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Right off the bat, I have to say that I loved the fact that Ivy s character used to be a big girl when she was younger and that she s still a average sized woman now in this story It makes her character very easy to identify with for meand the fact that she knows what she wants and goes after it is a big plus as well.Cade is pretty damn great extremely hot and sexy firefighter who knows how to cook, and here in Triple Dare he s that player that is finally going to be corralled by the one or will he There s also a good, solid cast of supporting characters that have me wanting to dive in to the other books in this series.This story puts together a couple of my favorite romance tropes the player finally meeting his one and the brother s best friend and gives you a really fun, sexy read For me, Cade seemed to be denying his feelings during the first part of the book which was a little frustrating, but once he gets past that the story settles in, though there s some predictability in the plot.Triple Dare was pretty entertaining, and it s piqued my interest in the author s other books in the series oh yes, you don t need to have read the others to enjoy this one it is definitely a standalone It was a 4 star read for me, and I d recommend it to romance fans who like a nice dose of steamy scenes in their stories Now to find out where I can get one of those calendars from the book This was another good read in the Art of Seduction series Cade is the type of guy I m not keen on, a serial shagger In fact when we meet him first, he is on his way to a date with a blond bimbo who turns out to be a major stalker Not cool and not very heroic.Ivy has known Cade forever as he s been her twin brother s best mate since kindergarten She liked him, a lot, but she was the chubby girl at school and paid the price in humiliation so she and Cade stayed in the friend zone.Now a dozen years later, she s back in town, a famous fashion photographer and quite a few pounds lighter, but still curvy Suddenly Cade is wondering why he never noticed she was a girl before Shallow twat But hey, we have to have a character growth arc Sort of like Jack Black in that movie with Gwyneth Paltrow.Their first meeting is when she has to photograph him for a sexy fire fighter calendar objectifies It would make a great scene in a moviewith maybe Chris Hemsworth as Cade AnywayWhat starts out as a dare to protect Cade from stalker bimbo turns into so much when the sparks light up just from a kiss When events conspire to put them into the same house for six weeks it s a conflagration Lucky he s a firemanwith a big hose OMG this book is corrupting me Overall this was a cute read with a light touch on some big issues It came complete with big gesture so it all worked outnow I m seeing Chris Hemsworth working out That s probably enough excitement for one day. 3 out of 5 starsThis story was good, but fell just a little short for me I enjoyed the characters Ivy and Cade and I enjoyed their playful banter, but I just didn t connect with them like I sometimes do Ivy has been all over the world as a fashion photographer, but came home to help take care of her dad after his heart attack Her home is a small town full of people who have tormented her most of her life Cade is her twin brother s best friend He is also her first love and a totally hottie I liked that the author didn t immediately throw them together and that they actually fought the feelings a little longer than some other books, BUT when they got together it wasn t as electric as I was hoping for Although in following through on the first dare, Ivy wore Cade s extra jersey to his softball game and this line in the book made me excited to see where their relationship would go Damn He eyed her up and down, his baby blues leaving goose bumps in their wake My shirt never looked so good And their connection was good, just not the intense one I was anticipating Having been my first book by Ms Kyle, I didn t know the other characters in the story, but she did a pretty good job of incorporating them into the story without making me feel like I missed too much, but included just enough story to inspire me to read their stories, too. Cade s compliments can melt your panties off, they re that damn sexy, damn He eyed her up and down, his baby blues leaving goose bumps in their wake My shirt never looked so good she eyed him right back, lingering a little longer than necessary between his legs, where the baseball pants weren t hiding anything When it comes to his woman Cade s willing to play dirty, he lowered himself onto the sofa and laid his crutches on the floor Do your rules include doing the deed Or at least some heavy petting Because I m feeling kind of lonely down here And horny I really enjoyed this book I loved Cade. Ivy has had