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Post apocalyptic science fiction is one of my favorite sub genres Finding a good fantasy equivalent can sometimes be difficult, as it usually gets classified as science fiction E.E Knight s Way of the Wolf has vampires and magic, and clearly falls into the category of fantasy It also is about a post nuclear United States with aliens, and scattered communities of humanity fighting for survival It s a strange mix, but it all works out well.In the 2020 s a series of natural disasters struck earth, followed by a disease that caused the infected to go insane and die The population of the earth was decimated Shortly after these events, the Kurians, a race of magical beings, appeared and assumed control over the planet The Kurians feed off the life force of humans and others , and they use a group of really tough critters Reapers to do their collecting These are the vampires of the story Our protagonist, David Valentine, is a part of an elite group of human rebels called the Wolves With their senses magically enhanced, they are the Kurians and Reapers worst nightmare Way of the Wolf follows David through his early and present encounters with the Kurian oppressors As you can see by my summary, the plot and background is fairly simple at a glance But as you follow David in his travels, you begin to peel back the onion and understand that there are complex issues at play I was expecting an action packed romp of Mad Max the Vampire Hunter, and in a lot of ways that is what I got On the other hand I wasn t expecting the characters in Way of the Wolf to be quite like they were The hero is a rather quiet and well read fellow, choosing to lead through example rather than aggressiveness He is not the gung ho type and knows exactly when he should run rather than stand and fight The female characters are not your typical choices in post apocalyptic fiction either Typically you would have a Mary Sue type with milk white skin and the undying need for a strong man or a butchy bullet chewing she warrior E.E Knight places his female characters squarely in between the two stereotypes They are feminine but still tough, as you would expect from anyone living in their world I listened to Way of the Wolf on audio book CD from Brilliance Audio It was read to me by Christian Rummel who is a rather prolific voice talent, and for good reason he s awesome Seriously, how this man goes from gritty cigar chomping old veteran to sweet sensual Wisconsin beauty is beyond me Wisconsin beauty That specific Yes dear readers, the man has his Northern Midwestern accents down to an art form If I ever win the lottery I will personally hire him to come to my house and read to me I may even have him read Louisa May Alcott simply because it would be coolest rendition of Little Women known to mankind.Overall, I loved the book and its audio adaptation Those of you who straddle the line between fantasy and sci fi will find a nice home in Way of the Wolf It s an action filled, somewhat male centric perspective of life under alien vampire overlords Christian Rummel was a perfect fit to read the audio version, and I look forward to listening to reading the rest of them I have yet again been hooked into another great series www.fantasyliterature.com Way of the Wolf Vampire Earth 1 by E.E Knight, is a terrifying, captivating futuristic action adventure with a hint of wry humor Like a classic L Amour western, the shy, canny, determined hero overcomes powerful opposition, and defends the weak Civilization fell fighting aliens that seek immortality by psychically draining life energy aura , through hooded vampiric night monsters, whose long scaled tongues stab through living hearts to drain blood A few gentle shape shifters from the same distant world extend human abilities for stronger Hunters tracker Wolf, tank Bear, and spy Cat David Valentine survives his Minnesota family massacre at 11 A soldier buddy of his dad recruits him at 16 view spoiler After an initiation that strengthens his senses, an expert discipline by swamp Cat Eveready, his first Valentingle exposes the presence of vampire Reapers.A girl from home trains too and starts to become than his best friend While a wounded companion recuperates at the Carlson farm, he falls for pretty Molly and follows her to Chicago prison depraved Zoo By 20, the brave Wolf lieutenant, still shy, tracks, leads, rescues, and destroys hide spoiler [Download] ♕ Way of the Wolf ♣ Louisiana Rd Year Of The Kurian Order Possessed Of An Unnatural Hunger, Bloodthirsty Reapers Rule The Planet, Sucking Out Human Blood And Souls Starting In Revenge For The Loss Of His Parents, On To Fellow Soldiers, Lieutenant David Valentine Intends To Fight Back In This Western Style Frontier This was an excellent read, but I read it when it first came out a decade ago or so Since then I ve kept up with the series enjoyed it, but it was very nice to go back to it in audio format Excellent reader Knight does his own little foreword very short, sweet, to the point.This is the beginning of a journey in a really neat, very realistic world The vampires other monsters are not the normal UF or PNR fare at all, but of an SF take on it Our civilization has been shattered the way people are coping is awesome No super heroes, although there are plenty of heroic despicable deeds, but the people are very real There are no angels, but devils abound while most are somewhere in between They re regular people in hard situations doing the best they can Sometimes they don t measure up or die trying.There is a