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Review on translation by Stuart Gilbert Looking for a particular translation of the Little Prince, I found myself in the library Stacks section of old, rarely checked out books There, two other books by Saint Exupery do surnames like that still exist attracted me through their first lines I was entranced What exquisite writing And like the index of poetry, each chapter of Night Flight is headed on a lead in page by its first line The book begins, with Fabian, the pilot silently observing, Already, beneath him through the golden evening, the shadowed hills had dug their furrows and the plains grew luminous with long enduring light The mood is set Day is ending and night will soon settle in The calm before the storm Within two pages, the story is shadowed with foreboding through thought, description and word choice.Why use dreadnought in a metaphor I had to look it up and it s quite likely the only word in the English language that refers to both a battleship and a large bodied acoustic guitar But then the word dread is used two or threetimes in the book Like reading poetry the text is clearly littered with words associated with literal darkness and the metaphorical dark areas of the human soul Each character is a solitary, soldiering through the night, set upon a mission to get the mail through The year is 1930, the planes are primitive, the communication is the wireless telegram The heroes are the pilots, at the mercy of both nature and the heirachy of the mail service namely the inspector and the commanding chief These two men are afflicted and absorbed by their professions, in a sense blinded to the lives of the pilots This all sets up for a very melancholy, yet beautifully written, read A fantastic storm blankets the inner continent and Fabian, in flight from Patagonia to Buenes Aires, becomes lost Saint Exupery writes from experience, and it shows He miraculousloy survived several crashes, but flying was his love, and he never returned from his last flight A rather creepy thing to know as you read this book It s almost as if he wrote it from the dead. @Ebook ⚸ Vol de nuit ⚞ Les Faiblesses, Les Abandons, Les D Ch Ances De L Homme, La Litt Rature De Nos Jours N Est Que Trop Habile Les D Noncer Mais Ce Surpassement De Soi Qu Obtient La Volont Tendue, C Est L Ce Que Nous Avons Surtout Besoin Qu On Nous Montre Andr Gide Note Aussi Dans Sa Pr Face Que Les Courriers Postaux De Nuit Taient Encore Hasardeux En Ces Ann Es Trente Les Pilotes, La Fois Bergers Du Ciel, Veilleurs Et Messagers, Font Donc Preuve De Pugnacit , De Courage, Mais Aussi De Joie Puissante Face Aux L Ments Et L Inconnu Entre Ces Hommes Et Leur Chef Rivi Re, Avant Tout Accapar Par Les V Nements, Se Noue Pourtant Une Silencieuse Fraternit Due Peut Tre Cette Certitude Commune Le Bonheur N Est Pas Dans La Libert Mais Dans L Acceptation D Un Devoir Vol De Nuit Est Le Roman Qui Fit Conna Tre Saint Exup Ry Et Re Ut Le Prix Femina EnPlus Encore Que Dans Courrier Sud O Le T Moignage De Ses Vols Se M Le Une Intrigue Amoureuse, Saint Exup Ry Retient Ici La Noblesse Et L H Ro Sme De Son Personnage, Conf Rant Son R Cit Des Allures D Pop ELaure Anciel El libro nos narra la historia de una empresa de correos a rea, donde 3 pilotos vuelan desde tres partes diferentes de Sudam rica Santiago de Chile, La Patagonia y Uruguay con destino a Buenos aires, para que este correo salga rumbo a Europa Durante la historia, iremos conociendo al piloto Fabien que est en pleno recorrido y sufre ciertos problemas con un mal temporal que se aproxima Por otra parte iremos conociendo a Rivi re, el director de la red de correos y como tiene que ir tomando decisiones y se plantea si su gesti n es correcta.Me ha parecido un relato muy profundo y elaborado, donde se muestran muchos aspectos de la sociedad y dilemas que muchos nos planteamos a veces, como si estamos haciendo lo correcto o justo Adem s esta fant sticamente relatado, not ndose la calidad literaria del autor de El Principito y que adem s tiene experiencias propias como piloto ya que los momentos de peligro se nota que son plenamente vivos.Una buena lectura ligera y de gran calidad literaria en apenas 140 hojas, que adem s tienen una letra bastante grande, pero que no os dejara indiferentes aunque el tema de los aviones no vaya mucho con vosotros. Five stars for the original French edition, a scant three stars for the 1931 English translation by Stuart Gilbert.It is 1930 South America As a golden day turns into night, three planes are bound for an air field in Buenos Aires carrying mail from Chile, Paraguay and Patagonia At the airfield office, the manager and ground crew wait Across the continent, a vast cyclonic storm system is building The story of this night flight is told from several points of view the pilot bound north from Patagonia on the longest and most hazardous route and the onboard radio operator who is filled with foreboding