a thing for Cade since they were younger but of course he only saw her as a friend Now that she is home to help take care of her father Cade is noticing her curves but of course he doesn t want to ruin a good friendship Cade is a ladies man and his ex will not leave him alone So Ivy offers to help her get the picture but soon things start to heat up and both go up in smoke I liked the characters and the way they were written Ivy was made fun of when she was younger and now that she is older she has shed her baby weight and is all curves Some still call her fat but she owns her body which I loved I liked how Cade changed his ways and wanted something with her He wanted her to have her career and yet stay with him The way Cade got hurt was on the unique side and I m glad it had nothing to do with a fire Cade stays with Ivy while his broken leg heals and they become closer One thing I love about blaze books is that they are so much hotter and feel realistic This is the first book I have read by this author and I liked it Although the plot had its originally moments I felt the charity calendar has been over used in romance novels I would have loved to see something a little different and unique Is this book worth the read Yes because it s cute and has a friends to lovers story I always find them the best reads. Great, Great Story Ivy and Cade have known each other since grade school, Cade is her brother s best friend Ivy was teased in school for having a curvier figure than most the other girls, this made Ivy very self conscious around people but it also helped her become a strong person After school she decided to move away from her small hometown to escape bad memories and mean people She returns home to help out in the family business after her father suffers a heart attack She is a rising fashion photographer and while home to keep busy she offers her help to one of the two local photographers who has been ill She helps with a calendar shoot of local firemen for a school fundraiser It just so happens that one of the hunky firemen happens to be Cade Ivy has had a crush on him forever but he has always looked at her as his best friend s little sister Cade and his fellow firemen respond to a call of a kitten stuck in a pipe in the process of rescuing it he hurts his leg and he has to have a cast on it Now he has restrictions and limitations, no climbing stairs this creates a dilemma since his apartment is on the second floor of his complex So Ivy offers for him to stay with her which works out fine but the heat between them is becoming difficult to ignore But she is suppose to be leaving once her father is better so what will they do This book was a real page turner I truly enjoyed the story. I want to send my thanks to Regina Kyle, author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for my copy of Triple Dare The Art of Seduction that I won in the Giveaway.Sexy world class photographer and his best friend s twin sister, Ivy Nelson is back in town to help with the family business due to her dad being ill Cade Hardesty, local firefighter is set to pose for a community calendar and Ivy is filling in to take the pictures This starts bringing Ivy s fantasy of a romance with Cade into a reality Triple Dare is full of crazy dares and fun to keep it light hearted while the romance develops Throw in a crazy ex girlfriend, lots of interference from Ivy s family and Cade getting hurt on the job to make this a delightful story for romance lovers. *Free Ebook ↶ Triple Dare ⇟ Lights Camera And A Whole Lotta Action Globe Trotting Fashion Photographer Ivy Nelson Is Home To Help Her Family Out Of A Jam When She Donates Her Services To A Charity Calendar, The Last Thing She Expects Is Hunky Firefighter And Object Of All Her Hottest Fantasies Cade Hardesty To Walk Through The Door Cade Is Ready To Get Naked For A Good Cause, And The Heat Ivy Feels Is Anything But Professional When A Sexy Dare Turns Into A Scorching Kiss, They Can T Help But Give In To Their Desires But Cade Wants Ivy In His Bed For Than One Night Can The Hometown Firefighter Convince The Photographer That Her Wanderlust Should Lead Her Into His Arms For Good, Or Will One Of Them Run Before They Both Get Burned A Fun Steamy RomanceThis book was a totally fun and refreshing romance It s light and sweet and has zero darkness The author has done a great job with the writing I absolutely love her wit and sense of humor The plot is great while not being exactly a new idea of a childhood crush taken into adulthood, but it is so well written that it doesn t feel like you ve read it before The characters are so real and enjoyable and relatable, especially Ivy Lets not forget that the steamy scenes are make you sweat hot A totally feel good romance I was generously given a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review. Love it