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(((Book))) ☝ University Finances ↞ In University Finances, Higher Education Expert Dean O Smith Demystifies Basic Accounting Procedures, Budgets, Debt Financing, And Financial Statements Explores Unusual Financial Topics, Such As Methods For Calculating Fringe Benefit Rates, Bond Refunding Costs, And Indirect Cost Allocations Shows That The Use Of University Wealth Is Highly Restricted By Donors, Bondholders, Government Regulators, And Others Answers Nuanced Questions, Like How Are USDA Formula Funds Calculated And Why Does The University Pursue And Research Funding When It Loses Money On Every Grant Illustrates Financial Calculations Using Realistic ExamplesSome Of These Explanations Are Unavailable In Print Or Online To Anyone But A Handful Of Professional Accountants Rigorous, Detailed, And Wide Ranging, University Finances Is A Unique And Powerful Resource