strong military thread in the book, some light romance, plenty of adventure For all the wonderful detail, it s a fairly quick read I can t recommend this series highly enough in both written audio format. I put this one downI didn t hate it.but I just lost interest I ll be the first to admit, maybe it s me, maybe I ve just read too many like this The book is a pretty standard post vampire apocalypse read with just a dash of modern zombie and a taste dystopian future thrown in for good measure I think my interest level started to drop or maybe finally dropped off to where disinterest set in when it became obvious we were dealing with not only a type of conquering vampire but also the now famous and apparently ubiquitous infectious zombie Zombies have been a horror story and myth standard for a long time I suppose they took on a new aspect a sort of new lease on an un life with Night of the Living Dead, though the if you re even scratched by one you ll turn into a zombie to motif wasn t set in stone there It was just that any dead came backapparently because all dead were coming back It seems to me that the once bitten you ll die no matter what and become a zombie theme started in earnest with video games like Resident Evil Gone were evil priests, nasty dark wizards, undead sorcerers and sorceresses, no sign of voodoo or curses, now it s a plague Okay to each his ownbut I ve pretty much enjoyed as much of that plot device as I can stand.As I saidnot awful, but not worth it to me I didn t want to use my limited and valuable reading time and life time on finishing a book that dropped my interest in the first 50 pages If you like it enjoy The thing is, I m not dissing the book as such I m sure some will find it just what they re looking for and enjoy it That s great, but as I said, not for me. This book has the distinction of being the first in a long time to work its way into my dreams Given the subject matter, they weren t fun dreams Thanks a lot, Knight Way of the Wolf is subtitled Book One of The Vampire Earth , and comes with a nice little tag phrase Welcome to the year 2065 Earth is under new management Vampire Earth is a little misleading Earth has been conquered by the alien Kurians, who feed on our life essences In order to feed, they created the Reapers nightmare creatures who tear open our throats and insert long, serpentine tongues directly into our hearts to feed on our blood while transmitting our vital essence back to their Kurian masters In other words, if you re expecting traditional vampires and wooden stakes and garlic and quipping blonde teenagers, you re reading the wrong book.In the humans corner, we have the Lifeweavers, kin to the Kurians The Lifeweavers don t fight directly, but they use their powers to change human warriors, to make them better, stronger, faster These changed humans fall into three categories Cats scouts and loners , Bears bad ass warriors and Wolves the guerilla fighters This first book introduces us to the world of 2065 through the eyes of the young wolf David Valentine.The first half of the book is completely episodic Each chapter is a chapter of Valentine s life, showing us his past, his training, and his missions as a Wolf There s plenty of tension and a lot of action, but little in the way of overall plot tying it all together That changes in the second half, when Valentine and one of his men take refuge on a human farm Here we see of the day to day life of normal humans under Kurian rule Valentine falls in love, and then has to save his protectors from both Reapers and Quislings human traitors who have chosen to serve the Kurians.The early chapters accomplish what they set out to do Each one adds to the reader s understanding of this world, and the self contained stories of Valentine s life certainly keep you turning the pages But I started to wonder where this was going, and whether there was an actual destination for the book, or if this was intended simply to show us this conquered world The second half helped, but this is still a book where the worldbuilding comes first Book two, Choice of the Cat, looks like it brings balance, giving Valentine a clearer mission One which picks up on hints from the first book which are never fully explored Knight has created a dark world, and he doesn t flinch from some of the nastiness that comes with it I did enjoy the book, despite the dreams of that first night But I couldn t help feeling like I was missing the larger story, that Valentine s POV limited me to the trees when I wanted to see forest I suspect I ll be picking up book two to see where the story goes from here. 4.0 stars Excellent first novel Very cool concept and excellent world building The various creatures as well as the political and civil organizations are well thought out and create a great basis for future stories A very fun read. The first in an interesting, post apocalyptic series The earth has been invaded the story unfolds from the POV of Valentine, a soldier in the resistance Exactly what invaded how is left a bit open We know they are the Kurians, but not what they look like or exactly what their abilities are Other creatures came with them our civilization was devastated with much of mankind becoming slaves food Half the interest of the series is that there aren t many certainties Odd creatures, a broken civilization plus infighting among the conquerors all make for a rather confusing mix for our hero to sort out Not only are there a lot of moral gray areas, but it s difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys a lot of times The