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#Ebook ⚛ Transitional Justice Beyond Blueprints ⚣ Advocates And Practitioners Of Transitional Justice Have Long Sought To Reach For A Singular Model That Could Anticipate How To Co Ordinate, Sequence And Create Complementarity Between The Raft Of Mechanisms And Activities That Fall Under Its Banner However, There Has Been Surprisingly Little Research That Explores How Varied Dimensions Of Transitional Justice Practice Can, Or Should, Work Together In Particular Social Contexts To Effect Social Change To Address This Gap, This Book Provides An Innovative, And Interdisciplinary, Understanding Of The Necessity Of Context Specific Designs For Post Conflict Redress Demonstrating That Transitional Justice Practice Must Necessarily Be Context Specific, The Book Brings Together Contributions From Distinguished Scholars Across The Globe In Order To Show That Disparate Historical, Cultural And Legal Contexts Require Equally Distinct Approaches Towards Social HealingIn So Doing, The Book Moves Towards What The Editors Have Dubbed A Post Conflict Action Framework That Would Allow For Immediate Interventions That Are Sensitive To The Socio Cultural Context They Hope To Influence