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This book looks like a nice historical romance novel I give the book 5 stars. Lydia Westland was ecstatic to finally be visiting England She heard so many stories about her stepfather s homeland growing up Now she wants to marry a titled gentleman and live in polite society When she is introduced to her stepfather s half brother, Rhys Rhodes, she is spellbound Rhys has just become the Marquess of Blackhurst He s not interested in marriage He s not interested in taking his place in society But Lydia fascinates Rhys as no other woman has ever done.This is the third book in Heath s Daughters of Fortune series I thought the first half of the book was very slow Lydia and Rhys would find themselves together over and over again He would kiss her then push her away for her own good I thought the second half of the book when he is helping her enter society was interesting My rating 3.5 Stars. @READ PDF ⚠ Love With a Scandalous Lord ⚧ Rhys, Marchese Di Blackhurst, Per Soddisfare Il Desiderio Del Padre Nte Invita Nella Residenza Inglese Il Fratellastro, Grayson Rhodes, Che Quindici Anni Prima Si Era Trasferito In Texas Non Si Aspetta Tuttavia Che La Figliastra Di Grayson Sia Una Ragazza Bella E Piena Di Vita Come Lydia Sente Subito Di Dover Mantenere Le Distanze Da Lei Certo Sarebbe Perfetta Per Il Suo Pi Recondito Sogno Di Trovare Finalmente L A Di Una Donna, Ma La Sua Fama Di Libertino, E Soprattutto L Orrendo Segreto Che Lo Tortura, Non Potrebbero Che Rovinarla E Questo Lui Non Pu Permetterlo Ma Lydia Anche Un Anima Gentile, Capace Di Perdonare I could write many minor problems that this book had the hero s refusal to trust the heroine with his past though he loved her, the use of too many cliches both in the plot but also in the writing style, the too good to be true hero and But in the end, I enjoyed it a lot because no other writer with the possible exception of Hoyt writes the tortured hero as well as Heath does And I loved my tortured hero stories, especially when they re packed with lots of drama and angst in the surrounding plot Heath certainly knows how to deliver that as well.I am sorry however that I didn t pick up As an Earl Desires before this one, as I originally considered I had no idea these two books were connected, but having read this first I have no desire to read the other The heroine of As an Earl Desires is the villain of this book And when I say villain, she s ten times the villain St Vincent was No chance of redeeming her for me I m afraid, even though Heath tried to make her seem of a victim in the final chapter. Somehow by the end off this highly implausible romance the characters stole my heart Perhaps is was because of Lydia s temperament not to fall prey to allowing Rhys ridiculous circumstances to destroy her happiness of course Rhys was pretty charming himself. I like Lorraine Heath, I really do I like her quite a bit But this book was just plain torturous and a pain to finish The heroine came off as insipid and shallow, and well I didn t see love with Rhys and Lydia, just pure lust So much for my guilty pleasure of American heroines with English men in HRs. A hard book to rate I had so many issues with it implausible plot, inconsistently characterized heroine, innocence worshipping hero which always gets on my nerves But I wound up being caught up in the plot twists, silly though they often were, and in the powerful emotions Rhys starts out as a tortured hero cliche and winds up as someone very interesting Despite numerous flaws, the story was thematically very satisfying.I m curious to see how Heath did at turning the selfish, coldhearted and somewhat repugnant villain of this story into the heroine of the next one in the series Sorry Lorraine Heath, you know I still love you, but I just can t finish this book right now Maybe it s me and my current state of mind, but the h is just way too immature for me to enjoy this story It was nice to see Grayson from A Rogue in Texas again I will try this again at another time. As some of you may have seen from my status updates, I definitely had mixed feelings about this book I suppose it was another one of those boring first half, interesting second half books It took me two days to get half way and the only reason I stuck it out was because it was Lorraine Heath I m not particularly surprised that it got interesting in the end because she is a writer of great quality I can t say I was too impressed by this one though the first half was too boring for words and the heroine came across as slightly shallow and etiquette obsessed Lydia and her family arrive in England from Texas after her stepfather learns that his father is ill Lydia has been dreaming of the London glitter and glamour for all her life and is beyond excitement when she finally has the opportunity to experience it Upon arriving in England she falls in love with the first man she meets, Rhys Rhodes, who is about to become a duke After a fall out with his family, Rhys now possesses a dark and scandalous past that prevents him from marrying Lydia The first half of the book largely describes Lydia s excitement about all things British and her obsession with following the etiquette of aristocratic society She quickly falls in love with Rhys and everything is sailing smoothly until he refuses to marry her I was completely nodding off and waiting for the book to hurry up and finish when BAM things started getting VERY interesting It was like the switch had been flicked on There s nothing like a good bit of jealousy, drama and scandal to liven up any book All I can say is, thank God this book turned out okay in the end I think I ve read the second book in this series as well and I would definitely not recommend it This series is not Lorraine Heath s best, but I did like this book in the end.Rate 3 stars Lorraine Heath is a good romance writer, but this isn t one of her stronger books I wouldn t say it s bad, or it s a waste of time because I did get into the story, it s just flawed.She has a great premise for the hero of the story No one can write a damaged hero like Heath There is a twist at the end about the hero s past that I didn t see coming Those are the strengths of the book.The flaws are that both the heroine and hero come off as immature The hero Ryhs won t reveal his past to the heroine, which propels the plot but comes off as untrusting This book shares the flaws of many of Heath s books interesting characters and premises and back stories But the dialogue is weak Much as I hate to say it because I m a fan, the dialogue come off as corny and unbelievable about a quarter of the time.Rhys is a second son who was never supposed to be the heir That went to his older brother who had a streak of cruelty in him After his brother s wife killed herself because of circumstances I won t reveal, Rhys was cast out into the world with no money For five years he wandered, doing some unsavory things for money When his brother dies after getting drunk and tripping into a pond, Rhys is the heir The heroine is the step daughter of his half brother that is visiting She is innocent to the ways of the ton and Rhys falls for her, but is unwilling to marry her because he knows once his secrets get out she will be ridiculed and cut off For all the books flaws, Rhys is an interesting hero Three and a half stars.