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A step up from the previous volumes in the series. Last Lines from Unspoken I know they will remember my sins, Lord, but when they look upon my life, let them see what You did for an unworthy woman let them see the hope born from despair If they must recount my sins, let them count Your blessings so You protected me You raised me up You gave me sons Let my name be unspoken, Lord, for what am I that anyone should remember me But, oh, Lord God of Israel if they do remember me, let them open their mouths and sing praises for your great mercy toward me let them see Your infinite grace and your boundless love and let them be encouraged I really liked this one Rivers does an inspiring job of humanizing a woman who is so often villanized, or at least discounted Such a good reminder that despite her past mistakes, it is godly mother Bathsheba who raised the one son of David who would become the wisest man of the Bible I liked too the characterization of David as so very, very human I think sometimes as we remember his triumphs, we forget how very, very low his darkest moments were A beautiful picture of how God uses broken, sinful people for their blessing and His glory. This whole series is amazing God used these women regardless of what others thought of them He saw through to the heart of each of them right past their sins faults , and used the gifts and talents that He gave them to bring us a Savior that we despearately need needed It speaks to God s capacity to love and forgive us It shows the humble beginings from which Christ was born. Whenever I ve considered the story of David and Bathsheba, I ve never really thought much about what Bathsheba endured once she entered the palace This book is as good as the others, creating one possible scenario from what we know from Scripture, but it opens my thoughts to other possibilities and deeper Scriptural truths. This is my favorite book out of the Lineage of Grace series much to my surprise This book spoke to me in many ways I seriously thought I would not like this one at all because of what I ve read and known of Bathsheba BUT I was proven wrong she is definitely one of my favorite Bible stories now I love how Rivers put this in a different light and has made it accessible to many people, bringing others to or closer to God. Unspoken completely changed my way of thinking about Bathshebaand David Thank you, Mrs Rivers Here s my favorite quote Maybe it s only those who ve made such chaos of their lives who can understand the heights and depths of God s mercy 147. I was surprised that Rivers included Bathsheba in her lineage of grace series After all who was Bathsheba but the women who led David into adultery However I learned so much about her from this book and also so much about God s grace and mercy That no matter what are sin God can still use you After all everyone sins and there will be consequences for your sins Bathsheba and David s sins led to repercussions for 1,000 of people but despite all that God blessed her because of her willingness to confess, ask forgiveness and continue to lead a life for God Another great book in the series One note about the whole series I would recommend reading a little of the book and then stopping to reflect and complete one section of the seek and find chapters rather than doing them all once you have read the entire book You will get out of the reading that way. She committed adulteryshe repented and was forgiven Who would have thought that the son of an adulteress would be King The story of Bathsheba is one of hope to us all who have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory God forgives and He restores Considering how greatly God had blessed her despite her grievous sin, she couldn t imagine what His plan might have been had she been faithful and obedient What if David had never seen her bathing What if he d never called for her and she d remained faithful to Uriah Yet having experienced God s discipline, she knew she had gained a life changing understanding of redemption and restoration She now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt how great were God s mercy and loving kindness, and for that she was oh so thankful The sweet incense of faith was released when her life and will were crushed. ^FREE EBOOK ☠ Unspoken (Lineage of Grace, #4) ☘ The Compelling Story Of Bathsheba And David As Told By Award Winning Author Francine Rivers Readers Will See The Familiar Biblical Account Unfold In A Whole New Light Through The Eyes Of Bathsheba This Timeless Story Has Contemporary Meaning For Today S Readers A Study On The Biblical Text Is Included For Personal Or Group Study