resistance is a piecemeal affair, several major organizations plus a lot of folks that just want to live free Some of the new arrivals are good guys, interested in helping mankind, while others aren t interested in them at all Each book adds to Valentine s, thus our, knowledge of the world It s a hard one he faces some very tough choices He s not a super hero, but a pretty tough guy in a very hard situation doing the best he can.Overall, I d rate the series with 3.5 stars The first couple of books were excellent, a couple are just OK a few were pretty awesome. When I first saw Way of the Wolf on the shelf, I hesitated about buying it It didn t seem like my kind of book However, after years of people telling me I should read it, I finally decided to try it.It s an interesting book, certainly a unique take on well, practically everything It s part apocalyptic America , part vampire story, part army recruit in training A mix of many types of stories Certainly the way in which E.E Knight twisted the vampire story is intriguing So the ideas woven into the book caught my attention and made me want to read.However, I had some issues with the book Probably the most blatant issue is that the book is written without any visible plot Each chapter is basically a little vignette, a little piece of the main character s story from his life in the Boundary Waters, to his recruitment into the Way of the Wolf So I guess that the plot is his transition But the chapters were far too disconnected for me I wanted there to be some kind of thread tying the chapters together, some way that they connected to each other and eventually developed into a full fledged plot But they didn t At least not until WELL into the book The last third of the book perhaps brought us to a connected story, where one chapter led to the others But nothing from the previous chapters related back to this main story I wanted some of the previous characters to return, to factor into this main story Instead, the main character resolves everything himself, by going off into the heart of enemy territory by himself, in such a way that stretched my suspension of disbelief The resolution was a little too pat, a little too perfect, too easy, and happened a little too coincidentally.But perhaps that s just me Was it a bad book No As I said before, the world itself was interesting But as I read, I kept expecting connections, plot, danger There are obvious points where the author is setting up major conflicts but those mysteries never get addressed in this book I assume they are covered in the sequels I may be judging this book on the assumption that it was a self contained book, when it fact I should be treating it as part of a much larger story arc But I like my books, even those that are part of a series, to have their own internal story arc, with their own satisfactory resolutions This book had a resolution but it didn t feel satisfactory for me It felt rushed, especially the last few chapters And there were lots of questions issues raised for the characters and the readers that were never addressed in the book I feel there is much to be discovered in this world, and with this character.So, final words An intriguing world with lots of potential But if you start the series, expect to read than just this book if you want a complete and satisfactory story on the assumption that the questions raised here ARE in fact answered in later books Will I be reading the later books More than likely I d like to see if E.E Knight develops some of the interesting facets of his world. It s 2065 in this post apocalyptic and the world basically started to end 43 years ago when an alien race called the Kurians invaded Earth We replied with nukes and other solutions but all it did was hurt the planet The Kurians stay hidden in their fortifications mostly but their avatars known as Reapers do their bidding and they re a lot of like the mythological vampires Under the Reapers are their shock troops known as Grogs, engineered creatures with a majority being intelligent apes.And what of the human survivors A good number of them have realized it s hopeless and have joined the enemy By the way, an incentive to join the enemy is to get protection from being eaten randomly or chosen because the Reapers have the right to take somebody randomly from a community and there s nothing you can do to stop them If you re out past curfew hours you re fair game for them, too If you think that sounds grim then you re right This is a dark sci fi fantasy tale, not Harry Potter, people.There is some hope as a group of aliens tied to the Kurians perhaps the same species give assistance to the humans by granting some of their people special powers, enabling said people to mimic creatures of Earth wolves, cats and bears The first novel focuses upon David Valentine, an orphan raised by a priest, who is a part of the resistance Tale centers mostly upon the character s early days before becoming a part of the wolf caste He also falls in love with a girl but has to rescue her from the heart of a Kurian controlled city.The world is well designed and I would say that s the most interesting aspect of the novel The loss of our tech has put us back into an almost old frontier setting Characters are good but sometimes the dialogue feels hollow.This is the first in an ongoing series and he writes a lot faster than George R.R Martin Heh.STORY PLOTTING B to B plus CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B ACTION SCENES B to B plus SETTING B plus to A minus LOVE STORY B WHEN READ 2009 OVERALL GRADE B to B plus.