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Not sure why this book came into my mind this past summer, but I was determined to read it again. This was my very favorite book as a young girl and I remember taking it of the library numerous times. So the hunt was on. This old fashioned book is out of print, but I found it in a small library (shared by our highschool) in my town. This nostalgic story was just as good a read to me as it was way back when. It will remain one of my very favorites...good writing...good story and still as magical to me as it was when I was twelve. In the forbidden room at the top of the stairs, Sabrina found love...and enchantment." That is what it said on the back cover copy of the Tempo paperback I found in my elementary school (I was too young to appreciate it), but there is so much more to this evocative and unforgettable story. The heroine is 17, and sensitive, selfcontained, old for her yearsit is inevitable that she will fall in love with the first handsome man she encounters.

How can anyone not fall in love with a book that begins: Sabrina had never picked a lock in her life, but it was done every day in books.

Four and a half stars. This is the sweetest ghost story I've ever read! I rather like ghost stories, but haven't read very many. In fact, I've probably written more of them than I've read.
It's because I don't go for the typical "scary ghost story" as much as "ghosts as a manifestation of people who cannot be forgotten."
I've been looking for a ghost story like this one and am so pleased I've found it! The only book that has come near to meeting this foggy, undefined criteria is A Fine and Private Place. That was a good book, but Tryst touched me so much more. 4.5 stars

What secrets lay behind the locked door at top of the stairs? Sabrina, determined to find out, begins a quest that not even she with her lively imagination could ever have dreamed.

Seventeen year old Sabrina, her father and Aunt Effie accompanied by Effie's pampered dog, Bella, have rented a nine bedroom house in the Mendip Hills. Sabrina's father, a retired professor wants to explore ancient encampments in the area while working on a book about prehistoric England. Sabrina loves the house and quiet countryside, especially after the tight quarters and noisy streets of London. She is free to roam, to read, to dream, to explore everythingexcept for the locked room. Mrs. Pilton, the housekeeper, a taciturn woman, explains that the room is kept locked until the landlord's son returns from his travels.

In her quiet and dignified way, Mrs. Pilton is a strong and sympathetic character and later becomes Sabrina's ally and comforter. She doesn't waste any words, especially when she is speaking with Aunt Effie. Aunt Effie, effusive and demanding, is high strung, too high strung for the gentle and reflective Sabrina. Scenes with pampered Bella and Aunt Effie are often humorously chaotic. Sabrina's father is usually absent from all family matters and defers Sabrina's care to Aunt Effie.

The locked room is Sabrina's turning point in her sheltered world. Once she gains access, her vistas openhundreds of books await her daily visits and her growing curiosity about their owner gradually brings her closer to him. What is his name? When will he return? Does he feel her presence in his room as she feels his?

This is a love story, a story of the fragile connections and eternal bonds between two worlds. This beautifully written story is not maudlin, nor a romance, although it is romantic (view spoiler)