on the ground in Buenos Aires, a timorous bureaucratic functionary and another pilot waiting to carry the mail on to Europe Every hour counts, each one widening the company s slender time advantage over rail and sea At the heart of the story and in the eye of the storm stands Rivi re, the manager of this continent wide venture and the main character Rivi re is a hard man, even a brutal one, who can goad a pilot into facing his fears or whip a ground crew to super human efforts, all to keep the planes and pilots safely aloft for another few hours.But tonight Rivi re is bedeviled with doubts, feeling his age, second guessing his decisions Rivi re is not a likable character but he is at times admirable and as a study in a kind of leadership that is sometimes needed but has fallen out of favor, he is superb.I read this novella in the original French, simultaneously with a 1932 English translation by Stuart Gilbert that I used as a sort of oil can and spare tire every time my rusty, rickety French ground to a halt I am so glad that I persevered with the original.The rhythm of the language is extraordinary There are densely poetic passages that take us sweeping across the vast, empty steppes where only a few lights twinkle in the night, or that fly us into the towering cloud walls of a terrible storm Then, abruptly, the poetry is pushed aside, elbowed out of the way by sharp, spare prose as impatient men force their way through the night, doing impossible jobs with too little gasoline, too little information, too little time too little timeThe dialog is even harsher raw staccato sentences that rip across the page It s potent, heart pounding stuff, but alas only in the original.Let me give you a taste of why I rate this book five stars in French, but only three stars in the Stuart Gilbert translation.In a flashback, Rivi re is firing an old mechanic, a veteran who is guilty of a single error and must be made an example The man pleads desperately for the job that is his life, the core of his identity Rivi re s response is curt, implacable Je vous ai dit je vous offre une place de manoeuvre Ma dignit , Monsieur, ma dignit Voyons, Monsieur, vingt ans d aviation De manoeuvre Je refuse, Monsieur, je refuse And here is how the same passage is rendered in English I told you you could have a job as a fitter But there s my good name, sir, my name after twenty years experience As fitter No, sir, I can t see my way to that I somehow can t, sir An Englishman might have said that last line, but never this proud, anguished French Argentine mechanic I suspect most of the negative reviews are from readers who only read the Gilbert translation and they are not wrong, but if you can read the original even as haltingly as I did you ll find it terrific Content rating Perfectly clean language in both English and French, no sex, no physical violence A first fly over for the South American leg of my Around the World challenge. c c t m 3 ch c trang v m t nh axit t c d ng v i baz.cu n n y m nh ngh n ph i c c 1 c ch nghi n ng m, t t , b nh t nh, nh m nh p, th t ch m, th t ch m, th t ch m ch c ko th ph h p trong kho ng th i gian n y.th n n h n g p l i em v o l n sau theo 1 c ch t y h ng, ch ko c n ph i t o ra 1 c i c c th c g p l i th i khi c ng c nh ng c i p qu t i ngh n h t c ch c l i . m t cu n s ch c n c ch m th t ch m, ch m th y c c i l ng l y, m ph m c i g c ng l ng l y, c ng mang nhi u kh c kho i Night Flight is the novel that made famous Antoine de Saint Exup ry He realizes in this novel a real tribute to the pilots of A ropostale I had a hard time hanging in the beginning, it took me a long time before going back into history completely and understand all the subtlety The pilots showed a lot of courage and motivation during the night postage period in the 1930s The author does not simply recount the lives of drivers in their cockpits, it goes further by focusing on the lives of the close drivers to show us by example the despair of a woman who no longer see his husband I found this tribute highly remarkable and fair, the writing is poetic and haunting Rivi re is a man who seems tough but he is in fact a sensitive heart who cares about his employees Some descriptions were a little too detailed but the story does not become boring The aviation adventure is magical, amazing and simply unforgettable. St Exup ry s short but intense tribute to the pilots of A ropostale is poetic, moving and suspenseful I re read many sentences and paragraphs, struck by their emotional impact and beautiful imagery This is a novel that I m particularly glad to have read in French rather than in translation If you ve ever wanted to know what flying a 1920s plane in a storm in South America was like, then this is the book to read Based on St Exup ry s own experiences, the fact that he disappeared while flying a reconnaissance mission for the Free French Air Force in 1944 makes the reading experience particularly poignant.