug addiction but that is the center theme of the story The writing is a bit different and most of the chapters are written in Scottish dialect and I had to actually go and re read sentences many times The narrator changes with each chapter, and at first it was difficult to follow whose point of view we are reading But as the book progresses, just by looking at the language and particular use of words, I was able to identify who the narrator for the chapter is.We follow the lives of drug addicts, the depth of the addiction, the fight to come out of it and then back to the addiction The diseases that the addicts are prone to AIDS because of the needle sharing and apathetic daze they live and die in.There are some very unlikable set of characters and at the end of it you don t feel like rooting for any of them Out of the all the characters , Spud was naive and Davie was decent apart from the one act Rent Boy was all shades of grey whereas Sick Boy and Begbie were despicable by the end of it Sounds dreadful doesn t it, but the author has done an interesting job of putting it all forward and making this an interesting read.There were inventive ways of taking drugs, that I had no idea about and there were numerable scenes that made me very uncomfortable This was definitely out of my comfort zone but I am still glad that I read this dark, troubling, disgusting, depressing but still funny at times story.